40 Glen Rd
Toronto, ON M4W

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I posted the original report on 40 Glen Rd. This can be confirmed by my e-mail address. Unfortunately, this report is factually erroneous. I have no knowledge that there actually were bed bugs in this building. The original report should be deleted.


OCT 1, 2011
I'm writing on behalf of my mother and father, who own and reside at the Co-Op of 40 Glen Rd and are not aware of the bedbug registry. I have been told of numerous occasions where extermination was sought for one particular unit on the 3rd floor 7 times over the past 4 years, which is the length of time my parents have owned their condo in the building. The next door neighbour to the infested unit also contracted bedbugs once renovations were done on their unit. I believe this happe

ned approximately 2 years ago. Today, my mother told me she's been informed that another unit on the 3rd floor is now infested, and that sniffer dogs will be brought in to inspect each unit in the building.

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