200 Wellesley St E
Toronto, ON M4X

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bedbugs still runnin ramppet

I used to live in unit 722 here

if you have any questions email me [email protected]

Last night coming home at about 8:30pm I got robbed while looking for my keys to open my apartment door. A large black male 6’1” 240lbs wearing a black “Drake” t-shirt and dark blue shorts ran out of the stairwell then hit me in the side of my head with a gun and forced me to give him my purse and jewellery. This is the problem of this building is violent crimes by stupid people as he stole my 7.00 purse from goodwill with my old lunch in it from the day before and my 2

cheap metal rings. I have a burse on the side of my face from being smacked with the hand gun but the reason I am posting this is if anything like this happens to you don’t report it to tchc security. Report it to the police as when I called tchc security the guy was sleeping and pissed off I woke him up. Same thing goes for bedbugs call and pay an exterminator yourself never get tchc to spray as they will never clear up the bedbug problem just like the crime of this building tchc will do nothing ever.

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Today I received the sickest death threat I have ever heard in my life from Toronto housing. “I AM GOING TO KILL YOU JUST LIKE I KILLED AL GOSLING” This is what happened. Since the fire on Sept 24, 2010 I have not gotten one thing I own back and every time I talk to Toronto housing about this they make jokes about me being to sick to go in the basement of 200 Wellesley to view my belongings. They state things like, By the year 2100 the basement of the building will be wheel chair acc

essible with no mould for you to view your belonging if you are still alive, We don’t care that you are on end of life care and you and your doctor feel it is unsafe for you to go into a damp mouldy basement, Maybe you should of thought about this before you got raped when you were a 14 years old kid, Why should we do anything to help you as you never helped us, and the list goes on.

But today I thought I was going to get somewhere, as the apartment they put me in I cannot use the kitchen because so far only one strong healthy person is the only one who has managed to get my wheel chair in to my kitchen which took 4 hours and it will only fit in backwards if you remove some parts, see pictures below:




And my bathtub is just like everyone else’s but unlike everyone else I cannot lift my legs up over it in the morning to get in the shower. Before the fire my health was not quite this bad but when I said above Toronto housing will not help me get any of my stuff back this includes the medication I needed to walk and to live as now I am on end of life care because of this landlord and the fire.

So finally I get a contact for someone at Toronto housing I think can help me. Steve Floros ([email protected]) so after a couple emails he sends me his phone number (416)981-4399 So I call him thinking he can help me have my belonging returned as well as getting into a wheel chair accessible apartment. He states as soon as he know he is talking to me “Faggot you have not filled out the yearly income form and you owe Toronto housing thousands of dollars as your rent is now market rent and you will be evicted in a few days if you don’t pay right away.” I say I never knew anything about this and why are you being so rude about this? He then says, “YOU’RE A CRIPPLED COCKSUKER WITH AIDS AND I AM GOING TO KILL YOU JUST LIKE I KILLED AL GOSLING!!!” right then I hung up the phone and thought that this must be some joke so I googled “Steve Floros Al Gosling” and guess what he evicted this 82 year old sick man the same way to rent the apartment out to a drug dealer and then Al Gosling died!

So I called the police and told them what this Steve Floros guy said to me, the police officer told me this was the sickest death threat he has ever heard in his life, using the death of a sick old man to fuel his homophobic hate of a sick person is completely discussing but killing someone threw eviction is not a crime if it was he would already be in jail as everyone knows he killed Al Gosling and he even admitted it to you in his last statement he said to you!

In closing there is a lot of problems much more than bedbugs in this building one should never move in this building and if you are thinking about it you should go there and talk to the other tenants first as you will not believe the stories you will hear.

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Bedbugs, guns and crack!
This is the most horrible building I have lived in my whole life. The building is packed with gang crime, which the landlord controls and profits off of it!
Telling the landlord you have a bedbug problem is the worst thing any tenant here can do because they will spray your belongs with chemicals and ruin everything you own and you will still have bedbugs!

Got sprayed for bedbugs last week and it was like a few drops? Why are they so cheap about spraying next they are going to spray blood to feed them? Also after this fire one would think building maintenance would of stopped selling native cigarettes from the reserve but no they still do? At a price that will put the whole building up in flames, 24 bucks a carton? And last drugs, why are all the new tenants drug dealers and drug users? We all know about the drug problems here why are they making

it worse, I will not be surprised if soon they knock on my door to stick a crack pipe in my child’s mouth!

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Sadly there is only one way to move out of this drug and bedbug infested building which is having so many kids you can then move to a house. This has been going on for years with people from other countries that have moved in here. Now the building has a bunch of young girls who have moved in who are putting ads in papers to work out of their apartments as escorts to make money and get knocked up. All of the new tenants including these girls seem to be drug users and drug dealers. Most of these

girls end up losing the child because of drug problems or have miscarriages before the child is even born then contacting aids because they are having unsafe sex with strangers who they never met before. There is no worse landlord in Canada than this landlord, which is the city of Toronto. The amount of drugs our city deals in this building is unreal and the crime in this building is unbelievable. While our mayor seems to not care one bit about the poor in this building unless they are dealing drugs. Before you move in this building think twice because there is a good chance this will be the last place you live and you will be leaving this building in a body bag covered with bedbug bites and if you plan on having a house full of children do it like the people from other countries do with only one man. Most of them now have a home all to their own which the city pays for.

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This woman Lilly in the video below died from AIDS a month ago from being infected with a syringe in her hallway outside her apartment door about a year ago she also had hep C


My brother is a paramedic he said the smell of cat piss and feces was unbelievable in her apartment, bedbugs, cockroaches and flies, he also said the video makes her place look like a palace. After the video was taped TCHC got her a caseworker from www.crct.org the caseworke

r was getting paid 100.00 an hour who would just sit with her and have tea while she poped pills around a huge pile of garbage. In fact www.crct.org is suppose to be helping with the hoarding problem in the building but they just sit with tenants and usually drink coffee while we pay them 100.00 an hour sometimes they bring them gifts to add to their hoarding collection. They are suppose to be helping tenants with mental health problems but they don’t really do anything but make coffee and tea. More of these mental health tenants they work with have killed themselves then www.crct.org has helped and I can see why. In fact my brother does not know anyone they have helped and states the hoarding problem in the building is worse than ever. Everyone dealing with the problems of this building is getting paid large wages including TCHC which most doctors do not make the salary that head TCHC staff make. But they are only making the problem worse while we pay for it!

Soon we will be paying for an 80 billion dollar lawsuit not a million!

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This is no news to anyone TCHC has been paying drug dealing NIGERS to kill tenants for years its on the new all the time You have a building full of NIGERS you have a building full of BEDBUGS How do you think they came here in the first place?

Just when I thought things couldn’t get worse for bedbug they have. I have had bedbugs since the fire because my belonging were stored in the basement with everyone else and on that note, most of the people I know here in the building have bedbugs as well. The ones who have complained to the landlord about this problem never get properly sprayed and then they seem to get an eviction notice for something else. There are still to this date belonging in the basement crawling with bedbugs wit

h security guards watching the belongs in disgust then they quit their jobs because of it and then getting paid off by TCHC not to say anything. There were bedbugs crawling around like crazy after the fire at the community centre.

We all know this we all live with them but how could this not be in the ombudsman’s report?

According to this report bedbugs and drugs do not exist in our building?

TCHC had people who did not even live in our building getting free food, vouchers, buss tokens and drugs. The woman’s washroom should have been labelled community crack house and shooting range. This is something that TCHC clearly knew about as two TCHC workers would watch and help them line up to see the doctor and then another worker would go to shoppers drug mart up the street on Sherburne to pick up the narcotics while even another worker was sent to the works down on Victoria street to pick up crack pipes, screens, and syringes. Walking into the wash room I couldn’t get to a sink never mind a stall and walking out TCHC hands me a zip lock baggie with latex gloves and everything one would need to shoot up drugs with? This was so bad I had to take my mother with me to the high-rise north of the community centre to watch as I squat between two dumpsters to pee! The only way it could be any worse would be for TCHC to higher two nurses for each drug user, one to hold and light the crack pipe with another one who cooks and jams the cooked narcotics in the drug users arm!

The ombudsman’s clearly did not interview the right people, as TCHC must of hand picked these people for her? Since the fire I know of at least 50 tenants who have died from the stress that TCHC has put them threw. Before it was just the queers in the building that were screwing each other with hiv now it is the drug user that are infecting each other and tenants with hiv. Last year it was tenants who complained about drug deals getting stabbed by the elevator with an hiv infected needles now it’s everywhere in the building even mothers watching their children at the park out back have some guy with a hoodie running up and stabbing them with an hiv infected needle. Most of these people have taken their lives because of this. TCHC or drug users with hiv are not some one to talk to about this problem. There is a lot of white gay guys in the building and they have been dealing with this problem for a while and most are quite open about this, I was infected 8 months ago in the parking garage and there are support groups to help us contact The AIDS Committee of Toronto at 416-340-2437 it is not a gay only service that I first thought it was.

Now what kills me no pun intended is when these tenants die or move out only hiv positive drug using tenants move in? Why is this happening? And most of the tenants like myself who have been infected are in the lawsuit? I don’t want to point any fingers but something very strange is really going on here? I know of many who give some of these drug users a shopping list and when they come back from their shop lifting spree the person gives them 20 bucks to buy crack for over 100 bucks of food, there have also been many stories in the media and tenants that we all know that have been killed for a 20 dollar piece of crack! Now for some strange reason this 80 million dollar lawsuit isn’t going to be an 80 million dollar lawsuit at all!


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We have bedbug and building security that tells drug attics which apartments have the best drugs!

P.S. Drug dealers and building management are the problems of this building and cocaine anonymous does not have programs so drug dealers and building management can make less money because none of them want that!


Annonymous @ 01/30- why do you pay $1300,00 to live in such conditions? There's plenty of decent apartments in Toronto for that price- with no cockroaches, bedbugs nor drug realted violence.

Every time I read this bedbug registry it is more and more shocking only because I know living here that it is true. I would hate for my friends and family to read this, as they are scared to visit me as it is with the drug problem here.
My apartment and several other apartments here have been robbed none that I know of have been broken into they were robbed by someone who has keys to our apartments, mine was entered with a key and the alarm was turned off with the alarm number only Toronto ho

using has? When alarm force my alarm company told me this I called the police and the police told me to contact Toronto housing. When I contacted Toronto housing they stated the tenant below me has water dripping from my bathroom, now when I talk to the tenant below me she said there is no water or complaint filed at all? I get back to the police and they stated Toronto housing has the right to enter my apartment because they state it was an emergency. I then asked is entering my apartment and stealing my jewellery an emergency? The police then said that several apartments have been robbed in the last month and they believe it is several Toronto housing staff that are doing this and I need to get a safety deposit box for my valuables. He then asked if I was paying market rent? I asked why are you asking me this? He stated that most of the robberies the tenants have been paying market rent and he believes that Toronto housing staff knows the tenants that are paying market rent have the most valuables in their apartment.
Just thought other tenants should know this as some cannot move because of their income but as soon as this lawsuit is over I am out of this crack house and moving into a real building. I have been paying 1300.00 a month to live here and my life has been hell from the day I moved in!

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I don’t think the xmas eve guy is a liar I think he is an idiot. Why would he use his own phone number in an escort ad when for 25.00 a month you can get a cell phone with a different number? Since the fire I have been doing the same thing but I would never state that I am hiv positive in the ad because I am selling sex not aids. I maybe hiv positive but I don’t want people to pay me for hiv as that just sounds to strange. Most of the white gay or bi guys like myself have hiv in th

is building that is why we are here for anyone not to know this that are this stupid deserve to be infected with hiv. Clearly after this fire I know that no one cares about me so why would I care about them. I don’t even have furniture or a bed to sleep in Toronto housing does not give one fuck about the lives of us tenants so why should I care about all the guys I have dumped my load in their ass since this fire. Note: the latex in condoms give me a very bad rash that burns this is why I do not use them. Most people are more worried about bedbugs than aids that come to see me. My girlfriend just tested positive for hiv and it is her own fault not mine I do not control everyone’s assholes think of this before you start bitching about what I do with my cum. Toronto housing is well aware this is going on a this is what they instructed the gay guys to do. I was told by Toronto housing that all Toronto housing units have stoves you can buy some blow go online and learn how to cook it and start selling rock (crack cocaine). I was quite shocked when Toronto housing told me this but I am glad I did not start selling crack as this building has gotten so bad now for crack that most of the building is addicted to it and selling it because of this landlord.

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My sister lived in this building for 8 months 5 years ago. She had mental health problems her whole life. After three months of living in this building she was addicted to drugs and working the streets, she constantly thought bedbugs were all over her body this got so bad she could not sleep in this building then she would sleep in parks. The change in her after 3 months was so bad I didn’t feel she was the same person and stopped talking to her because I did not feel I could relate to he

r anymore. After 8 months of living here she took her own life. I never understood why she took her life before but after reading this bedbug registry I feel I am starting to understand what she was going threw.
We need to stop housing the mentally ill by sticking them in a building like this, which is full of crime, drugs and the devil’s temptation then forgetting about them as we leave them to die. This guy selling AIDS really needs help and support I have heard this story before and I pray he gets help because if he doesn’t it will eat at him so bad the out come will be his death. Suicide is not uncommon for mentally ill people living in this building as it has been happening for years. I hear about someone taking his or her life in this building almost every month. I know this might not sound like the right answer but god might be able to help you if you let him in your life, he steers me towards the proper light.

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My son came down yesterday for Christmas hoping Toronto Housing would of gave his toys, video games and our belongings back since the fire (still have not seen one thing we own since the fire they moved me out of this building) and he would not even stay in my apartment because he is scared he might get bedbugs (haven’t seen any in 3 months) then he wanted to know how I furnished the apartment so fast while I am on welfare. I did not know what to say to him as I did not want to lie but to

day he googled my phone number and found out I have been putting escort adds online which in the adds it states I am HIV positive. He told me I am selling death and he will not speak to me again until I get help. After the fire a Toronto housing social worker told me if I put in my add I am HIV positive I will get clients who want HIV as “sexual freedom” this social worker told me there are many “bug chasers” out there and I should not worry about giving them HIV because they would just end up getting it elsewhere the worker also said I can not be charged with non-discloser as it is listed in the escort add. This landlord has taken everything I own away even now my only son while I have infected hundreds with HIV because Toronto housing brain washed me into thinking this was a reasonable thing to do to survive. I knew I wasn’t selling sex I was selling AIDS but I didn’t think it was wrong until today. I am not the only one from this building who has been doing this since the fire, I wish I knew who to call for help as now I am an AIDS infested whore selling death, I have been in Toronto housing for about 5 years and this is what I have turned into. Merry Christmas.

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There are 2 things you NEVER do in this building.
1. Tell management you have bedbugs because they will spray all your belonging so much you have to throw everything out and you will still have bedbugs.
2. Tell management your neighbour is dealing drugs and running a crack house because the out come to this is always hell and you may get AIDS because drug dealers know how to do this without getting charged because they get someone you have never seen to do it so it is impossible to report it!

Getting AIDS from an HIV infected needle is not joke and very common in this building.

The only good thing about this building is I have received more cash from taking the landlord to court than I have paid in rent because the building is run so bad.

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Just found bedbugs again after a month where I thought I didn’t have them anymore. Just when the bite marks are gone the bedbugs came back. Was thinking I could put my bed outside on the balcony for a bit to kill them? Has anyone tried this as the weather is bellow 0? Last time tchc came in and sprayed everything so bad I got sick and had to throw everything out, so the last thing I want to do is call tchc about this problem again even after all that I still have them. First time reading

this site for bug info in our building most of us has had this problem the whole time we have been here. My sister is a social worker she has told me the amount of people with hiv has went up dramatically in the last year in our area almost doubling from reading this site I now know why. Drugs are everywhere in this building as anyone can see. We also have mice, cockroaches, spiders, other pests and highly over paid housing workers who are on a mission to make tenants life’s hell.

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ABB I do not have to do anything you say “***IMMEDIATELY!***” the property managent knows this is happening but refuses to let us know when I talked to them, as 17 units that I know of are having the same bedbug problem in our building and they have reported it but the office stated I am the only case?
If I were you I would take my advice and ***IMMEDIATELY!*** rip up your carpets, throw out any wood furniture you have then get sprayed and move out because as soon as our building is

listed on this registry our investments will be worth nothing.
Bedbugs are not our biggest problem in our building getting killed is!

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Daniel, please email me. I hope you reply faster than on here. I need to speak to you ASAP. Thank you!

[email protected]

1. What *FLOOR* are you on? Am I your neighbour?
2. All your neighbours around you need to get treated.
3. How long have you been getting sprayed?
4. How do I contact you for more info?

ABB we do not live at 200 Wellesley, we live in The Verve at 120 Homewood in the high-rise tower facing east we decided to deal with the bedbug problem ourselves rather than taking it up with Tridel (which they would of dealt with the problem right away they seem to be on top of almost everything). We tore out our carpets and threw out furniture and have gotten sprayed, so far so good.
When we went to first see our condo the realtor would only show it during the morning and he gave us a detail

ed map which clearly showed a route around avoiding this 200 Wellesley building and Blecker street which he clearly wanted us to avoid he also made a point of talking to us when he was more inside the condo so we were rarely looking at this building during conversation at the viewing. Even some of the pictures he first showed us had this building digitally removed with photo shop. We were completely misled. We had no idea the area was full of HIV positive intravenous drug users, crack heads, prostitutes and drug dealers.
My wife got robbed at 7:30 pm going to the Rabba store at gunpoint a couple months ago at that point we started looking for other living arrangements. We plan to sell or rent the unit out but we will be honest with who ever is interested. I feel very sad for family’s that are forced finically to raise their children in this area, but it hasn’t all been that bad we have met some really nice people living here some of them even live in 200 Wellesley.
It is our city that has caused this problem it is my understanding that low income housing is to help the people in need but what I see is they torment the sick poor and disabled so much they turn them in to whores, con artists, and drug dealers. After this fire which we watched burn we then seen elderly women working the street with walkers as whores and talked to people with AIDS who are selling their HIV virus to others who believe they we getting sexual freedom for a price, they were doing this to survive. The city still to this date refuses to give some tenants there belongs back and who do you think will be paying for this, while the city has no problem helping out the drug dealers in the area deal crack and intravenous drugs. The drug dealers of this building the city paid off, which in turn had them invest our taxes, which our city gave them to deal more drugs making them bigger drug dealers and our community a cesspit of filth and crime!

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1. What floor are you on? Which side do you face?
2. You must contact the Property Manager ***IMMEDIATELY!***

We bought a condo a little over two years ago down the street from this building above the Rabba store. We see many people from this building with marks all over their arms and legs there is a serious problem with bed bugs in this building for sure. A poster below stated that his bedbug problem came from this building as well and I am quite sure it has.
After we moved in we heard numerous problems about this building which are stated here but clearly it is not just some of the tenants of this b

uilding that are at fault it is the landlord as the other Toronto housing buildings in this area have the same drug deals going on 24/7 right up Blecker Street. Clearly Toronto housing profits and lets this happen. Up Blecker Street a few buildings there is a park where drug dealer Shawn James “juice” was shot. Now what disturbs me is every year Toronto housing throws a party in this drug dealers honour in this park which is owned by Toronto housing and to make things even more disturbing Toronto housing has also paid to have a mural painted in this drug dealers honour as well? It is right by the basket ball court?
After we moved in we witnessed drug deals daily during the day and night and still do 24/7 this is quite disturbing that our city supports this openly and profits off it. Our child was poked with a used needle last year that was in the snow on Blecker Street beside this building she was only walking in the snow she is now 6 years old and living with HIV because of how our city runs this building.
The whole area is messed up because of Toronto housing and the tenants of this building are more disturbed then I am about this building but it is our taxes that are supporting this? We the working pay for all the fees in our taxes for these people who are affected by Toronto housings drug deals they are all in therapy and see doctors regularly because of this. The Wellesley fire has an 80 million dollar lawsuit going on because of Toronto housings neglect and the tenants will win and we will pay because of Toronto housing. The cost of this fire must be unbelievable on top of the lawsuit and guess who will be paying for it. Even after all this the tenants that I know about that have been moved in to this building are known drug dealers and drug users? Why is our city constantly making this building worse for our community!
I don’t even live in this building an it has effected me hugely my wife, daughter and myself are all in therapy because of it. My condo is worth half of what I paid for it and my daughter will not live to be 16 years old because of this building!
And to top things off I now have bedbugs, infact so do my neighbours this started last year when tenants and drug dealers from this building started sneaking into our building and using our roof top pool!
Clearly this building should not be run the way it is I hope these people get the help that they need. The building should clearly have a drug treatment program in the building and used needle drop boxes so another child like mine gets to live passed the age of 16!

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Answered an ad on craigs list for a room for rent, went to see the room, heard about the Wellesley fire did a search found this registry which is quite disturbing. She is renting the room out which is infested with bedbugs for 400.00 a month then she states I can not claim ODSP or OW if I rent the room because she is collecting ODSP but she pays the landlord a little cash under the table so it is fine with management to rent out the room to the working. I just clued in that this is a geared to i

ncome building and she is scamming the government. I was also asked if I would like to buy crack 5 times when walking in this building the 5th person was the person renting the room. Very disturbing building with bedbugs and cockroaches!

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this whole area has been messed up for years. its unfortunate because it actually used to be nice in the 80s.

but its still called bedbugregistry.com

and you cant really say who brought bed bugs in. it could have been a friend coming to visit another friend that brought them along.

nobody will ever know the real source of how bed bugs are spread so lets not make assumptions.

I live across from this building at 545 Sherbourne and we have gotten bedbugs from this buildings from drug dealers from 200 Wellesley coming in our building in fact the drugs and bedbugs are such a huge problem with this building it effects all the buildings around in the area.

We have junkies shooting up in our hallways and smoking crack because of this building.

As a parent who might be moving in this building I would be much more concerned about the landlord dealing drugs at 200 Welles

ley then the bedbug problem, but then again I would be even more concerned about the time I watched from my balcony as a TCHC security guard in a TCHC cruiser car met a drug dealer on Blecker street opened the trunk of his car and sold this drug dealer a gun in broad day light!

This building is bedbugs, drugs and weapons this is why everyone is posting much more than bedbugs here!

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Only TCHC staff members who are profiting off drug deals are posting to state it in a blog and not here in this bedbug registry, no one in there right mind would want to move in this building with their child while TCHC is dealing drugs, selling weapons and guns in this building!

I am sure you will change your mind when your kid gets robbed, beaten, contacts hiv, hep c then gets there head blown off with a shoot gun when in this building, but I guess you don’t live here so you donâ€

™t need to worry!

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Let’s keep this bedbug registry for our huge bedbug problems as we get bigger government grants when the problem gets bigger, This registry is not a space to talk about the kids that have been poked with used needles who have gotten hiv and hep c when playing in the playground out back of our building or about the people who have been robbed and beaten because of our TCHC drug deals, you can post this stuff in your own blog this way us TCHC staff can keep profiting off drug deals. We TCHC

staff need you all to shut up about our drug deals! If you people would not buy our crack then there wouldn’t be such a big problem here!


see full report...






see full report...

This is what TCHC should be doing helping the tenants that need help with bedbugs not dealing drugs which they have always done! Anyone who says that TCHC drug dealing is nonsense must be death, dumb and blind. They have always dealt drugs in this building since I have lived here, every day and night TCHC deals drugs in this building openly in front of everyone. After the fire there was a short time where the building was starting to get cleaned up as they had a security guard in the lobby that

would ask people where they were going and what for. But the drug dealers that were paying Elvira Dos Santos got together and complained about paying her drug dealing fees while there drug customers were not allowed in the building, they stop paying her for dealing drugs in the building and with in days Elvira removed the security so she can profit off drug deals again!


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You all should be ashamed of yourselves! Dorthy has been bed ridden since the fire she has bed bug bites all over her body, telling a sick person that cannot walk to hike up to Broadview and Gerrard to steal food is the cruellest thing I have ever heard in my life. And her kids are eating but not well. If you want to help someone get off your ass and do it yourself or give her some funds to do these things you cheap fucken sick bastard!



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it seems like dorthy is throwing a little pity party for herself.

if you cant feed your kids then you have bigger issues then bed bugs and drug dealers.

To the poster below "stoneyP" how will we pay for these things? Can I meet you and pick up these pillow covers and mattress covers from you? Our landlord is a drug dealer that does not care about tenants or bedbugs! Also please bring us new furniture and a steam cleaner. Also all month my two kids have just eaten Mr. Noodles so please bring us some food as well!




i dont feel sorry for people like you.
my only intention was to try and help. if my post doesnt help you then keep it moving.




all the best

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To the poster below "stoneyP" how will we pay for these things? Can I meet you and pick up these pillow covers and mattress covers from you? Our landlord is a drug dealer that does not care about tenants or bedbugs! Also please bring us new furniture and a steam cleaner. Also all month my two kids have just eaten Mr. Noodles so please bring us some food as well!

hello people.
i grew up in this building and it seems like it got worse but try buying mattress and pillow covers. make sure you cover the box spring as well.
they are costly but its worth it. i myself could not afford to buy a new bed

i recently got them and my landlord purchased them for me as your landlord should be doing for everyone who has had this problem. he was very quick. as soon as i told him what was going on, he purchased everything that i needed. ive used a safe(safe for human

s and pets) bed bug dusting product as well as the harsh ones(smells terrible) and i am bed bug free. also use Vaseline around the base of your bed frames to keep the bed bugs from crawling up. they will get stuck.

i would also suggest that you clean up the clutter if any and bag up any clothing that you are not using or that is not in season.

do not bring in any used furniture, even from the thrift stores. its hard to do with out having the basics like a couch but its better not to be feasted upon while you sleep.

i would also suggest investing in a steam cleaner as it only needs water. the heat will kill them and you can throw out those nasty mops

its a long hard process at times but theres nothing worse then laying there and feeling them on your body or waking up with bites.

This link will help out.

i wish you all the best of luck.

[email protected]
email me for any questions. maybe i can help or if you need someone to talk too.

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Would any one know if we could get our beds replaced? They keep spraying but the bugs are in our beds? My whole floor here has them and they are in our beds, we can’t afford to do laundry or change our beds where they live and the problem is getting worse!
There must be a place that will replace our mattresses as this is were the bed bugs are?

Sadly everything in the bedbug registry is true, bugs, vermin and drugs it’s all here like you have never seen before.

The drug dealers that pay TCHC to deal drugs here also get the power to have non-drug dealing tenants evicted!
On Christmas last year a crystal meth dealer that pays Nancy Evans to deal crystal meth out of his apartment gave my child crystal meth. On January 12, 2011 I met this drug dealer in the elevator, I asked him nicely not to give my child drugs (my child is not even old enough to smoke).

Here is the eviction-warning letter I received in the mail,



1. Notice it does not contain the drug dealer’s name or any name of this person that is said to be threatened?
2. Nor does it have a contact phone number to discuses the mater?
3. Nor is there any evidence supporting the matter, as there are cameras in the elevators, a drug dealer just has to complain about any tenant when paying his drug dealing fees to have the non-drug dealing tenant evicted!

This power that drug dealers have here is unbelievable, their cash not only controls the building it also controls the building management!

This is what parents need to know before moving in to this building as you will not be evicted for bedbugs but you can get evicted for not letting your child have crystal meth!

see full report...

I read on the Toronto Police website that a security guard at 200 Wellesley has been arrested with 12 counts of drug trafficking does anyone know if he has made bail or if he is still in custody as the police website states he has had several other drug trafficking charges in the past. I would really love to see him in an orange jump suit!
I don’t live in this building but I know many that do and this building is the worst for bedbugs.

TCHC drug deals are not news to anyone it has been going on well over 10 years here and there is more TCHC staff dealing drugs than are listed here buy far. One week after I moved in I came home to a TCHC security guard with gloves on going threw my painkillers. All one has to do is turn on the lobby channel of the TV to watch this or the news, there are 4 entrances to get in this building that are always open to have druggies walk in freely to purchase drugs here easily. In fact TCHC makes so m

uch off drug deal there are many tenants that have not seen one thing they own since the fire because TCHC staff are so busy dealing drugs. This goes on all day and night and everyone knows it, the sad part is I got beaten last month for my ODSP check because of these TCHC drug deals they also broke my wheel chair when they robed and beat me. Now it has gotten so bad that druggies can get crack pipe off the security guard here for 10 bucks and for 20 bucks he will tell you which apartment to buy crack from, this is what tenants who are moving in this building should know. Not that if you do laundry here you will get bedbugs. I have always had bedbug bite all over my body since I have lived here.

see full report...

In June of 2010 during the 200 Wellesley bedbug check Nancy and Elvira from TCHC were in my apartment during the bedbug check and they told me I must pay them CASH because my apartment has to much stuff in it. I did not pay them one cent but this is the same thing they do to drug dealers. Down the hall from me there is a crack house that pays Nancy and Elvira to deal drugs, the dealer has told me this as well as other tenants, when I call the police about this crack house the police even tell me

TCHC will not cooperate with this and some drug units of 200 Wellesley, which the police do not know why they will not cooperate with some drug units? The security of 200 Wellesley know what is going on in this apartment because I have to walk by it to get to mine and I have seen the black security guard in this drug apartment while people are smoking crack at the same time while the apartment door is open when I walk by.
The meth dealer above me also pays Nancy and Elvira to deal drugs this is well known as he even goes to the office at apartment 320 to pay his drug dealing fees.
The gay guy here was also asked to pay Nancy and Elvira to grow weed as listed below when he is legally able to do so as documented below.
The police tell me there are over 67 drug houses in 200 Wellesley that TCHC will not work with the police to have closed, this tells me Nancy and Elvira are making quite a bit more than there 200,000.00 salary each yearly.
Our building is the biggest crack house in Canada because of Nancy and Elvira and this is where we raise our children with broken crack pipes and used needles and even after all this drug and bedbug crap our city still employs them in our building and this is why we have still have these problems!
For anyone to say this drug problem is nonsense, come see for yourself!

This bedbug registry goes back to the beginning of 2009 before the fire and before the scandal documenting a small portion of the problems of our building, I live here and I have bedbugs, I still am a hoarder but I also am to sick to do anything about it, but the drug problem is much more dangerous to us then getting bitten by bedbugs when we sleep, Nancy and Elvira have turned our homes into a gang battle ground with guns and weapons which is more important information to families moving in this building than bedbugs!

TCHC STAFF: Rather than posting this listing is not for posting YOUR drug deals, it would be better for us tenants if you would not deal your drugs in our building making it safe once again to live here, then we will only be posting other problems here!

see full report...

This is a website for posting about bed bugs, not drug dealers.

Use it accordingly or the webmaster might just get sick and tired of the petty bitching on here and shut down Toronto's part of the website.


I find it disgusting that Toronto Community Housing Corporation staff state what is posted here is nonsense and we tenants should start a blog for it? This registry is for people who are moving in this building to learn about the problems of the building before moving in. When you google 200 Wellesley you are directed to this bedbug registry and your drug deals that you profit off, these people should know about it. 200 Wellesley is drugs because of your drug deals, you TCHC staff have ruined ou

r lives because of your crack deals we have no safety in our homes because you take cash from drug dealers while you are also making a 200,000.00 a year salary. Our building is not safe for our children because you are corrupt. Kids pick up this used crack pipes and needles and play with them because of your crack deals and you really don’t give one fuck about our safety or our lives. To this date tenants have not seen one thing they own since the fire because you are to busy dealing drugs when you should be running this building. Any one can watch as drug deals go on all night and day because of your corruption, anyone can give the security guard 20 bucks to find out where the best drugs are in the building. This is not nonsense this is reality! When I walk out of 200 Wellesley I am labelled a drug dealing nigger because of you old white bitches then I am labelled for ripping off taxpayers, when you live in a paid Rosedale home with 2 paid cars! Why don’t you turn your Rosedale home into a crack house and deal drugs in your own backyard!

see full report...

There is no nonsense in this bedbug registry about drug dealers supported by TCHC. It is TCHC taking monthly funds from drug dealers to allow drug dealers to deal drugs out of their apartments. This is not a paranoid theories it is the truth, as one just has to go to 200 Wellesley to see this with their own eyes!

A tenant who pays TCHC to deal drug out of their apartments also gets:

1. Guaranteed access for drug customers to the building with unlocked entrances and many other ways to have

drug customers access the building easily!

2. TCHC security will direct drug customers right to your apartment for easy drug sales!

3. TCHC will not report or show up in court if you do get charged for dealing drugs!

4. Renovated apartment with repairs done when you need them!

5. If a drug dealer who is paying TCHC does get bedbugs TCHC will send a different exterminator that will get rid of them, not a exterminator that is sent in to just make it look like TCHC cares to get more grants from the province and does nothing about the bedbug problem!

6. During the event of a crisis like the 200 Wellesley fire as a drug dealer you will be paid off with taxpayer cash, while the sick and disabled still to this date have not seen on thing they own!

Anyone can just sit outside 200 Wellesley and see this is true or even read it in the news, there is no paranoid theories here just our city cashing in on drug deals at the taxpayers expense!



Note: We have had bedbugs since we moved into 200 Wellesley 10 years ago!

see full report...

"Steve" and "friends", please stop posting this nonsense about drug dealers supported by TCHC etc in this registry. You want to spin paranoid theories with no support, make your own blog for it please. Thanks.

We live in a falling apart 1 bedroom with my 2 kids, we have gotten bedbugs from the first day we did laundry here and cannot get rid of them. I have lived here 8 years with bugs while our apartment falling apart, while the building does nothing in repairs for us but the management keeps dealing drugs, last week a single drug dealer moved into the 2 bedroom apartment beside us after the apartment was fully renovated, our apartment is so bad my kids will not even bring friends over because last t

ime our ceiling hit my sons friends.

Why does TCHC put a single drug dealer in a renovated 2 bedroom apartment?

see full report...

I started reading this bedbug registry after the Sept 2010 fire and hearing about this building in the news weekly. Every report always had something to do with drugs added so last night my wife and my self went to see if all these drug stories are true.

We sat outside in front of the building and watched more drug deals then tenants walking in and out of the building, got there at 9pm stayed until 4am, the drug problem in this building is unlike anywhere else this is worse than any movie wit

h drugs in it as 200 Wellesley is free open drug dealing in public.

Before anyone moves in this building they need to know about this problem!

I asked tenants of the building about the drug problem and how this can get so bad, they told me that drug dealers pay the management of the building to sell drugs out of the apartments. They also stated drug dealers have rights not tenants. I then asked, but what about the police and why don’t they do anything? I was told the building management would not work with the police they care more about the drug money they get from drug dealers then the tenants safely.

Drug deals went on all night but at 3:30am a girl about 20 years old sat right down beside us and started smoking crack she was pissed of that the crack dealer kicked her out of the crack house? Then the building security came by and started talking to the girl, I was quite shocked as the girls was still smoking crack while talking to the security guard? She told the guard about the problems she had at the crack house she got kicked out of? Then the guard instructed her about 5 other apartments she can go to purchase crack from!

To make things even worse after the girl and the guard left, a mother with a stroller came by and picked up the crack pipe and told me there might still be some crack in it to smoke!

So unless you are looking for drugs I would not go near this building it is by far the most discussing building I have ever seen!

A building with drug dealers paying the management office to deal drugs while the security of the building instructs junkies where to buy drugs at the best price is no place to raise children!

see full report...

Before I moved to this city I heard how drug dealers are alowed to deal drugs in this building freely this building has a history like no other. How anyone who can move in a TCHC building I have no idea, you are signing a lease to be housed with criminals and drug dealers where the landlord employs them, I would sleep beside Al Capone before sleeping in this building. Everyday now I hear how bad this building is and it keeps getting worse. TCHC staff are criminals, corrupt criminals period. To h

ouse the poor, sick, elderly and mentaly ill with convicted drug dealers and killers is unbelievable and it doesn’t end there. Covering up the arsonist who light one of the biggest fires in Toronto history then trasfering this conviced drug dealer across from a pubic school is worse than anything the mafia would do. The youtube video:

TCHC 200 Wellesley Fire Arsonist Crack Dealer Continues To Terrorize Public School Children!

The people of 200 Wellesley tell me that this person has been dealing crack since he has lived in this building openly with the help of TCHC, completely capable of working yet works as a cross dressing hooker, drug dealer and we taxpayers are paying for everything. I have also learned that TCHC took care of his crack house when this person was conviced of dealing drugs out of his apartment and was in jail for months they even had a maid go into his apartment and clean it weekly while he was in jail. This has been confermed by everyone and you are looking here because you are worried about bedbugs?

If this building was run and owned by a private rental corportation this would never happen as the private rental corportation would pay for there corruption not us taxpayers!

The city of Toronto needs to stop dealing drugs now as we taxpayers are paying for it all!

see full report...

200 Wellesley maybe falling apart but it is the tenants that make a building and we are far from being repulsive. We might be poor, mentally ill, sick, old and disabled but we are family, we will not move, we stick together and always have. Only a few posts here are about suicide and as far as I know only one 17 year old girl has killed herself here because of our management. Our management and drugs are the problem of our building as they instruct security to do nothing about the problem our ma

nagement profits off of. Now that it is known that the management has always known who has lit the fires on December 25 2009 and Sept 24 2010 as it was a cross dressing crack dealer who lived in the building who was paying management do deal crack out of his apartment who they transferred to 460 Jarvis apartment 903 right after the fire I strongly believe we will soon have proper security with new management and things will change. As far as the bedbug problem we just need a system that housing does not get more money in grants for not fixing the problem and a different company the runs the laundry room. The people that buy and move into these condos here know who we are as everyone does and we welcome them as part of our community!

see full report...

This building is repulsive!

TCHC may not care, but you should!!! If this is where you must live, then take some pride in it - stop blaming everyone else for your fate. There are always options.

Suicide? Are you kidding me? Fine, then kill yourself...over bedbugs and poor management...because life can just never get better. TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR LIFE!!! If it's terrible, then do everything you can to get out!

Personally, I think this building should be bulldozed. Th

e area is starting to pick itself back up; nice condominiums, pride in neighbourhoods, etc. Once this building is out of there, the value of the area can finally get up to where it should be. 200 Wellesley is a mere blemish. Disgusting!

see full report...

I had no choice, I am sick and one can not pick the places Toronto Housing puts us tenants, it was here or the street. All I really knew about this building was about the fire, I did not know about the drugs, crime, and bugs. I have lived with a few cockroaches but not this many and this bedbug thing is pure hell, if anyone told me about the problems of this building before moving in here I would not of believed them. Some drug dealers have even told me they have never sold drugs before

moving in this building and they have started to sell drugs to raise funds to move out of this building as for some this has worked to find the funds for better housing, some have even told me the city (Toronto Housing) has set them up to sell drugs. But now I have learned even worse that most people who are sick like myself end up dieing in this building because of the conditions that Toronto Housing puts us in!

I am not stupid or desperate, I just need a roof over my head!

see full report...

Why would anyone move here? Are you stupid or desperate?

Last time I read this there was a drug dealer who was told security would be gone in a few days, he stated Toronto Community Housing told him this and they told him this so he could deal drugs more easily from his apartment? Now his posting is gone completely and days later we have no security at all and drug dealers are now running around the building like crazy! Which makes me think everything he said was true, how do drug dealers know this and tenants do not? I don’t think his posting

should be listed as it was more of an add for him to sell crack out of 200 Wellesley like the others, but people who are moving in this building do have the right to know about the huge drug problem in this building that Toronto Community Housing profits off of. This is by far one of the worst buildings for bedbugs but it is also the worst building in Canada for drugs with how Toronto Community Housing runs it. Parents move in this building all the time with young kids they should have the right to know this before they move in that they will be raising their children in the biggest city run crack house in Canada. I have drug dealers beside, above, below and across this is bigger problem then bedbugs and the bedbug problem is unbelievable here!

see full report...

8 months after the fire Toronto housing is refusing to return my belonging because I am part of the class action lawsuit, they have thrown me in an apartment infested with bedbugs with no refrigerator, they have completely when out of their way to screw up my health so tonight I am ending my pain like the others have.

Test have been done on the dryers in our laundry room downstairs that prove that our dyers do not heat up enough to kill bedbugs as Toronto Housing would not spend the funds to have the dryers properly ventilated, the dryers themselves are also not meant to be all vented together where the air must travel so far to be exhausted.
This is why tenants like myself that did laundry in our laundry mat have been living with bedbugs since we have moved into the building.

With that being said Toronto

Housing and Sparkle Solutions have now taken proper responsibility to help us tenants that they have knowingly infested with bedbugs with these 2 options:

1. You may fill out the form below and mail the form to:


Maurice Kagan
Sparkle Solutions
2700 Steeles Ave. W Unit 4
Concord, Ontario

Maurice will cover all costs including shipping for 2 bedbug AllerZip Smooth mattress bags for each mattress and box spring per bedroom you will receive them by mail.

Bachelor or 1 bedroom = 2 covers
2 bedroom = 4 covers

Note: Only the AllerZip Smooth bags cover the whole mattress the others just protect the top of the mattress, also I have a double bed so I ordered 2 queen size AllerZip Smooth bags and just folded the extra under as there is no twin or full size AllerZip Smooth bags to order.

2. The pest control services that Toronto Housing contracts do not and are instructed not to get rid of the problem completely this is done to keep the pest control service employed by Toronto Housing and for Toronto Housing to keep getting and increase funding for government grants. I insisted that they use and pay for Royal Forest Pest Services www.royalpest.ca (647) 866-2253 for my apartment. After a lot of fighting with Toronto Housing and calling city hall I finally got them to pay for Royal Forest Pest Services, they did 3 complete sprayings now the bugs are gone.

After 7 years of being eaten by bedbugs at 200 Wellesley I am now bedbug free. I bought a small apartment size washer, dryer and hide them in my closet, all my large items I take to the laundry mat on Parliament, the dryers are so hot you can’t even touch your items when they are done. I hope this reading will help you but the best advice I can give you is to never use our bedbug infested laundry mat again.

see full report...

Faith, you are telling the poster below to die on the street of a slow and painful death?
Are you not aware of how many tenants TCHC kills in this manner you are speaking of by eviction, you are telling him to die slowly on the street with out an eviction?
Do you not have a TV or read the news?
I would guess as there has been no post from him in 2 days that he is dead, he has won his battle with TCHC by ending his life in a quick painless manner, all h

is pain is now gone forever. In a couple weeks someone will smell his rioting body when walking down his hallway and TCHC will remove his dead cold body covered in bedbug bites then apply for another $50.000.00 grant from the government because of it and use it to have a big party with chocolate fountains, crème brulee, fine dinning and non-stop booze all night long just ask Pam McConnell she would never miss a free tax-payer party she even sometimes brings a cake!
“extravagant, no doubt about it,” Toni Varone, owner of Montecassino

The suicide rate is 12x the normal suicide rate in TCHC compared to regular housing and clearly we ALL know why!

We too like the people of Japan have lost everything but there are a few differences here:
1. Taxpayers paid for what has happened to the people of 200 Wellesley and the bill is now close to a billion dollars with Japan it was an act of god!
2. The people of 200 Wellesley have not really lost everything, we had our landlord steal our stuff stick it in the basement lock it up and not give it back if we are taking part in the class action lawsuit! My case for my belongings is for over $80.000.00 which is just a complete waist of tax-payers money as they could just put everything back in my old apartment where TCHC stole it, give me a key so I could have someone go get it! We could of used this billion to build another city not torment the sick and poor!
3. TCHC did nothing to help the people who are sick, all the social workers lied to us about our medications just to look busy as I have still never seen any social work from them as tax-payers pay them millions and they do nothing, now I am on end of life care and TCHC really thinks it is funny, is this what the Jap’s are going threw?
4. I am sure the people of Japan were not forced to stay in there apartments and breath the smoke then tell them they must leave and not bring there pets, Pam McConnell told everyone our pets were being feed and taken care of but really she was telling us our DEAD pets are being feed and taken care of. What a sick bitch this Pam McConnell is she will say anything to score a grant or have you pay for her party as well!

The poster below clearly did the right thing as if he was to stay on earth he would end up having his new home turned into what TCHC has turned Lilly Vlajkobic’s apartment into! Lilly Vlajkobic is a hoarder she had a huge fire on Christmas in her apartment which caused 75.000.00 in damage, with that being said all the crap and garbage in her apartment was NOT done by her, it was how TCHC set her apartment up to start her life back up again, and they clearly set it up as a fire hazard before she even moved back! She is also now suicidal like the rest of us!

I clearly know what this guy was going threw before he ended his pain as his life sounds like it was turning into mine as it was just a matter of time before TCHC gets him robed, beaten and arrested just like the rest of the tenants that have tried to speak up about how they are “partying” on the tax-payers dollar but for you to tell him to go to a church and it will help him? NOT this is where my hell began as I was gagged/tied to a church pew at St Michael’s Cathedral drugged beaten and fucked raw in the ass by a group of priests while I was unconscious for 4 hours, spent 6 months in intensive care mostly in a coma, I was 14 years old at the time and this is how I contacted AIDS, how would going to a church help anyone at 200 Wellesley as no one lives at a church there are no beds this is why priests fuck young kids on the floor! I have never heard of any church with apartments!

Since my last post on 01/01/2011 I have tried to end my pain 3 times and the waiting list for me to see a doctor about it is 7 years where is this help you speak of… because I really need it as the suicide packs at 200 Wellesley are getting bigger, CAN I STAY AT YOUR PLACE?, would you be able to get me a refrigerator with out mould growing in it that I can breath when I am at the apartment TCHC moved me to with out getting sick, because this is why I can’t stay at the apartment they put me in and I have to keep my medication in it!

Before you judge the person’s life below think about how stupid the shit is that you are telling him about living is or help that you speak of which really is not there at all, also think of Jesus as he gave his life for himself and others, this is what the poster below has done and we will do and then we will rise and live our lives again without TCHC and our illnesses that put us in constant pain!

God bless

P.S. You really think we all want to end our lives just over bedbugs?

see full report...

To the anonymous poster below, threatening to take their own life: Please, don't do it. Get away from that building, go to a church, or a Salvation army....you can start over, look at the people in Japan who have lost everything, they are just putting one foot in front of the other and going on, and you must too. Don't kill yourself over bugs! Think of all history, how plagues and locusts, swarms of bees...have tormented humanity but, humans can and do prevail. You CAN put this behind you, ev

en with shot credit, fire, all the calamities you have face, it is discouraging but it doesn't have to spell the end. If you leave that building behind, a brighter future awaits you, please, have faith, pray, and live for a better tomorrow. There are people in this city willing to help you. But, they don't work for TCHC, or the hellhole at 200 Wellesly. I will pray for you.

see full report...

I am tired of dealing with Toronto housing I am going to kill myself my life was never like this before now I sit in an apartment with nothing but bed bugs I haven’t even gotten one thing back from the fire my credit is now fucked with this fire while they take trips and throw big parties for themselves we tenants mean nothing to them as we are just low life pieces of shit tomorrow I will not wake up and the pain will be over.

I have a crack house right across the hall from me 3 feet from my apartment door. How would I set up a web cam or video recorder in that unit and how would I ask the crack dealers to let me do this in the crack house? I talked to Nancy Evans about this and she got my 2 kids taken away from me for 2 years I managed to get them back as I am doing nothing wrong as a parent and have to live across from her crack house because of my income but it cost you people a lot of money to get my kids back bec

ause of talking to her about her drug problem. The sick guy below has gotten arrested with assault from not paying her to grow medical marijuana in his apartment and as far as him buying drugs from the guards it doesn’t seem like he has a problem with it at all. I don’t want a condo paid by the city I just want to raise my kids in a normal home with no bedbugs.

see full report...

Why don't you get a damn video recorder or a webcam set up and record these 'people in power'that call themselves health inspectors (like calling yourself a cop, very illegal) and the security selling you dope and you can slam HER ass HARD!

Sh*t, I'd already be living in a condo, fully paid! by the security co. and this hag, dos santos!!!

You guys need to play on THEY'RE level!

You might also like to thank this bedbug report registry here as well. If anyone moving in 200 Wellesley reads it before deciding to move in 200 Wellesley it will surely help them make the right choice. This site is real and helps real people in the real world.

Don’t let the bed bugs bite.

So it turns out this Steve Hayden bed bug guy was right about how 200 Wellesley/TCHC is run all along. Not only did he work to educate the city on this he went to the Toronto auditor general Jeff Griffith to get this fixed.
10 Years ago he cleaned up the LCBO when he worked for them and he did it on minimum wage refusing to work for higher and would never take a raise or any bonus for his work.
You may think of him as a low-income nutcase but he is far from that, as his world has no race, sexu

ality, gender and discrimination. His criminal record is from the work he has done with OCAP and it doesn’t bother him one bit and he is proud of it. When he is sick he still doing everything he can for people even from a hospital bed this was when he was working for Maverick Investigations, we all know about the Guy Paul Morin case as he fought the courts verdict for Guy when he was fighting for his own life and won both cases.
I will never live in low income housing as I make to much, I also pay a lot in taxes but thanks to Steve I will be paying less but more than that all of Toronto will increase their quality of life because of him, just turn on the news or google Toronto community housing.
I hope the people of Toronto take the time to thank him for his social work including the corrupt staff of TCHC who have posted statements here under other names.

Thank you Steve for everything you have done for we the people of Toronto since you were 8 years old :)

see full report...

Has anyone ever seen the zippered bedbug bags that TCHC got funding for?
I have been back for 3 weeks and Friday I got my 4th mattress set in 3 weeks from TCHC because of bedbugs. All I need is 2 zippered bedbug bag for any cheap mattress set even to cover a mattress set with bedbugs I wouldn’t even care as long as the mattress is sealed but every time I go to the office and ask for these because of bedbugs they bring me an even more expensive set and throw the set that is 2 to 5 days ol

d out and I have the same problem in 2 to 5 days. This set I got Friday sells for $1,599.97 at the brick and it is on sale?
The whole building is having this problem too every day there is truck after truck dropping these mattress’s off and truck after truck taking them to the dump. So I ask the building manager how much this is costing the city? He says it couldn’t be as much as we are paying for security. Then I ask how much are they paying for security? He says he doesn’t know but the total of the fire a month ago came to 347 MILLION DOLLARS!
347 million dollars makes me wonder how much this building is worth? Because of the fire (Nancy Evans) I am completely broke and I have no credit because of the fire (Nancy Evans) but hording is clearly not the problem here as it is the head office of TCHC (Nancy Evans) that is the problem here as they are now doing everything to get us to sign documents so we won’t talk about the cash they (Nancy Evans) are scamming drug dealers for dealing drugs in there apartments, hording falls into the head office asking for cash clearly here as well.
Here on the 16th floor we have the loud black gay crystal meth dealer that pays Nancy Evans to sell drugs out of his apartment. When I talk to Manny the building manager about this he tells me he can't interfere with the deals head office makes with tenants. So clearly the management knows what the problem is but Nancy Evans doesn’t let the manager manage the building because of her scam costing the city 347 million dollars with last months total!
My old mattress was a cheap peace of foam that bedbug couldn’t lay eggs in with a zippered bedbug bag with duck tape covering the zipper there was nothing wrong with it as the fire was on the 24th floor and TCHC threw it out! I will gladly trade my next $2000.00 mattress set with anyone that has the same thing in queen size.

see full report...

I have always had bedbugs but now my apartment is a complete unliveable fire hazard! When I went to the basement of 200 Wellesley to look at my belongings I was completely rushed to the point I wasn’t even allowed to look at most of my belongs. When I moved back to my apartment TCHC just tossed everything I almost own all over my apartment making my apartment a complete fire hazard! I can’t move at all because of this and everything is broken from the well-paid crack dealers TCHC p

aid to move my stuff back and forth from and to my apartment. I have never even made it to my balcony and I can’t even get close to it to see if anything is on it. I wish my kitchen sink was lower because it takes me 30 minutes to climb to my washroom, they have told me I still have a bedroom but I haven’t seen it. I will never be able to clean up my place, as I am an elderly woman with very bad arthritis. Any fire will be my death or even if I fall as now I can’t call for help. I really know nothing about crack but I think I need to learn and start selling it to get the help I need from TCHC and a LED TV because I will never find my TV or my phone that I will need to call 911 before my death!

see full report...

After all this fire and drug crap I still have bed bugs! Toronto housing promised me 12.000.00 which was fine as I really have no damage from the fire at all, with my neighbours not selling drugs as well as pesticide work from an exterminator as long as I sign the document stating I will not be taking them to court for the problems they have caused for all of the people of Toronto and also I may not talk about it (NOT).
One hour after signing the document I see my crack-dealing neighbour is bac

k in the building and he asks me if I got a new large screen LED TV from housing. I really didn’t know they made LED TV’s just LCD so he showed me. His two-bedroom apartment was completely renovated with even new furniture. I asked him how much he paid for his beautiful leather couch, which was still wrapped plastic like the chair and the love seat. He told me he got it from housing, and then he said he would never buy anything here in Canada in case he gets deported back to the USA? Which made me clue into he is not on the lease at all. So I asked him how he could get and cash the checks he got from housing and he told me he mails them to his sister in Vancouver, as it is her apartment and they are in her name? I have lived beside this apartment for 3 years in a one-bedroom with my two kids and he isn’t even on the lease, doesn’t stay there regularly as he lives mostly with his girlfriend and just uses the two-bedroom apartment to sell drugs! I have never ever seen his sister in my life and I live right next door!
Now they even have the nerve to tell me I don’t have bedbugs at all when the building workers can clearly see them all over my furniture with bite marks all over my kids and my body. They even told me they already sprayed and everything is fine as there are no bugs here at all?
After getting this check for 12.000.00 I felt like I just ripped off the tax payers of the city for this money, now I feel I have been completely screwed over by Nancy Evans, as two hours of hearing Nancy did this for me and Nancy did that from my neighbour I now know the crack house right beside me has stayed open for as long as I have lived here because it is run by the biggest crack dealer in Toronto, Nancy Evans!

see full report...

Well BOO HOO, hate me if you wish. I still don't give a rat's ass. I still come here for bedbug reports though and not updates on the people of 200 with their TCHC problems. You didn't have to write a book either lady or use vulgar language. If you want to help Steve and the others, and continue to become infested time and time again, by all means, do so. I believe that most people are aware of this building's reputation considering the location and don't need to read page after page after page

after page.......... about it. So if you want to resort to vulgarity then so be it.

see full report...

Me thinks Steve has multiple personalities posting on this site.

Haven't checked in with this registry for a while but every time that I do, I am never surprised at the white trash commenting on Elvira or some other villian that works for Toronto Community Housing. If she has to deal with the likes of you people then I'm not surprised at her for reacting like she does. Isn't this registry for reporting bed bugs anymore? Now we have stories of cops bathing gay tenants.....
It only makes some of us skip this location's reports altogether since it is just the s

ame old crap regurgitated over and over.

see full report...

If you think 200 Wellesley is the biggest worst building in Canada for bedbugs your right! But there is much more to 200 Wellesley than bedbugs there is every type of crime at 200 Wellesley all funded with your tax dollars!
Taxpayers pay for TCHC mistakes and their corruption always have!
I was growing medical marihuana for health purposes legally, when one of the heads of TCHC Elvira Dos Santos seen my plants she told me I must pay her $100.00 cash each month for growing marihuana? I am not

running an illegal business like a crack house or meth lab, why should I have to pay her anything for how I manage my health? I showed her my licence to grow medical marihuana for health purposes and she still wanted me to pay?
Copy and paste the link below in your browser to see my licence:
So I went to a legal clinic to make TCHC aware of this (guess who paid for this).
Then she starts telling her drug dealers that I have a licence to grow 25 budding marihuana plants, I can store 1125 grams of marihuana in my apartment and all about my painkillers! So now what she is really telling her drug dealers is that I have $40.000.00 in drugs in my apartment that now makes it a security issue, so my nurse gets me an armed guard to watch myself and my apartment 24/7 (guess who paid for this).
Everything TCHC does wrong costs tax payers, you can be a horder and pay TCHC to horde just like you can pay TCHC to run a crack house. The money of yours that TCHC is spending now has always been spent? Taxpayers just didn’t clue in until now!
Elvira Dos Santos does not stop spending your tax dollars at any cost, I have AIDS I am in pain all the time she got me to walk in pain to her head office to sign a lease and there was no lease there to sign, so I told her where to go called her a whore (which she is) spat on the window and left. So she now gets me charged with assault at the taxpayer’s expense and even wants an expensive DNA order to!
To see who will be paying for this read the line on the bottom here below!
How low can this old slut get? Have a look at what she got written on the yellow 200 Wellesley fire slip that I have to use to get health care, food, anything really after the fire!
I think we all understand from the above that I am very sick and on end of life care, look at line 17. Special medical needs (she got written-Unable to answer) and line 18. Additional information (she got written-Do not give any info out). I take medication to live and she made sure I couldn’t get it!

Elvira Dos Santos is just one TCHC employee, I am just one TCHC tenant and 200 Wellesley is just one TCHC building, now tell me where your tax dollars are going!

I would have been way better off just paying this old high paid whore 100.00!

(416)802-5337 after 7pm please it’s free!
200 Wellesley tenant apartment 1224
(12 floors directly below fire)

see full report...

A lot of the poor low income broke tenants of 200 Wellesley have been screwed once again by TCHC because they have signed statements that they will not be running in the Class Action to take checks from TCHC to get money to eat, once again TCHC screws the poor, TCHC kept the tenants away from all their belongings for months (still half the building has not even been able to get there stuff?) TCHC got them so broke that they have to claim bankruptcy, work the streets, beg for change, steal to liv

e, go to soup kitchens, food banks and I have even seen many 200 Wellesley tenants eating out of garbage’s daily! Now they throw a carrot to a starving horse and of course that horse is going to go for the carrot and eat it right up! Here is my legal advice:

I recommend that you NOT accept any deal and that you NOT sign anything at this time.


And for the rest of us here is an important date for you to attend

We invite you to attend a Meeting to learn about the Class Action:

WHEN: Monday, January 3, 2011 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.
OR Tuesday, January 4, 2011 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

WHERE: 519 Church Street Community Centre

WEB ADDRESS: www.200wellesleyfire.ca

At the meeting you will learn about your options and about how to obtain legal advice from us about your particular circumstances. Our objective is to assist you in evaluating what is in your best interests.

This Steve Hayden gay aids guy that is all over this bed bug registry lives in apartment 1224 of 200 Wellesley and runs a grow-op out of his apartment and is open about it, the whole building knows this even Nancy Evans was the first person to tell me he is growing dope in his apartment, he has even told me himself as well as others have told me about his grow-op and his health problems, not only is he growing his own drugs he also is one of the biggest experts in the world on growing marijuana, he has won the cannabis cup which is a yearly contest that takes place on earth for the best ass kicking weed grower on the planet, he also use to teach growing marijuana as a course in 2 community schools, during the fire he pointed up to his apartment and said "I hope my gunja is ok" then we had a cigarette by the cops standing at the back door and they started talking about apartment 1224 and the grow-op that is in it Steve said "Oh that sounds like my place" as we were walking in? I came out for a smoke again half an hour later and he was talking to the police about gardening, growing vegetables even growing weed openly to the point they were taking notes! I have even been in his apartment for dinner and asked him why he has a lock on his bedroom door and he told me "If I don't lock it the security will steal my weed and sell it to the other tenants as it has happened before"? He fixed my computer one time but when I went to pick it up he was very sick and he couldn't hardly even get the door to unlock it to let me in so I ended up sitting with him till he was feeling better to get up and lock the door when I leave but then a police officer unlocked his door and walked in his apartment brought him food from McDonald's grabbed Steve's keys unlocked his bedroom door and started watering his pot plants and wouldn't even let me in the room to see them? Then the cop tells me he is going to bath Steve after he eats and wants me to leave? I have watched Elvira yell at Steve right in front of his door saying if he doesn't give her the money when he gets his ODSP check she is calling the cops and letting them know he is running a grow-op? We all know the drug houses and the grow-op's in 200 Wellesley pay Elvira, Nancy and who ever else is a crook in the head office of TCHC but how in the world does this Elvira get the police to take care of these crack houses and grow-ops so well? I've been in maybe 25% of most of the crack houses in 200 Wellesley and really they are beautiful apartments with new everything and then Steve's place is right out of the 70's with the police growing his drugs, wiping his ass and then bathing him after? Now get this, when I ask Steve if I could buy a couple grams of weed off him he gets really really mad? And yells at me saying he isn't a drug dealer? Am I missing something here? This whole building is all full of some really strange weird criminals and as soon as I get a chance I am moving...

see full report...

I first heard about this Elvira Dos Santos Toronto Housing worker from other gay tenants, they explained to me to be careful of this bitch as she hates gays and states we are sexual pigs and AIDS is gods way of getting back at us for being "pigs"?
So during the 200 Wellesley bed bug project I met an old lady with make-up caked all over her face who was in everyone's apartment during the bed bug check she said she works for Public Health. After she left everyone told me she didn't work for Publ

ic Health at all she works for Toronto Community Housing this lady was Elvira Dos Santos, then I learned she is screwing a bunch of TCH staff, then after that I found out she is screwing TCH tenants and recently I found out she screws everyone she can using her position of power to be a complete slut! I have not been laid for over a year now how am I a sexual pig? Just for the record not that it matters I got HIV from getting blood work done!
Elvira Dos Santos position is "Community Housing Supervisor" CHS she is in charge of any maintenance or planning matter that can not be addressed by your superintendent. Oversees all building superintendents (This would be how she gets your superintendent to screw her)!
She overseas all the crime and problems at 200 Wellesley she also promotes all the crime at 200 Wellesley, renovates the crack houses / meth labs and helps hoarders store stuff, also makes the bed bug problem as bad as possible all with your tax dollars and a little cash donations from these tenants!
This fire has ruined all of the tenants lives if she was to pour pools of gasoline all over 200 Wellesley and light it on fire it would of still be the same thing she has already done! This Christmas I am sure she will spend it in her warm paid for home while the tenants of 200 Wellesley are still struggling to get there lives back together! Most of the tenants at 200 Wellesley have serious health problems that is why they are living in this building!
The last thing a building which is full of sick people (many of which are on end of life care) needs is an old homophobic power hungry bitch slut that uses sick people to take tax payers money, we aren't talking about the tax payers dime here we are talking about the tax payers billions! The money this bitch has cost the tax payer is unreal, it's not the tenants that are milking off the system it is this old slut who already has her house and cars paid for with your tax dollars! Ask around and find out what this 200 Wellesley thing is costing you? You might want to wear diapers when you find out the total!!!
Myself living with HIV is no fun at all, every day is hell, every week I have a new health problem I have to deal with! Elvira has no idea what it is like to be terminally ill, I would gladly show her but opening up an old nasty rusty window that has been used for years caked in layers of paint then throwing a hot dog in it is no turn on at all, no mater what sex it is!!!

see full report...

Reading these reports makes me think these people at Toronto Housing should be charged and jailed with crimes. I can't believe they make a living on the taxpayer dime while people are suffering in such ways! What is wrong with these people?

Anonymous: "Steve" said he got AIDS because he was raped by priests. If this is true, he is not responsible for his illness (even if he got it from voluntary sex he is not necessarily responsible either). Also, he cannot be blamed for the situation he is in wrt 200 Wellesley.

Also, while people not cleaning up after themselves may make it harder to get rid of bedbugs, bedbugs do not feed on filth, they feed only on human blood. Yes, if you are really really fastidious about cleaning, you m

ight be able to clean their eggs up and the like, but this is far more fastidious than most people are. So it doesn't make that much sense to blame "pigs".

see full report...

PS Steve,

Most hoarders aren't aware they even have a problem. Most people who contacted aids through their own disgusting behaviour and lack of self control and wise choice making capabilities don't realize they have a problem either. They just want to blame everyone else and let innocent people pay for their stupid mistakes.

Steve, I don't even live in Toronto much less work for Toronto housing. I just think you're a real piece of work and if the things you write are any indication of your behaviour and intelligence, then if I worked at Toronto Housing, I wouldn't be bothered with you either. Obviously, you know nothing about mental health issues. To think you can just 'talk nicely' to people and the troubles will disappear is very sound evidence that you too are affected by mental health issues (delusions perhap

s, lol). Changing the floors will not help a bit when half the building is filled with pigs that don't clean up after themselves. You are truly an idiot and I feel sorry for the workers at Toronto Housing having to deal with the likes of you. As for your illness, self inflicted. Grow up!

see full report...

Toronto Community Housing hands arn't tied by law at all! There is no law stating you can't help a tenant clean out there apartment! There is no law stating you can't talk nicely to a tenant about all the crap they have in there apartment and the dangers it can cause! The hundreds of social workers that TCHC has could easily make a few flyers and put together a dvd that even addresses the other problems in 200 Wellesley for just a few cents each and stick them in everyones mail boxes

right in there apartment door! I do more socail work for tenants when I am sick in bed not able to move than all of the socail worker TCHC has combined! (my pc sits on a coffee table right beside my bed) TCHC pays there socail workers millions every year and I have not ever heard or seen any of them doing socail work at all!
The man in apartment 2424 Stephen Vassilev whos place went on fire is acually a briliant man highly skilled in building design, law and one of the best piano players I have met in my life! Have a look at the youtube video bellow!
Yup that's Stephen playing the piano, I am sure he has a few mental health problem but that is for him to say not me, but he is an easy person to talk to! No one at TCHC has ever talked to him about his hording problem at all!!!

The security at 200 Wellesley are the best drug dealers I have met in my life the weed I buy from them is better quality and cheaper in price than I would get from ordering it from Health Canada in Ottawa, it's only 5 bucks a gram plus tax for me to buy weed from Ottawa I have never ordered weed from Ottawa from the time I moved into 200 Wellesley to this date! I was buying weed from the security at 200 Wellesley before I moved in the building! The crack the security sells to the crack houses in 200 Wellesley is the is cheaper than anywhere the crack houses can buy it! The security steals from one crack dealer and sells it to another crack dealer in 200 Wellesley all under one roof! The only security guard I know at 200 Wellesley that does security and doesn't sell drugs is the "fitsroy" guy! Before I have security in my apartment to buy weed at 200 Wellesley I hide my pain killers!

The building workers at 200 Wellesley sexually assualt the girls/women that live there so much that they have there children! They don't clean up the front of the building so I see preschool children playing with crack pipes, used condoms and used needles regularly! I see this all the time just sitting outside having coffee with other tenants! These are some of the few reasons I don't let me son visit me at 200 Wellesley!

To fix the bed bug/cock roach problem at 200 Welleslesy they just need to change the wood flooring, talk nicely to the tenants about the problem, and lower the price of the washers and dryers! The apartment TCHC has stuck me in was badly infested with bugs, I have won the cock roach war and when I get my next check I am sure I will win the bed bug war! No spray, no chemical just cleaning! At the end of the month I am buying 2 sealed mattress covers and a little boric acid powder just to stick in my kitchen. TCHC gets huge grants from the gov just to make the problem worst, just to get bigger grants! All the staff at TCHC make money from this problem! I'm just glad the bed bug bites in my c*ck are starting to clear up!

I don't think I need to grow up anonymous I think you and the other staff at TCHC need to stop waisting tax payers money and then maybe Marilyn will go back to work!

see full report...

Steve, just what would you have them do with the hoarders. Their hands are tied by the law. Perhaps you should take some personal responsibility for your problems instead of blaming everyone else. Grow up! We reap what we sow.

Toronto Community Housing was in my apartment at least once every month from the time I lived there!
Nancy Evans and Elvira Dos Santos was in every apartment in 200 Wellesley less than a year ago during Nancy Evans bed bug project!
I have been in many apartments that were so packed with crap and bed bugs there I couldn't even move in them!
They run the building they should of done something about these "horders" when they seen the problem then!
Now they have killed the tenants pet

s just like they have killed the tenants our live are now hell because of these bitches!
Hopefully uranus!

see full report...

Steve, If I was Ms. dos Santos, I would not want anything to do with you either. You are disrespectful and just plain rude. How is it that Toronto Housing is responsible for the fire? Not sure what planet you come from. Please let me know so I can avoid it.

I would like to thank everyone who has called me in the evenings with there bed bug problem stories about Elvira Dos Santos. Your support has been so helpful during this time. I found it quite educational that she worked with Nancy Evans on the Nancy Evans bed bug project (they were in every horders apts at that time) that completely infested St Jamestown with bed bugs and told all the new tenants at 200 (the ones that didn't know her) that she worked for public health at the time? I really thou

ght the problem I was having with her was a personal problem but now I know she clearly hates fagots with AIDS! But as you know I only have a cell phone and it has been ringing so much in the evening I look like the busiest whore on the street and my cell phone battery keeps dying so we have set up an email address to address these problems and for your support, if you don't want your email to be used in media, court or online please state it in the begining of your email I will respect your privacy [email protected]

I find it quite interesting that the posts here that state I am the same person and as others here from the few that seem to think there is no problem at all with 200 Wellesley at all are from staff at Toronto Community Housing LOL.
Mark I have known for a very long time, even before I lived at 200 Wellesley I am at his apartment right now, you may meet both of us at the same time if you like!
Marilyn I spoke to for the first time a few days ago, I would not post anything about myself saying I have no morals! I do not work the streets in Pam McConnells ward I would need a wig and high heals to do that! Please do not call me and tell me I made her quit her job she is her own person and can do what she wishes.

If any male readers out there have a health card with no picture and are on assistance with a drug coverage card please email or phone me if you think you can help me?

The only thing I will miss about not living at 200 Wellesley are some of the nicest people I have met in my life I am just down the street we can still meet and do the coffee thing, If you need legal help from the 200 fire that Toronto Community Housing has caused contact:

Neighbourhood Legal Services
333 Queen St E
Toronto ON
M5A 1S9
Telephone 416-861-0677

or if you have HIV/AIDS you may contact:

HALCO - HIV & AIDS Legal Clinic (Ontario)
65 Wellesley Street East, Suite 400
Toronto, Ontario
M4Y 1G7
Telephone: 416-340-7790 or toll-free in Ontario: 1-888-705-8889

Both these legal clincs are free and are working on the legal problems we are having from the fire that Toronto Community Housing has caused right now!

see full report...

No doubt that they are one and the same Ben. I never really thought about that until I read all of their posts again.

Oops, I meant "exclamation point" not "explanation point" in this:

Isn't it a little strange how "Steve", his friend "Mark", and "Marilyn" all write posts in which virtually every sentence that is not an interrogative ends with at least one exclamation point? I think they are all the same person.

Isn't it a little strange how "Steve", his friend "Mark", and "Marilyn" all write posts in which virtually every sentence that is not an interrogative ends with at least one explanation point? I think they are all the same person.

Michael Myers

Michael my dear Elvira is one of the biggest reasons 200 Wellesley is the worst building in Canada for bed bugs! Elvira Dos Santos, Nancy Evans and Pam McConnell are all power hungry sick bitches who don't give one fu*k about the tenants in 200 Wellesley if they did there wouldn't be a 72 year old woman, a man living with AIDS for 26 years, mentaly ill and handicapped tenants of 200 Wellesley who just started working the streets as whores at night right here in downtown Toronto

in Pam McConnell's ward just to eat!

My son has lived in 200 Wellesley for 7 years, from the day he moved in he has been eaten alive every day and night by bed bugs I have spoken to Elvira Dos Santos, Nancy Evans and Pam McConnell several times about this problem and they all have lied and bull $hited to me over and over again the only thing they seem to do is take their large pay checks from the money we pay in our taxes and cash them in thier bank accounts! Here is the problem with bed bugs at 200 Wellesley my son got rid of his furniture that can't be washed, his carpets and then I got him sealed vinyl mattress covers for his bed now there is only two problems left the wood floors in 200 Wellesley! Elvira Dos Santos, Nancy Evans and Pam McConnell will not have them changed or replaced with flooring that bed bugs will not lay eggs in! Now the TCHC owned washing machines and dryers they make money off them, they take poor low incomes tenants money before the tenant even gets to look at the washing machine! They changed to a card system about a year ago where there is a machine in the lobby just as you go in the front door of the building they take your money right away! If you want to do a wash for a buck fifty you must put a minimum of 5 bucks on the card if you lose the card that cost TCHC about 3 cents you have to pay 20 bucks to get another one and of course you lose all the money that was on it and were does that money go? TCHC gets large grants even every year a bigger grant for there cock roach/bed bug infestations, crack houses, meth labs and all crime at 200 Wellesley this is a bussiness for them! Elvira Dos Santos, Nancy Evans and Pam McConnell all make money off it! If they cleared these problems up the grants would be gone and there pay checks would be less and my handicapped son wouldn't be getting eaten alive day and night!

Michael you posted a bed bug listing with no referance to bed bugs at 200 Wellesley at all? Like you are selling an invite to use a blog like a spammer would do! Elvira and TCHC are bed bugs and crime at 200 Wellesley they will always be as long as the old mighty dollar rules! I have called the guy Steve bellow at the number he posted (seems like a wonderful man no morals mind you) maybe you should call him too, I am sure you must wake up every morning alone, he's a filty c*ck sucker just like you the only difference is he admits it now because of the fire that TCHC has caused!

My son lost his two cats in the 200 wellesley fire guess how? Elvira Dos Santos, Nancy Evans and Pam McConnell left everyone's pets in the building after the fire for 5 yes 5 days! What did they think was going to happen? They knew the smoke left in the building was so bad for ones health they wouldn't even go in themselfs! Guess where they put my son a few days ago? BACK IN HIS APARTMENT that smells of smoke with cemicals being spayed regularly? There are no services for tenants that badly need them at 200 Wellesley at all most tenants die in thier apartments and weeks later either other tenants or building workers notice a smell of roiting flesh as there body roits for days after thier death!

The man below Steve has had AIDS for a very long time, TCHC cut off all food vouchers and buss tokens for him they say he is housed with nothing? They won't even let him go into his apartment for a second to find his health card? They have cut off his medication that keeps him alive and the last time he seen his doctor was a month before the fire! I wonder how much more of our tax dollars Elvira Dos Santos, Nancy Evans and Pam McConnell will get for making this poor man's life even more hell and killing him!

I have worked as a secratary for 32 years but Monday I am not going to work or ever going to work again! I am not going to call in and I want to get fired to go on unemployment then welfare and hopefully ODSP! I'm glad I don't own a house one third of my pay check has gone to taxes for 32 years! But not no more I am joining the Elvira Dos Santos movement!

Thanks Steve :)
Marilyn Conners

see full report...

Why don't you just get a blog going for your rants against Elvira and whatever else you are pissed about, and finally leave this website to bedbug reports only?

So a few days ago I go down to the TCHC head office at 155 Sherbourne Sreet to meet with Elvira Dos Santos (head TCHC bitch) to sign a lease, no lease was there to be found to sign but all she talked about was this bedbug registry! She told me that the bed bug problem in TCHC wasn't so bad and I was making it up?

Let me tell you the bed bug problem at 200 Wellesley and TCHC is worse than any place in Canada I don't know about the other places in the world but I do know Canada and it doesn't

get any worse for bed bug infestations than this! We argued back and forth for a bit then I just dropped my pants and showed her all the bites up and down my legs, the whole office stood there staring in shock as they couldn't believe the bite marks on my legs from me getting biten alive from TCHC bed bug infestations! She then started screaming call the police so I just left.

A few hours ago the police showed up at my door I let them in, they looked around in my apartment of nothing even looked in my empty refridgerator then backed away from my bedding when they seen all the bed bugs crawling around the blankets on the floor where I sleep. They then told me Elvira Dos Santos has charged me with assault! (the police were accualy quite helpful this time) They even told me they would get me in and out of the station in a few hours making my booking as fast as posible they also explained to me Elvira Dos Santos lies and gets poor people charged with stuff like this all the time as her way of a power trip and the only one that pays for it is the tax payer. (No mater what the out come of this is it isn't going to cost me 1 cent and I will get huge money out of it!)

So today I go to legal aid where you the tax payer pays for my lawyer then I go to the disibility office and get more money from my new charge where you the tax payer have always paid but now you pay a little more and then end the day showing my charge papers to different agencys to get more money all in the name of Elvira Dos Santos! My friend just quit his job when he found out and states he will never work again the stress of Elvira has caused him he will be talking to his doctor and going on ODSP to never work again and you the tax payer will pay all in the name of Elvira! Myself I am going to make sure this faulse charge of Elvira's cost the tax payers every cent it posibly can! Im going to streach it out and flip it over changing lawyers right in between just to spend as much money as posible! The problems TCHC has cause with the fire and bed bugs at 200 wellesley will raise everyones taxes to almost be unlivable in this city next year in the name of Elvira Dos Santos quit your job go on welfare join the Elvira Dos Santos movement it is the only thing left to do!

see full report...

Uh, Mark, I described Steve's *screeds* as being full of "fantastic exaggeration", which they are. I did not describe his *life* as "fantastic". And if you think only TCHC employees and Pam McConnell, among everyone in the world, would be able to agree with the essence of what I have written, well, obviously, that is fantastic exaggeration as well, isn't it?

Bye then.

You make me sick you either work for Toronto Community Housing or you are Pam McConnell no one else in this world would ever discribe any part of this man's life as "fantastic" he is on end of life care been away from his home for over a month and has nothing he comes over to use my pc and he put plastic on my chair before he sits down because he has blood comming out of his ass because he is so sick, he has bed bug bites all over his body and so do I because I live in Toronto Commu

nity Housing too! All the man cares about is his kid even with all the problems in his life his child doesn't have one thing wrong with him! Steven would kill for his son, he is also the best father I have ever seen in my life! Why don't you call Steven like everyone else he is working the streets right now with his cell phone or set a blog up for yourself or better yet go fu*k yourself!!!

see full report...

Steve, your screeds are so full of fantastic exaggeration that shows no sign of abating that it just isn't worth the trouble of addressing them anymore point by point.

Anyway, this is a forum for bed bug reports, not all the other stuff you are including, so please, make a free blog where you can address all your issues. That will be better for everybody.

Do you need help setting up a blog or can you do it yourself? (It's free! (once you have internet access which you clearly do))

Dear "Anonymous"
My listing here is about bed bugs, 200 Wellesley, TCHC and AIDS!
I never seen bed bugs until I moved into 200 Wellesley, every TCHC building is completely infested in bed bugs! TCHC houses low income mostly sick people who can't afford to do laundry! TCHC even owns "sparkle xpress" the company that owns the washing machines and I have never heard of TCHC helping anyone in there buildings to do there laundry to kill the bed bugs EVER! I dont even know anyone in TCHC that can af

ford to do laundry regularly! I really havn't been able to aford to wash my clothes in a machine in about 6 months! My washing machine is my kitchen sink and my dryer is the shower rail! After 3 days of living in 200 Wellesley I had to throw out my bed, carpets and furniture! TCHC even gets huge grants for sealed, zippered bed bags for bed bugs, other tenants and myself have never seen one in our lives EVER! I have known thousands of people with AIDS that TCHC has killed in there buildings each and every one of them had to have a closed casket because there bed bug bites were so bad!

You stated "I don't think many people believe that there are many people on the street trying to buy HIV tainted blood to insert in their veins." you are so wrong there you need to google "bug chasers" or "gift givers" and the problem is much worse then the media states! Everyday of my life I have someone begging me to give them AIDS! It is imposible for me to be involved with anyone unless they already have AIDS! Juring the night I would end up waking up with them riding me with no condom when sleeping! Going over to some ones place you just met for dinner and they say across the table they say "Wow you have lived with this for 26 years been dead 54 times and you don't even look sick! I hope I will live my life like that when I finally convert!" As you all know I can't even sell my ass because of this problem!

You stated "You say you are a famous AIDS sufferer but all I can find on google about you relates to the fire at 220 [200] and the kid you allegedly found in the trash disposal chute (which also is rather hard to believe)." I don't "suffer" from AIDS, I have AIDS, I suffer from the sick pedophiles and the perverts I met as a child! I am a father and my kid doesn't need to know what I went threw as a child untill he is old enough to drink, this is why my last name is spelled differently here, I will not put my name or my face in the media because of this, only my voice but every school year I talk to his teachers and his school with tears in my eyes so they can see the pain I go thou everyday, so they understand why my child must never be left alone in public or on the internet!

I don't find it hard to believe I pulled a child covered in blood and bruses out of the garbage shoot on the 12th floor at 200 Wellesley, I find it COMPLETELY DISCUSTING! Since that happened I will not even allow my child to visit me in my own home, I go to him or we meet somewhere else in the city! For TCHC to neglect any childs safety like that is just so wrong! For TCHC to infest all of St Jamestown with bed bugs is just so wrong! For TCHC to cause this fire and put there tenants and myself throu what we are going throu now JUST SO WRONG!

see full report...

Steve, you did not make it clear that you told your "clients" you had AIDS, as opposed to AIDS just being a potential byproduct of what you were selling. So my apologies for thinking it likely from what you said that you were not telling them. (Just as people who could describe themselves as selling useless swampland in Florida don't describe their product that way to their marks).

That being said, your story has left the implausible and entered the realm of the fantastic. I don't think ma

ny people believe that there are many people on the street trying to buy HIV tainted blood to insert in their veins.

No doubt some of your story is true and you are being given a hard time, but the strange and apparent embellishments make it hard to give it much credence.

Anyway, since it is not about bedbugs, why don't you set it up on a free blog somewhere (like blogspot) where you can go into it in detail.

You say you are a famous AIDS sufferer but all I can find on google about you relates to the fire at 220 and the kid you allegedly found in the trash disposal chute (which also is rather hard to believe).

Set up a blog about your issues, it would be interesting and useful.

see full report...

Uh, Mary, you seem to be saying that anyone who has AIDS and is living in substandard housing has only themselves to blame for their condition. That's a pretty hateful and unfounded statement.

Uh, Steve, you should not be having unsafe sex with people, as you appear to be saying you are doing, unless you inform them that you have AIDS and they are okay with that.

It doesn't matter that you are in a bad situation. It does not justify treating others in this way. In fact, you could be convicted of murder if you transmit HIV to a person this way and they subsequently die.

If you are 'selling your body and your AIDS virus' as you said, then you should be arrested for spreading that around. I don't really think you should place blame on anyone else but you for your condition. The bed bugs are the least of your worries.

Steve Hayden here with an update for you:
Since the fire TCHC has stuck me in a cockroach/bed bug infested empty apartment with nothing, no food, no money, no furniture! I have been working the streets as a whore selling my parts and my AIDS virus just to eat! They are giving the people they say are "housed" nothing, you may come see the nothing if you like you can call me at (416)802-5337. Two days ago they brought me a used bed bug infested couch I have bites all over my legs and body (I will

gladly drop my pants for anyone that wants to look at them) I have no health card because they won't let me into my apartment so I have not seen a doctor since the fire and they have stopped my HIV medication! I am now dying because of TCHC! TCHC caused this fire they knew about everyone's apartment as they were in mine every month from the time I moved in, even the head of housing Nancy Evans has been in everyones apartment at 200 Wellesley when she did her bed bug project which just made things worse! I am on end of life care and TCHC has made my last days hell!
Call the worker they gave me at (416)771-9745 Ahmed and find out for yourself!

see full report...

Click and paste the link below in your browser to learn the truth about TCHC and 200 Wellesley as told by CTV W5!

I am living a one bed room unite with my husband and three youg childern. I requsted for a larger space and i got some letters from my Dr. but the office they turn a blind eyes on me, i applied since 2003. and now after the fire they bring back and throwing me there in a smoke smell unite. specially I am worried about my younger son [he is only 17 months old]


I am living a one bed room unite with my husband and three youg childern. I requsted for a larger space and i got some letters from my Dr. but the office they turn a blind eyes on me, i applied since 2003. and now after the fire they bring back and throwing me there in a smoke smell unite. specially I am worried about my younger son [he is only 17 months old]


I lived there back in 1971 to 1987 and it has allways been like this, I see nothing has changed and never will, very dirty buildings all of them.

My name is Steve Hayden, I moved in 200 Wellesley on February 2007, I am sick with AIDS, Casey house got me into the building as it is a low income building, I really had no choice, I live in 200 Wellesley or die on the street.
The apartment it’s self was a huge mess, full of garbage, used crack/drug supplies, booze bottles, shit all over the floor/walls, cockroaches, bedbugs, mice, pigeon shit, dead pigeon’s, vomit, the spirit of the old man dead body that crack heads killed befo

re I moved in and more. My friend who is a police officer couldn’t even get the management office to clean it, he begged me with tears in his eyes not to move in, he told me he is here all the time many times a night to deal with the crack houses, crystal meth labs and killings regularly, I told him I have no choice, I wouldn’t feel right living with his wife and him, that weekend he came to my apartment with his wife and friends to clean everything.
My first real evening here he brought me dinner and a cell phone and told me to call him any time for anything even just to talk, I told him I will be fine and I am sure things aren’t as bad as he thinks. Then the 6:00pm news came on, it was about a guy who lived above the management office for years with an apartment full of animals with about 1000 pigeons flying in and out of his apartment windows, they were all his pets and they lived here, they also shit here and drove the neighbours nuts, the news video on the TV was unreal I never scene anything like that in my life, I wish I could show you the news video, but if you copy and paste the link below into your browser you can see the pigeon man on the left being taken out on a stretcher with public health and the humane society starting to clear his apartment.
The refrigerator in the apartment would leek buckets of water daily, I told the management office about this and they would do nothing about it. I kept hearing this sparking noise all night and day, my friend told me it was the outlets in the apartment which I told building office about it, they looked at the outlets and heard the noise but they told me they couldn’t fix them because they still worked (at night I could see the sparks flying out of them and the breakers would shut off constantly because of this). My friend went to the hardware store and helped me change the outlets and switches in the apartment. If you live here you better have a friend with a bit of cash to help you do some maintenance, you could be a whore to get the money or sell drugs like some of the other tenants.
Living in the apartment I kept getting sick and I wouldn’t know why, I would go back to Casey house or a friends and get better, even with out medical help I would get better? Finally my nurse found out about others with AIDS that have died in the building because of bacteria, which builds up in the bottom of the fridge, she had public health test the water in the bottom of the refrigerator and it tested positive for this bacteria, it took public health, my nurse, the media, the police and the building tenant rep to get me a new refrigerator on Friday June 16, 2010. Can you believe that, 3 years to change one refrigerator that the TCHC knew it was killing me, in January I died 3 times in emergency because of this refrigerator that TCHC bought cheap in bulk because they didn’t work! Most of these refrigerators are still in other apartments, maybe my old one is in another apartment now! The main TCHC person in charge here is Nancy Evans she controls all of the south TCHC buildings, I am not sure what her position is but I believe it would be “serial killer” as she has killed many, try googling “Al Gosling” or TCHC deaths to read about her and TCHC buildings.
Now for the drug thing, this is the worst building I have ever scene in my life for drugs, if you sit in front of the building at night you can see this for your self, it’s not just crack it is all street drugs, prescription drugs even prescription drugs that you can not get in Canada or the USA only Mexico, if I miss the pharmacy for the weekend my nurse can actually find me my HIV medication in the building as well as heavy narcotics and pain killers in minutes!
But this is what bothers me the most, family’s move in this building with their young children, newborns being taken by there parents in and out of the building at 3am even in strollers, children seeing people doing drugs and whores doing tricks in the hallways and stair wells, kids playing in front of the building with crack pipes, used condoms, used syringes and broken glass, many times I have had a child’s parent come to my door and drug there child so I can pick pieces of glass out of there child’s body because they are afraid children’s aid will take there child away if they go to emergency because of the broken glass that is in the child from building management not cleaning the broken glass in the building. I had a broken window outside my apartment for 3 months before it was cleaned up!
In June I was taking my garbage out at 6am and what did I find in the garbage shoot, a child, yes a child, I found a fucken living kid in the garbage shoot! I heard him yelling help and when I opened the door I seen two little feet with a kid screaming I’m going to fall, I pulled the kid out he was covered in blood and garbage! I was in shock for days after this happened, after it happened I told the build management about it, they really acted like they didn’t care one bit about it, but I found out an hour later the management was steam cleaning the child’s blood off the garbage shoot, like the mafia would do after a killing! The garbage shoots were broken almost on every floor, the safety latch on the shoot’s were broken so one could almost throw a horse down the shoot! All I wanted was the main door to these shoot’s locked but the building said, “We can not do that because tenants will not be able to throw their garbage out?” I called everywhere, the police, every city number I could find and then Pam McConnell’s office, they said they would send an inspector right away, I kept looking to see if it was locked, but no, so I would call again and again Pam’s office would say they are looking into it, 4 days later nothing! (Let me tell you this is really not the person to vote for!) Then I spoke with a reporter from the Toronto Star, after the article came out in the paper the garbage shoots were locked and then fixed at 3am in the morning! 3AM GET THAT! The management then tried to blame everyone in the building, when it was the management that almost killed this child like the others they have killed. When I spoke to this reporter he could see I was disturbed about the whole thing, I seen him again about a week ago and I can see that he is now disturbed about the things TCHC has done and are still doing! It is sad that this reporter is the only one that can get things done around here but I am grateful for what he has done.
You may read the article with the link below.
If your child doesn’t get killed in the building, he or she will surely get killed in the area outside the building, have a look for your self.
There are many tenants with mental issues in this building, but most are harmless but there is one tenant “Judy” in 2414, she loves to drink and when she does she just snaps, her balcony is above the main entrance of the building 24 floors up she throws dishes glassware, food, non alcoholic beverages, empty bottles, gardening supplies, bricks, cat shit and really anything she can find. I have told the management office about this and again they do nothing when there is much they can do to stop this.
A. There are 2 apartments on every floor with no balcony at all, they could move her to one of these!
B. They could put pigeon netting over her balcony and others to stop this, if a tenant was to throw anything over there balcony they would have to rip the netting to do so, Judy admits to doing this, the whole building knows she does this, if anyone gets hit with a beer bottle coming from 24 floors up the will be surely be dead!
C. The police and the city could put her in a mental home where she really should be or just locked up, I watched the police go to her apartment 6 times one night, they surely know what is going on, I asked her why she does this and she said “I love to call them, my new cell phone has unlimited free calling, they are all so hot in there uniform when they are here just to deal with me all night”!
This is Judy’s balcony, the red dot is where it is 24 floors up!
The walkway to the building use to be covered to save people from being killed from stuff like this, but the building didn’t maintain it and it fell one day, it was made out of thick huge steal and it fell on someone, she sued and won of course (very nice woman), but have a look at what it did to the huge thick unbreakable steal bench!
TCHC did replace the walkway structure, but just the frame, now if Judy or someone throws a beer bottle from their balcony and it hits the frame you most likely won’t die, but you and others around you will get hit with shards of broken glass, have a look!
Now the bed bug thing, someone posted 250 of 700 units are infested with bed bugs, that is 35% of the building, NOT! My floor alone has at least 16 of the 26 apartments infested with bed bugs, that is at least 61% and my floor is not the worst, why is this? Serial killer Nancy Evan and the rest of the TCHC expert bedbug staff have told me they don’t know where the bedbugs are coming from? HOW CAN THEY NOT KNOW, IT IS THERE JOB TO KNOW THIS! If anyone goes online you can easily find out in minutes, google bedbugs! A few months ago TCHC did a bed bug check, they checked almost every apartment, they checked mine and found none, bedbugs don’t bit me for some reason, maybe they know I have AIDS, I have slept in apartments here that were infested with bed bugs several times when I had the killer refrigerator that TCHC gave me when I moved in, and not one bite, then they told me I must move all my furniture to have my apartment sprayed, I am way to sick to move furniture and why do it when I have no bedbugs at all, I have had my apartment checked several times for bedbugs and nothing! ALL of the TCHC staff told me to get a note from my doctor and get a receipt for the mover who moves my furniture and TCHC will pay me back, I did this and still to this day not one cent! The TCHC bedbug project just made things way worse, tenants would throw out there bedbug-infested furniture out back to the dumpsters, financially poor tenants would sell the furniture beside the grocery store here (food basics) or take the bedbug-infested furniture back to there apartment, to the point where the police with guns were guarding the dumpsters. Then tenants would just leave the bedbug-infested furniture in the hallway or by the elevators, the whole building got worse from the TCHC bedbug project even the buildings in the area are much more infested from the TCHC bedbug project!
If you have a problem as a tenant at 200 Wellesley and you are male nothing will happen but you might get ripped off, if you have a problem and you are female nothing will happen, you might get ripped, but there is a good chance the office will send someone to sexually assault you! But remember if you are poor and have to call for building maintenance with no phone you can’t use someone else’s because you must enter your phone number to get threw in the system, call and see for yourself and find out (416) 981-5500 its called EasyTrac LOL, if you have a cell phone it will cost you hundreds as TCHC don’t like to answer the phone until you have been on hold for hours!
If you have a child and are planning to move in 200 Wellesley St E, call the police and ask them about the building, call the emergency task force (they are here regularly) and ask them, call your friend’s and the city or just ask anyone that lives in the GTA!
If you still want to move in email us first and we will show you around, please don’t bring your children!
[email protected]
I am sure you can even knock on Judy’s door apt 2414 during the day when she is sober. I have been in her apartment, it is infested with bedbugs, cockroaches, shit and mould.
Thanks for you time I hope this helps!

see full report...

My Aunt Use To Live On The 26th Floor And I Am A Witness That This Has Got To Be The WORST BUILDING Anybody Can Move Into If You Have Children And Have Some Self Respect Please DO NOT MOVE Into This Building All Of These Complaints Aare VERY True About Everything Bed Bugs, Roaches Drug Addicts, Hookers ETC You Can NOT Be Safe In This Building!

this building has bedbugs and cockroaches, TCHC do not help disabled tenents with this, my friend is Blind and they wont even help him, he is so sick of the problems but has nowhere else to go...

His Guide Dog has gotten sick from eating bugs..

There are spiders too, we find the webs everywhere, and the cockroaches are huge, and just overwhelming for him..

its sickening to have to see him live in this mess, its not fun watching the cockroaches doing "indy 500" up and down the walls..

TCHC dont seem to give a damm and the staff in the office at 375 bleecker street are so useless its not even funny..

I wonder what would happen if everyone that lives in their buildings showed up at their HQ at 931 Yonge street (just south of Rosedale subway station) with jars of bedbugs, cockraoches and whatever other bugs they have to put up with, and let them all loose in the TCHC HQ building??

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I had a rash and allergy reaction for 3 weeks before I discovered bed bugs in the box spring of my mattress. My landlord,Tornto Community Housing sprayed September 25, 2009. I hope they are all gone.

There are not just bedbug but other types of pests. Cockroaches, mice, bedbugs infest this building and no matter how clean you keep your home they always return. The management staff does not assist its tenants either in any of these situations. It is disgusting!!! Do not move here other than the pests the building also houses drug addicts and hookers.

Apartment number 1412 is riddled with cock roaches and bed bugs. The number is alarming and absolutely disgusting. Spraying is NOT enough! The staff said the "bug problem is under control" which is a lie - this is a serious problem. I do not suggest moving into this apartment building. Watch for cock roaches in the hallways and in the apartments. Bed bugs are harder to spot but put some sticky board down and you'll see just how serious the problem is.

It would appear that the landlord would like to see a lower number but you could not see that from the number of complaints from tenants in that building..........

250 of 700 units infested. Where did this information come from and can this report be validated? Sounds like this report is nothing but an attempt to poisen and spread fear in the community.

There bed bugs in at least 250 of the 700 units in this buiding

696 bedbug reports near this address:

197 Wellesley St E 0.042 km
195 Wellesley St E 0.046 km
275 Bleecker St 0.074 km
477 Sherbourne St 0.126 km
490 Sherbourne St 0.148 km
160 Wellesley St E 0.165 km
Bleecker Street 0.185 km
462 Sherbourne St 0.187 km
240 Wellesley St E 0.204 km
550 Ontario St 0.220 km
439 Sherbourne St 0.221 km
155 Wellesley St E 0.224 km
325 Bleecker St 0.236 km
545 Sherbourne St 0.236 km
2 Prospect St 0.243 km
435 Sherbourne St 0.244 km
666 Ontario St 0.251 km
260 Wellesley St E 0.262 km
540 Sherbourne St 0.268 km
Homewood Ave 0.271 km
555 Sherbourne St 0.279 km
120 Homewood Ave 0.288 km
375 Bleecker St 0.295 km
419 Sherbourne St 0.314 km
260 Wellesley St E 0.319 km
74 Homewood Ave 0.321 km
565 Sherbourne St 0.322 km
Bleecker St 0.328 km
700 Ontario St 0.328 km
15 Maitland Pl 0.330 km
55 Bleecker St 0.352 km