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When I saw bed bugs for the first time i thought it is baby-roaches as we have many.

I saw them and think that this is bed bugs so I toke the bed and box out in the balcony then bring Spray from Fortinos after that I saw bed bugs inn the balcony so threw the bed and box out then used the spray in the room after3 hours i found 3 then collect them as evidence after that i sent email to Public health Inspector and today is Saturday and I think i should till Monday then see what's happen.


t a bad bed bugs!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Anyone with experience taking the issue of bed bugs to the Landlord Tenant Board please contact [email protected] asap. We have a hearing scheduled regarding a nearby building soon!

Thursday, July 24
@ Morning
- woke up with red spot on my toes, ankles, left thigh, left elbow, and right wrist
@ Evening
- pulled blanket from bed and found a dead bed bug
- removed bed linen and shook pillow case and a live adult bed bug already filled from a feeding of blood from yours truly dropped out
- kept both for evidence
- spoke with neighbour on my floor and learned they are currently affected too
- washed blanket and bed linen in hot water and dryer
- applied generic hydroco

rtisone on bites

Friday, July 25
@ Morning
- called building management = no answer, sent email
@ Evening
- checked bed linen for signs of bed bugs = none
- checked pillow and found a live bed bug inside just cleaned pillow case; realized that bumps on either side of my temples were not acne but bites
- collected bug for evidence

Saturday, July 26 & Sunday, July 27
- no signs of bed bugs and no further bites
- purchased bug powder dust from Wal-Mart ~$7 and Neem Oil from Indian shop ~$3 for extermination done by self

Monday, July 28
@ Afternoon
- called building office and reported bed bug problem
@ Evening
- found husk of a bed beg on bathroom sink carpet
- got bitten by a bed bug while on couch; slapped cheek and caught it for evidence
@ Late night
- awoke after 2 hours of slumber and was too psychologically distressed to go back to sleep
- saw a bed bug crawling along bedroom carpet and caught it for evidence

Tuesday, July 29
@ Evening
- sprayed bug power dust around bed posts, foot of couch, edge of carpet of living room and at entrance to bedroom, outside door of my apartment

Wednesday, July 30
@ Afternoon
- purchased 2nd bottle of bug powder dust at Wal-Mart ~$7 because I thought I had used up a lot of the 1st one; turns out I wasn't, but I can save it for backup
@ Evening
- received official confirmation froom building management that Pest Control will be treating my apartment on Tuesday, August 5
- found live bed bug on bathroom shower carpet; caught for evidence
- learned that another tenant 1 floor below was affected by bed bugs too

This long weekend
- will be washing and drying most of my clothes at a laundromat
- will be cleaning my apartment and prepping for Pest Control

Neem oil has not been used in a spray mixture yet as I am waiting to apply it after Pest Control.

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