490 Sherbourne St
Toronto, ON M4X

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All buildings downtown have bed bugs i live in the building and i havent seen any yet.

As far as people taken your meds, if must be people who she knows that come into the apartment. For the drug dealers..report them to the management or move out of the building, get a doctors note and MOVE! MOVE! MOVE!

This building is discussing. My sister lives here and I will never go visit her again in my life as long as she lives in this building. She has had bedbug the whole time living in this building. But bedbugs are not the big problem of this building being elderly and getting robed for your medication is the problem of this building as she has been robbed over a dozen times living here. Drug dealers and drug users will rip your purse right out of your hands for your medication this happened to me l

ess than one day ago. I had my purse stolen right out of my hand walking into this building by a tenant of this building. My sister and I watched and recorded the lobby channel constantly after this happened because the building management will not do one thing about this type of behaviour, they even hung up the phone on us several times in the past. We seen this tenants friend walking in and out of the building and finally was able to approach him, he doesn’t seem to bright as he gave us the name and apartment number of the tenant that had my medication, we contacted the police and they knocked on the door of the apartment. Now get ready for this the tenant was with the guy that gave the police and myself the apartment and name of the tenant they still had my morphine prescription in the apartment but the police could not charge them, as the 2 of them managed to inject a months worth of my medication in to their arms in less than a day! Apparently the cops need to see the pills in the apartment not all the drugs in the drug attics body. They were reported by the police to have track marks up and down their arms with even blood still dripping out. The police told me that amount of morphine could easily kill a horse when injected! And this guy that gave the police and myself the apartment number was actually in the apartment shooting up with this man! This guy goes by the name Rawkey but the police reported his real name as Daniel. He is the guy in these youtube videos please view to beware of your safety.


The tenants name is Darren he lives in apartment 809 he is a large dark haired older man who walks with a metal cane (if I knew how to post a video tape on here I would sorry).

Now the management of this building,

My sister has reported bedbugs several times with management only doing a small amount of spraying she has always had them and always will because of management.

When my sister was first robbed for her medication the management of the building stated they (building management) supply tenants with everything needed to shoot up safely to help stop the spread of hiv. “We supply everything one would use to shoot up drugs intravenously for safe use its called HARM REDUCTION”

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I have lived on the 7th floor for over 2 years now and I am now just encoutering my first experiance with Bed Bugs. The management is doing their best to recitfy the problem, but due to a particular individual on the floor that is hoarding, the situation is a problem. Cochroaches are another pest issue. I know for a fact that there are 3 units in particular that are causing an infestation as they are not cooperating with management to have the problem corrected, right JUDITH?

I am a resident of 490 Sherbourne Street. As I understand it floors 11, 10, 7, 6, 5, 4, and 1 have reported bedbugs, and have been repeatedly treated. Bedbugs have been sighted in garbage/recycle rooms (located on each floor) as well as the laundry room. I also understand that the company contracted to carry out the treatments is operating on a 'standing order'; ie: they report to this building bi-weekly to treat the problem, as the problem is so wide-spread and out-of-control. Residents are enc

ouraged by building management to report any cases, or sightings, of bedbugs and their name and unit number is added to the list, and the list given to the contracted company. This has been ongoing for approximately 6 months, if not longer.

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This building has a bedbug problem. Live on the top floor and have been sprayed but to no avail ... still being bitten. I am living here with 2 young children. Baby is being bitten. Why is this not being taken care of?

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