52 Metcalfe St
Toronto, ON M4X

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I am the property manager of this building. As you must know, Toronto is one of the many cities that have a bedbug problem. We have had bedbugs in the past and we take it very seriously. We do not have bedbugs anymore as we have solved our bedbug issues and have implemented a comprehensive prevention and control procedure to make sure it stays that way.

Before a new tenant moves in, we seal the entire apartment – any and all cracks, under the carpet, and over the carpet. I also have

a professional company come in to do a preventative treatment even if a case was never reported. If problems arise, a professional company promptly treats the apartment before the bugs get a chance to spread.

No one ever means to bring bedbugs home with them. Unfortunately, bedbugs are great hitchhikers and can be brought home simply by hiding in clothing seams. Bedbugs also hide in furniture. As a precaution, we discourage the common practice of bringing in second-hand furniture, especially from the street, as it might be infested.

Please note that not all accounts on this website were reported accurately. To our previous tenants who were affected by bedbugs, we apologize and thank you for your patience and understanding while we figured out how to best deal with the problem. Not all pest control companies and strategies are created equal but we have now found a system that works.

We have a history of many tenants that are happy with their residence. I have had tenants that return to us years later or refer family members because they know the apartments are clean, that we respond well to any issues, and that we care.

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I lived there from November 2008 to March 2009. The landlady was honest about the problem when I moved in, but said that it had been taken care of (i.e., treated). However, after one month, I started finding bites on my body, and soon found bugs. The landlady was nice, and immediately treated my room with chemicals and steaming. The problem persisted despite multiple attempts, and she call in an exterminator. But still the problem continued and got worse; the next couple of months were hell. I w

as desperate and had to move out by March.

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I discovered bedbugs in my apartment in mid-May 2009. I work the night shift, so I had just gotten home around 2 am. I was in bed reading, when I noticed a bug crawling on the sheets. Upon further inspection, I discovered that my mattress and sheets were full of the things.
I knew some people in the building had had the bugs before, but I thought (mistakenly) that bugs would not appear in my apartment since I keep it so clean.
I contacted the landlady the following morning and the superintenda

nt immediately sprayed my room with insecticide from the hardware store. Within the week a pest control company came and sprayed my entire apartment. All my clothing, sheets, curtains were washed in hot water and bagged, as per their recommendation. I also bagged all my personal effects so that they could spray behind/under all the furniture.
It has been four months and so far, no more bugs. I still check for them regularly, but so far have had no problems.

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I too had an issue with bed bugs, discovered in the early part of 2008. The Superintendent immediately helped me spray my room, clean and vaccum, etc.

I did daily checks after that and had a couple of relapses. As far as I know this has been an ongoing problem in the building.

I moved into 52 Metcalfe, apt. 304, on August 1st/07. Evidence of bed bugs appeared in the form of spots on my sheets sometime in October but, not realizing it was blood and not knowing anything about bed bugs, I keep washing my sheets and wondering what the hell was happening. I eventually mentioned this to a friend and he told me to check the mattress, where I found a thriving colony. I informed the guy who maintains the building and in the course of our conversation I realized that the bui

lding had been infested for a long time. I spoke to a woman who lived in the apartment next to me and she told me she had her apartment fumigated over a year before but the bed bugs were back and she was moving out. I washed all my clothing, dry-cleaned clothing (I washed some clothing which should have been dry-cleaned but which I couldn't afford), threw away clothing, my duffet-cover, sheets, pillow-slips, etc. And then, after having everything sprayed and vacuumed and turned upside down, I put everything back in its place, and then, within a week, the bugs were back, and everything had be done all over again. I'm moving out now, and I'm forced leave my bed, a good armchair, and some other furniture behind, and I must say that I can't believe that a landlord can rent an apartment in a building with bed bugs and not be legally obliged to disclose that there is a potential problem. I think a tenant should be compensated, at least for the expenses. I with-held the rent for a period of time and the landlord threatened to evict me, and then, when I contacted the Landlord/Tenant board, I was informed that bed bugs were not even sufficient grounds for terminating a lease! There is a serious problem with the housing laws in Toronto. I have learned a lesson, however. Don't move into a despicable dump like 52 Metcalfe, regardless of how inexpensive it might be, because you'll end up paying for it.

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