195 Wellesley St E
Toronto, ON M4X

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there are bed bugs in 195 & 197 wellesley st.east, toronto. ontario m4x1e9. and also in 477 sherbourne st. toronto.ontario. and also in 77 huntle st.toronto, ontario m4y2p3. Me and my friends live in these buildings and just thought of letting everyone know.

Chaz: We live in one of the three buildings that are The Ernescliffe Co-op (1995-) and found bedbugs about 3+ years ago. I was given a really nice sofa, which I later called the "Trojen Horse" as it had bedbugs! Our Co-op paid to have the whole apartment sprayed--X2-twice is essential!--and I had to toss my bedbug-sofa! We had a Toronto Public Health team come in and give a presentation--they'll do that for your bldg, too; ck-it-out. 'It's' a non-ending task to be vigilant, we also have to get-o

ver-ourselves and stop blaming OURSELVES. It's not that we're 'DIRTY' &c, but the bedbugs seem to go into the woodwork, walls and all. For a 'bug' they're SMART and big on 'survival' mechanisms! Don't be afraid to talk about 'it'! Saw you in the T.O. Star article, 4 Oct 2K9, thanks for 'being here, now'!

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Moved in July 1st, (Ernescliffe co-op) had bedbug bites until mid-august. talked to other tenants and many were experiencing same problem. last seen bedbug - sept. 20th or so. that's after 5 fumigations, continuous use of dietomaceous earth, and occasional use of other sprays on sofa, etc. The worst part is, management didn't alert us to the problem of bedbugs in this building. Disgusting.

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