325 Bleecker St
Toronto, ON M4X

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I noticed bed bugs around Sunday July 29 Th.

I bought spray on Monday the 30 Th and sprayed my bed and the surrounding area which only kept the bugs away for 2 days.

Tuesday I requested my place to be fumigated, I had to basically turn my apartment upside down to get ready for the first of two treatments, Friday August 3 rd and then another two weeks later on the 17 Th. I have to leave my apartment this way for a month, everything is a foot away from the wall, I cannot clean my place prope

rly until it is all finished Friday August 31,

I have had to throw out almost everything I own, I am down to the bare minimum. 14 Loads of laundry, washed everything. I took off the electrical plates and most of the outlets were hardly connected to anything in the wall (basically hanging loose) one would not come off because it had been painted so much the the screw slot was covered in paint. As well several outlets crumbed and are now non functional, I get some arching on other outlets. All of this is very stressful and difficult to manage psychologically, emotionally, financially and physically since I am disabled and on ODSP.

I know from now on I will have to live in a minimalist state, no rugs, I have to buy a new bed and a platform for it that is higher so I can make my bed with sheets hanging over the edge (right now I sleep if I can on a bed I make and inspect every night) I feel like I am living like a refugee, really not living just existing.

This is truly hell.

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This building has rotten and roaches. I had bedbugs for a couple of months especially in my parent's room which they thought it was some allergic reaction. But after pulling the bed covers they found things crawling. Lucky for them I have recently purchased a commercial steam cleaner and BedBug treatment products (http://www.topbedbugproducts.com/). We threw everything (covers/bedsheets/clothes) into a garbage bags and sealed it and took it to laundry mat and did a hot water wash and then dried

at HIGH heat. As for the bed/mattress/bedboards...etc we used the steam cleaner and steamed every cracks and corners and then laid down the BedBug products.

It took 2 people to do and almost the whole day. We didn't bother to go to superintendent as he'll probably advice to throw everything out and requires more work then what we just did.

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I had tried to kill them off for 2 months. Finally, they won and I moved out with scars.

This building has some severe infestations that have spread to neighbouring units. Toronto Public Health inspected all apartments around the infestations and ordered block treatments.

My unit didn't have any but a neighbouring one did, so all the electrical outlets in my unit were dusted with a chemical that is supposed to kill them if they try to migrate from one unit to another through the conduits.

I have also seen bed bugs in the hallway prior to the treatment but none since. I hope

it stays that way, but this building has a high tenant turn over so this problem has a high probability of reoccurring. The property management for this building needs to be more proactive in dealing with this problem, instead of waiting until infestations have spread to several units before acting!

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Some units are infested and bed bugs have even been seen in the hallways.

Many apt. have had bed bugs in this building !!

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