435 Sherbourne St
Toronto, ON M4X

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I've been at this location for a year and a bit, on the first floor.

I've never had any problems with bed bugs (thankfully), but there's a roach problem and mice. I am moving out, this place is not worth it. There's also a weird plumbing issue which causes the tap water to initially putter out brownish rust-smelling water when you haven't used it in a day or so...

The only reason why I am still here is the price and the convenient location.

I would NOT recommend this place to anyone.

I have lived in this building for over 3 years and have never had a bedbug problem. Yes, there have been a few isolated unit's that have had them, but management will have your unit treated as soon as you report it. Last year, they sprayed the entire building as a precationary measure. As you are aware, the whole city of Toronto has a bedbug infestation. If the Goverment would let Pest Control Contractors use the proper chemicals to treat it, then we would minimize this. It seams like the politi

cions are just trying to make the GREEN Party happy, but lettin the city get further infested.
When people get bedbugs they move to another building, many times bringing them ( bedbugs ) to there new address and them blame the building for it. As far as i am concerned this building's management does everything that it can .Any time that i have ever asked for something to be done it was and promptly. If you see any signs of bedbugs, let management know right away, do not waite for days/weeks and follow the instructions on how to properly prepare your unit for a spray!!
If your unit is not properly prepared, how do you expect the spray to be 100% effective.

July 08/10

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I moved out of 435 Sherbourne last year. I had bedbugs for 9 months before I realized this is not going to get under control. I lived on the 3rd floor and the management property company, Gowan Management, receives an F in getting this problem under control.

I have only enjoyed my apartment for one month. The rest so far has been pure HELL. Management sucks at this building and keeps changing the rules daily. There are bed bugs all over the second floor of this building plus cockroaches. If you enjoy pests, move here you'll have a great time. If not, DO NOT MOVE HERE ! You've been warned.

The bugs have been noticed all over the first floor of the building. Unfortunately, management refuses to take the proper steps to get rid of the problem. Instead of fumigating all affected units at the same time to get rid of the nasties, management believe it is smarter to spray one unit every 2 weeks, which simply moves the bugs from one unit to another.

Several tenants have also been deceived and lied to by management. The treatment and respect you receive appears to depend of who you ar

e, and they mood they are in at the time. Their stories and regulations change daily. Do NOT move in this building.

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have moved into the building recently and have found bed bugs. landlords are fumigating, but tenants also need to take steps to prevent re-infestation and the ppl in this bldg are not the type i would count on to do this (low income, low education, drug dealers, etc etc... all the issues that come with cheap rent).

do yourself a favour: spend an extra $20 a month and avoid HELL.

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