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Any updates on this property since the renovations etc? Have things improved?

Looking for apartments and we'll be checking this place out today -- sad to see all these reports! Does anyone know what the current situation is like? Presumably still infested..

I lived in this building for about two years (2012-2014)and there were several things I found, well, disturbing. In addition to the months of noise while they completely redid all of the balconies on both sides of the building (while necessary, this should have been done much faster!), there were an unbelievable number of cockroaches! I have never seen so many anywhere in my life and the building claimed to have sprayed just prior to moving in. They also sprayed once during our stay there, bu

t since they never treated the entire building at the same time, the reinfestation was very rapid. I never did see bed bugs, but I did see a few fleas, plenty of mice and a small colony of rats in the garden out front that lived there the entire time. There was also a woman on the ground floor that kept tarantulas and snakes in her apartment with her three children (I believe she is still there) and these would frequently get loose (along with occasional large numbers of crickets), but the building management never did anything about this either. Complaints to the office were treated with a blase, devil-may-care attitude. The cheap rent at the time has gone up considerably and I would not recommend this building to anyone!

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*Stay away. Infested*
Move in 2009 and it was cockroaches from the beginning and wish I knew. I stayed really clean and it was no longer a problem.

From the beginning I also found out issues with bed bugs. You often saw mattresses discarded and out of frustration people even noted bed bug signs on them. Management didn't do much.

In 2012-2013 everything got worst as an epidemic. Nothing was being done and the tenants got worst. There were ticks and roaches no matter how clean and ca

reful you were. They would even be found in our dog's bowl. We had plugged every crack everywhere but they always came in the heaters. Plus the garbage is kept in the basement and then moved next to the building.

Finally it got so bad and the building got so many complaints that they had to put boric acid in every single unit because it was such a terrible infestation. Instead of using experts they got cheap and used their employees. Things got better for about a month or two but slowly went back to normal. The lower the level the worst it is. Embarrassing to have visitors when cockroaches are in the hallways, main level, elevators or by the garbage chutes.

We had enough. With all of the renovations to the buildings it moved all of the bugs.

Avoid at all costs because the tics, roach and bed bug problem will not go away. It is part of a trio building where it enhances the problems and all 3 have the issue. There are too many high rises in this area and the management is terrible and doesn't care.

Now we always well research our living space after this awful experience. Stay away!

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I've never had bedbug bites but I have a mattress protector on my mattress that cost me 200 dollars. Not that it would stop me from getting bites but it would stop them from getting in my mattress. INVEST.

I did not have a problem with cockroaches until about 6 months into my lease. I saw one about once every two weeks and hunted it down and killed it. I cleaned my apartment like a savage after each sighting but I would always find one the following week either hiding near my sink, in my ba

throom, or in a drawer next to my sink.

I'll never live there again. BIG apartments. LOW Prices *but not low enough* and lots of friendly little bugs to creep you out.


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Moved in to find roaches. Got bedbugs 3 months into lease. Kept as clean as possible while management continued to fail to solve the problem. Now with just a month less in my lease i haven't slept for a month. Have no furniture. Am loosing my mind. These buildings are in violation of many codes, especially vermin and pests. Spraying one apartment at a time is useless. Pesticides are ineffective against bedbugs. The buildings need to be super heated. Even then you're left with millions of rotting

bug carcasses in the walls.

This is a health issue that can be solved but wont be by Medallion Corporation (670 Parliament St. Property Owners). I pray more people report this to bylaw officers so that they'll be forced to solve the issue. If they don't these buildings should / would be torn down.

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I lived in this building for a grand total of 2 months back in 2005. The first night I moved in (from Ottawa), I saw 2 roaches. I had never even thought of asking about that sort of thing as I grew up in suburban Ottawa. Never saw bed bugs (probably weren't as big of a problem back then), but the roaches were a daily thing and I actually lost 30 pounds in those 2 months just from being terrified.

This building should be torn down. Managament barely acknowledged me when I complained. Now I kn

ow - it has been going on forever there.

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Millions of Roaches hiding in the walls using the buildings cheap / lazy construction as a highway between all apartments. Making it impossible to get rid of the problem. My apartment is ok at the moment for bedbugs however others that live in the same building have them. Only a matter of time before the entire building has them.

Lived here in 2009/2010
Definitely a cockroach problem. I originally noticed them scurrying in the kitchen and as time went on they appeared in the bathroom and popped up in the living room.
I cleaned and sprayed and left traps. Did this many many times, but this did not do much apparently as they continued to infest the kitchen area. (There's nothing like reaching for your clean cereal bowl only to find there's already something inside it!)

I did not have a big begbug problem. But I did wa

ke up with sores/bites one particular week and went on a search to eventually find and kill just one bedbug on my mattress, after that I did not have another issue with this.
Looking back now I do remember a lot of furniture by the dumpsters almost every week - not a good sign.

There are many partment buildings in this little corner of toronto and I imagine the bugs just circle between all of these buildings - look at the map of this area!

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I lived in this building for nearly 3 years and while I never had bedbugs, the place was infested with roaches!!! I'm a neat freak but couldn't keep the roaches out of my unit. Management sprayed several times, but once you have an infestation, it's almost impossible to get rid of!!

Moved in 1 year ago and already moving out now that my lease is up. No bedbugs but roaches, roaches, roaches! They are disgusting! And the management, although fairly good, if you have a problem outside of their hours, good luck! They are open 9 to 5 and not a MINUTE outside of those hours, you will not get ANY help, no matter what has happened. And don't get me started on the pigeons, they crap all over and nest on your balcony, disgusting! I can't wait to get out of this building, it has

not been a good experience.

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I lived her for about three years and while I never had bedbugs, this building was infested with roaches. I am a neat freak but the roaches took over my kitchen!!!! Management sprayed several times but they just kept coming back!

My great aunt lived in this apartment building and had bed bugs. This would have been about two years ago. She didn't notice the bites, but the apartments around her had bugs, so the building staff wanted to check hers, as well. It was infested. My grandma saw bugs in the seams of the mattress.

She had to throw her bed out, and had to move out while the apartment was sprayed. She seems to have gotten rid of them, but I still would stay away from this building.

Been living at 670 for about 2 years now, the management has really gotten on top of the previous issues for bedbugs and other vermin. So far I haven't had a problem. I know living downtown there is a bigger risk of getting them, but so far so food I am happy.

From what I've heard through elevator and laundry room talk 670 has the worst problem out of the three. It all really depends on your neighbors with both bedbugs and roaches. But on the upside I really enjoy Rose Park and the management staff are great. But our neighborhood is infested, just look at the dumpsters of every building along Howard. 99 and 77 Howard, 730 Ontario mattresses everywhere. People should learn to just leave the furniture their and not bring them up to their apartments no m

atter how good it looks.

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looking to rent an apt here, is this a regular problem here.

Was a current tenant and just relocated to a new apt and the day I moved in and while I was unpacking I noticed bugs crawling along the walls. Captured a bunch and took it to the office on Monday and they had the apt sprayed on Wednesday. Unfortunately this did not help and the bugs are still in the apt. They are spraying again but I wrote them a letter and got out of my lease as I could not stand to live there anymore.

I talked to a couple inspectors with public health and they said they

were probably laying dormant in the walls waiting for body heat and CO2.

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Know a person who lived in this building. In October he told me he had the bed bugs cleaned out of his place, threw out the furniture etc.as did other people who lived here.
So this confirms the truth of the menace in this location.

Date: Oct 6, 2008.
New neighbours moved in. Bed bug infestation realized shortly after. Spoke to neightbours. Apparently a problem for over a year.

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