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Moved in December 1 2014. Seemed like a great and clean place as my unit on the 9th floor was all redone. By April 2015 started seeing cockroaches in the bathroom and kitchen. By June we were infested with them. Had to constantly bug the landlords to spray . After being sprayed 3 times I still had them infested even falling off the ceiling on me. Landlords were unhelpful and did not care. I was being told that they were spraying above below and beside my apartments however when I asked
My neig

hbours my self,
They said They were not getting sprayed at all. After being sprayed 5 times and still being
Infested I ended my lease early after threatening to file a complaint with the landlord tenant board.
Do not move in here even if it looks nice, after a few months you will be infested and regret all decisions. Landlords also claim no one else has bugs however reading all the other reports you can see it is complete lies.

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We cut our lease short in early 2015 after fighting bed bugs and cockroaches for 6 months. Management will spray your unit, but it is impossible to seal it off from other units, which causes the problem to keep returning. When we first moved in we did not see any bugs. The apartment was very clean, because they hire a cleaning company to make sure there is no sign of bugs. Within a month the cockroaches started appearing. A month after that we got bed bugs. I tried my best to seal all of connect

ions to other units, but it didn't work. We spent a lot of money trying to deal with the problem, and it had a great toll on our sanity. At the worst we were killing 20-25 cockroaches per DAY in our kitchen. We are very clean people, but it didn't matter. When we finally got the hell out, we lost our new couch and coffee machine (totally infested). Thank god we didn't take the problem with us to our new place. If you are going to move here, it is only a matter of time before you will get bugs. The only way to deal with this serious problem is to empty the building and properly fumigate.

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This building is absolutely infested. I moved in April 2014 (10th floor) and my friends moved here in June (15th floor). I had no problems, but immediately after moving in my friend's apartment became infested with cockroaches. Even after having their apartment sprayed several times, it became so bad that they were eventually moved to an apartment on the 9th floor. About 3-4 months ago, we began noticing cockroaches around our apartment and the problem has gotten so bad that we have given our no

tice to move out. I would highly recommend NOT to move into this building. This is an ongoing issue that management has failed to consistently address with the ENTIRE building. Rather than just spraying individual apartments (which causes the cockroaches to travel to another unit) they need to spray the entire building to get rid of the problem for good.

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Moved here April of 2014 moving out at the beginning of this coming April 2015. Didn't notice any issues until October 2014, couple cockroaches told management and they had us move all the furniture so they could spray a few days later. The cockroaches are really bad now. Told management and they will be spraying again, but now when I get home there are tons of cockroaches in the kitchen. Bigs ones maybe three mixed in with usually about a dozen smaller ones that scatter before I start squishing

them, and this is a daily occurrence, its pretty gross but now they are starting to come into our bedrooms which is really awful. Like I said we are moving in a month...along with the people that live in the apartment beside us, and the people that live beside them too. I have also been told that there are bed bugs on the 3rd floor and the 9th floor.

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6th Floor

Bedbugs and cockroaches. Lots of them.

Yes, there are bed bugs in this building. If you are going to move into this building (or any in this neighbourhood) then buy mattress/box spring covers for bed bugs. Management was quick to spray our unit, but it's not enough. Many neighbours acknowledged that they also have problems, and exterminators confirmed they visit this area frequently.

Moved in here a couple months ago, and the place was spotless. We are both very clean individuals, and make sure that the kitchen never has too much clutter or dirt around. After exactly a month and a half, we started seeing German cockroaches. I have been doing everything to seal food away and make this a less appealing place for them. Approached management about it, have not been told that they will do anything. I will be seeing them in person on Monday to demand action.

Any recent reports of bedbugs or cockroaches and how management has or hasn't dealt with it? Please give us an update!


I have rash all over my body and went to the doctor thinking that maybe was an allergy , even though I never had one.

According to him it was like bed bugs bites.

Went at home and checked and in fact there were bed bugs in my sofa bed.

I told my roommate and she had bites as well.

I live in the 6 floor

I found a bed bud todya jan-9-2011 my girlfriend got some bites this pass week 4 months ago some of the apartms got a pest control check it look that 9 floor is infect I saw some matress with black spots

January 1st, 2011 a guest stays over night and wakes the next morning with bites covering her arms and face. I check my bed and find a dead bed bug under the matress and two shed body casings. My unit is on the third floor. I will be exterminating and moving out. I seem to be the first person posting that 730 Ontario has bed bugs, yet I see matresses and couches in the trash outside the building very frequently, which leads me to believe that others are tossing their stuff when they get an infes

tation. Once a building has bed bugs how can you possibly get rid of them from every nook and craney in every apartment? Just like roaches (which this building also has) I don't think you can.

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I am unaware of bedbug infestations in the building, but I did want to let people know that there are definately incidences of cockroaches. I have seen them in my apartment as well as on the walls in the main lobby. My first encounter was in late November which continues to today. I was unaware of this issue and was informed that my apartment did not have a history of cockroaches before, and that they may be coming from the adjacent apartments. Staff have been really good at coming in to use a

gel to get rid of them on a couple of occassions but they still seem to be coming back.

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