700 Ontario St
Toronto, ON M4X

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This is an older high rise unit and is identical in appearance to the other towers in the immediate area. We moved in to a "reno'd" 1 BR on the 7th floor. I can not believe the rent they charge here for this place.

Long story short we are not from TO and signed the lease sight unseen. Having said that it came recommended from a friend who is also in the same building as we are students.

Within 1 week of moving in I was bit multiple times and observed 2 BB crawling on my bed.


nt tried to say we brought the problem to the building but that is 100 % impossible as we bought brand new furniture and bedding prior to arriving and had it delivered. Regardless they did fumigate but I was not going to be paying x amount of dollars to be living in this building.

Management would not break the lease until I did my homework and by Ontario law the management co must disclose to any prospective tenant that the suite or building has had bed bugs within the last 5 years. When I threatened to FOI this info, and pointed to these posts, they quickly changed their tune the next day and offered refund and termination of lease.

The BB are in the walls and will travel from floor to floor, room to room and bec of the high density of residents who come from various socio-economic backgrounds in combination of them not doing their part as tenants this BB problem thrives here.

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We had a notice that the electrical outlets were being treated... I got more information and stayed home to be there when pest control came... turns out unit beside us had bedbugs and was treated for it and they were treating our electrical outlets to prevent spread. This is on the 2nd floor.
Not too much later, the whole building is now being treated for cockroaches floor by floor. It's good they are doing things to help treat the problems, but be aware that there are pest problems still cropp

ing up.

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I plan to move in in this building.
But before, I wanna check if there is any bedbugs stories for the 6th floor ?
Thank you in advance for helping.

There's bed bugs crawling out of the holes in our walls and ceilings. 6th floor. I believe they may be nesting up there.

FEB 2011

Bedbugs in a 4th floor unit, not sure about the other units on the floor. Had to ditch our couch but thankfully already had a matress protector set (we saw a shit tonne of matresses in the dumpster when we moved in and didnt want to take chances). We submitted forms for treatment last week and have heard nothing! Management loves to take their time here. Cockroaches were in this unit in October when we moved in but after gel treatment we rarely see them. People need to stop leaving g

arbage in the garbage chute ROOM and put it DOWN THE CHUTE.

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Having my appartment sprayed for the second time on the 2nd floor. I had to throw out my bed and I have spent hundreds of dollars on laundry, dry cleaning, boarding my cat and lost wages from missed work. Seeing as how the 14th floor is infested I am certain this won't be the last time I will have to fork out this kind of cash. Not to mention the stress of the preparation, damaged clothes, plus the fear of spreading them to family and friends. In addition to all of this the stigma attached to ha

ving bedbugs.

Of course I haven't even mentioned the constant itching and bites I have had to endure over the past 6 months. This has been both irritating and embarassing.

I suggested to the manager that they spray the entire building lest the problem repeatedly returns. She simply threw up her hands in a helpless gesture.

There should be some sort of reinboursement for at least some of this. It is the responsibility of the owners to take care of this problem as well as other problems (ie. cockroaches, which are also a HUGE problem in this building.

This is a city wide problem and needs to be addressed and aggressively dealt with.

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14th floor is infested with bedbugs

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