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There are cockroaches all over this building. I lived here for just over a year and I celebrated the day that I moved out. The landlords are lazy and go out of their way to ignore you and your problems until you threaten to take legal action/withhold rent. My advice? Stay the hell away from here. The rent isn't even that cheap. It's so not worth it!

This building is disgusting. Cockroaches, rats, and very noisy and troubled tenants. Stay away from all the buildings in the area - they're all run by the same slummy, lazy management.

On the 9th floor.

Bed bugs are being sprayed for "some time" today. I'm not leaving until the exterminator comes, I want to make sure it's done.

I have to get the kitchen sprayed for cockroaches every few months. The last time I came back immediately after a spraying, and had to kill 5 or 6 of them as they scurried across the floor. I suspect they are spraying meat juice instead of cockroach-killer at this point. Their spray jobs do ~nothing~.

Currently have cockroaches

in the kitchen again. Am looking for a new place to live. Terrible, terrible, terrible.

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I agree with everyone, this building is a nightmare!!! Do yourself a favor, DO NOT MOVE IN! I have cock roaches in my kitchen, I've sent thousands of emails and the laziest super has done NOTHING, he is the useless person ever, his name is Steve

The rent is not worth the quality, find yourself something better

I just moved out of this building. BEWARE. Every inch of this place is infested with roaches, rats, and bedbugs. I lived here for a year and a half and had every kind of infestation you could possibly imagine. I didn't sleep properly for MONTHS, I would wake up in the middle of the night to find roaches all over my walls and crawling inside of my bed. I have permanent scars on my arms and legs and back from bug bites and scratches. Please save yourself the grief and torture that I endured and lo

ok elsewhere. All of the buildings in this part of Toronto are absolutely crawling with pests. The city needs to burn these buildings down to the ground, that is literally the only way that you'll ever truly get rid of the pest problem.

Management is lazy and doesn't take any phone calls/visits. I literally stood outside of the management door one day, in the middle of the weekday (I was on vacation from work) on my phone talking to Mira in the office, who was sitting inside and refused to let me in to talk to me in person about giving my 90 days notice to leave.

If you have loved ones who aren't computer savvy and are thinking of moving into this building, please show them the reviews on this site! Please, I'm begging you all to take this really seriously. You don't want to live through what I did before I could find somewhere else to move to.

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Don't live here unless you enjoy being infested with cockroaches, rodents, and bedbugs. I've lived here for a year and a half and have had every sort of infestation imaginable. I've finally found a new place and I am in the process of moving out. My arms and legs are covered in bites and scars and I haven't slept properly in months. The cheap rent is not worth your mental and physical health. There is not one corner of this busing that isn't infested. The super is both lazy and rude and the land

lord is nothing more than a slumlord. Trust me, get a second job or third to afford a better building, living here is the equivalent of throwing your hard-earned cash down the drain.

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If management refuses to do anything about the infestation, withhold your rent until they do. It's legal to do so when it comes to having reasonable comfort in your home. If enough people do this, management will eventually do something about the problem.

So, I have lived here for about 5 years now with my husband. We are clean people and try to keep as little clutter as possible as we are aware that it attracts pests.
Despite our efforts we've been infested with everything that you can imagine from the first year till now. Unfortunately when anyone on your floor has an infestation there is little that you can do other then tell management and get your apartment treated.

The first year that we lived here during the summer of 2011 we immedia

tely discovered that we had a roach problem... management was notified and the apartment was sprayed. The roaches returned approx. three months later. Needless to say we had to take matters into our own hands and buy roach killing products from Canadian tire and Home Hardware. The powder and residual spray was most effective but we still see roaches every now and then and have to keep using these products in order to avoid a large infestation.

Two years later during the summer of 2013 we were not only still seeing roaches but now we were seeing bedbugs and suffered from several bites resulting in insomnia and mental stress. We spent hundreds of dollars on laundry and seal-able storage bins for our clothes, sheets and towels. and had to throw away all of our bedroom furniture save the bed (which is now covered in two bed bug bag covers) and nightstand. Management was notified and the apartment was treated twice over a three week period. Later that year we had to get another treatment which seemed to work but we still went out and bought products to kill bedbugs just in case and after we did the bed bug saga was finally slightly over after a year of battling with them. We currently still see one or two crawling on our walls once in a while but we haven't gotten bitten so our bedroom is at least safe.

Finally in 2014, around the holidays we started seeing and hearing mice! We were shocked and disgusted by this and decided that 2015 would be the last year that we live here. So of course same process- call management and get apartment treated right away. The exterminator killed two mice and laid traps. My husband had found three more after that. So we were mouse free for about 4 months but then I saw one just last weekend which was June 13th 2015 which is pretty irritating as we have experienced every infestation imaginable.

It was a horrible experience and despite the amazing location and all inclusive utilities I just can't live here anymore. Rent is too High for what you have to go through with all these infestations. If you have read this please listen to my warning. If you are going to live here get bed bug protection for your furniture and be prepared for all infestations because we learned that even if you are a clean person your neighbors might not be so their infestations can and will move into your nice, clean apartment. Renter Beware!

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I've had bedbugs, mice, and roaches and I'm the cleanest person ever! I'm actually planning on moving out as I seriously can't take it anymore.

Me on the 12th floor again. Still having major roach issues. It's not even worth having my place sprayed anymore because they disappear for a bit and then come right back. I've asked to have the whole floor treated but have had zero replies from management for the half dozen emails I've sent them regarding the issue. I recently discovered that someone on the 12th floor isn't pushing their garbage all the way down the shoot, which is causing the whole floor to reek and is likely contributing to t

he roach issue.

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Hi Gang, TJ here again, on the 20th floor...well, I am happy to report, touch wood, the bed bugs haven't returned yet, BUT, last fall, after living here since 2008, we starting seeing cockroaches (was the first time seeing them). Within a few months, we were totally infested, in every room, every piece of furniture, every crack and crevice.....behind every cabinet, it's been a total nightmare!! I've had management spray three times, with zero effect, they are totally useless!! I swear the guy do

esn't even spray. The first time I took a day off work, and they didn't even show up, no even a call, I was pissed! Our super, Steve, is a lazy, worthless and useless idiot. I called him asking where the pest control guy was. He tells me he doesn't take calls past 2pm, and it's not his problem, huh? I've soend day and days tearing apart this place, caulking every single crack I could find, I've thrown out a tin of old furniture that was I fested, I've sprayed about a dozen cans of roach killer in every room, and no matter what I've done, nothing works, and Management does NOTHING to help. We also had a major mouse infestation, but did they do anything to help? Of course not, I went out, bought the traps, and caught them myself, but I just can't handle these roaches anymore. The only reason we've stayed here this long is because of the cheap rent, but I've reached my limit, I don't care how much I have to pay for a bedbug, mice, and cockroach free home, but I can't take this anymore. To anyone thinking of moving here, please, I beg you, DON'T!!! Management is useless, the super is only super lazy, and nothing ever gets fixed u til lives are at steak! I park on the B2 level, a few months ago, a pile began to leak, after dozens of complaints, they never fixed it, there is now, and has been for many weeks, a small frozen pond across half the garage, I nearly broke my back falling on it, and three cars have went flying into the wall...who the hell expects a huge latch of ice in the underground parking? This building sucks, do yourself a favour, stay away from it unless you enjoy living in an infested building that's falling apart, where nothing ever gets fixed, he'll, they dont even shovel their sidewalks, EVERY, so I rated them out to the city since my poor elderly neighbour nearly broke her hip falling on the ice and snow covering the sidewalk. The city sends them an order to clear all snow and ice immediately, so what do they do? I see some guy with a small shovel and a barrel of salt. They didn't even make an effort, just put salt on it, but since it's been 20 below, the salt is useless! So, I called again, they were fined $10000 by the city, and I swear within second of reading the email the city sent me, I look out and see a real snow plough clearing the ice. THATS what it takes to get them to do anything!!

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I've been considering move to this building. Is all this bedbug problem depending of the cleaning of the people? How can I know if the unit has it?
Thank you

Me on the 12th floor again. I have had my place treated TWICE for roaches since I moved in back in July, and found yet another one crawling out from under my stove tonight. Needless to say I am livid, frustrated, and just downright upset about the whole thing. Seriously considering breaking my lease but the holidays are right around the corner and this honestly could not have happened at a worse time.

I moved into the 12th floor in July and I spotted the first bug in August inside one of my kitchen cupboards. It scampered away so quickly that it was hard to see what kind of bug it was, but I had my suspicions that it was a roach. I contacted management and my email went ignored for a few days. It was only when I sent a follow up that they responded and booked an exterminator to come in a few days later.

They sprayed, although when I tried asking the guy about the building's history his ex

act words were "I don't know and if I did I'm not saying anything." I found that to be both troublesome and rude. I stayed over at my parents' home for the rest of that week because the fumes were pretty bad and I wanted to give the spray a chance at working. I came back on the weekend to put all my things back into my closets etc. for a while, everything was fine up until a few weeks ago.

It seems like once the building turned the heat on, the critters started coming back. A massive and FAST roach crawled out of my kitchen sink while I was washing dishes - that nearly gave me a bloody heart attack by the way - and I've found a total of three tiny bugs dark (not sure what they are specifically, maybe baby roaches?) against the tile in my kitchen. This weekend I am going to bring a cocking gun home so I can fix up up any cracks I might have missed, I am also going to get some bug spray and see if this helps.

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I found a couple of bedbugs (3 of them) but none to the level of an infestation. I quickly searched my mattress, the wall behind my bed to find some dead bed bugs. This was a couple of weeks ago and haven't had any problems since.

The bugs aren't a huge problem, as long as you keep your place clean. The issue with this place is the water. The water pressure is very poor and getting hot water is a joke. The cold water tap completely overpowers the hot water so you never get a good mix of bot

h. Its either always scalding hot or cold.

This building is probably one of the better buildings in St. James Town. If you have no other option then you can live here

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I live on the 5th floor and have for about 6 months now. In the past couple weeks my roommate and i have been noticing sporadic bites. I found an actual bug crawling on me this evening and will be contacting the super for treatment tomorrow. The management in this building is very temperamental so im worried about dealing with that. Wondering if anyone in the building has had their issue with the bugs completely cleared??

TJ on the 20th floor here again, would like to say still Bedbug free, however, we've killed 9 mice, and dozens of cockroaches, have had out unit sprayed and had our kitchen cabinets torn apart and rebuilt (I will say the property management has been very astute, sends help quickly), problem is, this building is 40 years old, the walls are probably infested, and nearly impossibly to get rid of the pests, as I said before, you get what you pay for, for under $1200/mth we get a 2 BR apartment on a

high floor with an amazing view. The rent includes everything, even parking, unfortunately, it also comes with bedbugs, cockroaches and mice! We will be moving shortly because of this, but I don't think we will bring anything with us, don't want to bring any stowaways to our new place, think I'll just burn all our clothes and furniture!

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I've been living here on the 20th floor of 77 Howrd Street for 4 years, last year, we noticed bite marks all over our backs. We lifted our mattress, and there were dozens of bedbugs! I freaked! After tearing apart our entire bedroom we discovered we were infested, they were every where! Our bed frame is made of pine, they were wedged in every screw hole, every crack, in our clothes in the closets, in our mattress, on the drapes, in the electrical sockets, EVERYWHERE!!! No idea where thy came fro

m, we are very clean, but it took us forever to get rid of them! We threw out most of our bedding, both our night stands, washed and dried everything, bought mattress covers, bough a steamer (heat kills them) had our unit sprayed twice (management was very good about it), and cleaned from top to bottom several times! Luckily, it was winter, we put everything else on the balcony, we had a few days below -20, which also kills them. It's now been many months, and, touch wood, we haven't seen any, but what a nightmare!!! Now all we ave to worry about is the mice! (cheap rent, you get what you pay for!).

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I've been living here on the 20th floor for 4 years, last year, we noticed bite marks all over our backs. We lifted our mattress, and there were dozens of bedbugs! I freaked! After tearing apart our entire bedroom we discovered we were infested, they were every where! Our bed frame is made of pine, they were wedged in every screw hole, every crack, in our clothes in the closets, in our mattress, on the drapes, in the electrical sockets, EVERYWHERE!!! No idea where thy came from, we are very clea

n, but it took us forever to get rid of them! We threw out most of our bedding, both our night stands, washed and dried everything, bought mattress covers, bough a steamer (heat kills them) had our unit sprayed twice (management was very good about it), and cleaned from top to bottom several times! Luckily, it was winter, we put everything else on the balcony, we had a few days below -20, which also kills them. It's now been many months, and, touch wood, we haven't seen any, but what a nightmare!!! Now all we ave to worry about is the mice! (cheap rent, you get what you pay for!).

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I stay at this building with my boyfriend and At the end of January i went to the hospital and was treated 3 times a day with IV antibiotics for what looked like an infected bug bite or severe reaction. We checked his bed for any signs of bed bugs and could not find anything. We concluded it was some sort of spider bite. Less than a month later i landed myself in the hospital again with similar bites, one on the corner of my eye and was treated again with IV antibiotics. Again we checked the roo

m, turned everything upside down. could not find any signs of anything. We thought it was maybe spiders or roaches from my own apartment even though the bites showed up after i slept there. After moving out of my apartment and completely treating all my possessions and drying all my clothes, bags shoes, i figured the worst was over. No less then a couple weeks later i had one more trip to the hospital with the worst reaction yet and actually found a bed bug in my clothing in the morning. My boyfriends roomate woke up with the exact same welts and we both had thick red lines tracking up our arms. Doctors concluded it was an allergic reaction and we are being treated with antihistimines. We prepped the place and all our belongings for being sprayed by pest control tomorrow. Hoping they dont come back. My boyfriend has not yet had a single bite. and had lived there for almost 2 years before these incidents. 14th floor.

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I live on the 16th floor and got bed bugs in my apt for at least last one year. We have got chemical treatment and steaming done more than 6 six times but the bugs always come back.

It seems like they have their living space somewhere in the small openings where the baseboard meets the floor.

It is really hard to get rid of them.

We live on the 20th floor, just found one this morning sucking on my leg! Searched the bed, found another dead one! I'll never sleep again! Contacting the super STAT! Hope we don't find anymore!!!! We've stripped all linen, put bug trap everywhere, and cleaned like crazy! Have the heebeegeebee's!!!

Since the summer of 2011, does anyone on the ground floor of 77 Howard have bedbugs?

I am fleeing a place with drug dealers, mice and the now occasional roach--trying to avoid going from the frying pan into the fire.

Thank you to everyone that responds.

Use of d.e. has been shown to potentially cause silicosis of the lungs, so use with care! Especially if you have pets.

Just curious if you guys have tried Diatomaceous Earth?

I live in the building and although I don't think any have been in the apartment yet I do worry about them a lot so I spread out diatomaceous earth all over my bedroom where I think they could go.

Just do a web search for it and you will find numerous links about it

Also, did the pest control people you have talked to mention anything about it or use it? It's a really fine dust and any contact with the bugs will dry out and die

within 24 hours to 2 days. It's like chards of glass to bugs.

Word of warning.. you have to make sure to buy the food grade. It's harmless to humans, you can eat the stuff although it is recommended you try not to breath in the fine dust into your lungs as you are spreading it.. and it's very drying on the skin as well.

I bought mine at Grassroots which is on danforth and chester and it was $9/lb or kilo.. forget which but I bought 2.5 and it's about as much as a small bag of flour.

Anyways I thought I would just throw that idea out there as well as getting a mattress encasement from which bugs cant get in or out of.. if your mattress is still salvagable.

I figure if you have it all around the legs of your bed they may get to your bed and have a nibble.. but it wil be their last one because they will die in a day or so. I also understand that the layer of dust has to be thin so they dont see it.

Best of luck on it

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we live on the 5th floor and also have bed bugs. we've been relatively lucky it seems... just a few bites and no problems with having someone in to spray right away, although the work invloved in having someone in was quite exhausting. we had to package up all of our belongings, empty out all of our drawers and closets and move all of the furniture to the center of each room so the baseboards were exposed. it was a LOT of work, but hopefully worth it as we've only had a few bites so far. however

, in addition to the bed bugs we've also had ongoing issues with no hot water and long waits for work orders to be done. this doesn't instill confidence in the building management and although we've only been here since august 2010 my roommate and i are already considering moving.

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Since you loved the original so much, here's part two!

For the third time in the last two months, my unit has had beg bugs. The second spraying only kept them away for two weeks. I even sealed the baseboards, my room mate and i both wrapped our mattresses, but the little bastards just keep on coming.

When I went to the land lord to talk about getting out of the lease early, they began to give me the run around. But now this apartment is inhabitable, so what do they expect? To just keep co

llecting rent from us while we are covered and welts and staying awake countless nights out of fear?!


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I stay on 16th floor and I have bedbugs in my apartment foe the last 2 months. They are a real pain for me, they have bitten me all around and have caused infections on my skin.

I told the property manager about it and they told me that treatment can be done only on Wednesday.

it is very hard for me to be at home on a Wednesday and emptying the house for treatment is also very difficult as the ENTIRE apartment has to be emptied out.


July 18, 2010.

I reside at 77 Howard Street and live on the 11th Floor. I returned from a two week vacation to find bed bugs and was shocked as I had not been home for weeks, nor had my room mate for months. I brought it to the attention of the super, and his attitude was passive at best. He accused me of bringing them into my apartment, which I protested having earlier stated that my room mate and I had not been home for quite some time, and therefore they must be in the building.


much arguing, my super finally agreed to have someone come in to spray. However, it is customary to have them spray two weeks after in order to endure any possible remaining bugs or eggs would be destroyed. My super informed me that they would only spary again IF the bed bugs returned.

It was not until stumbling across this web page that I discovered that my initial suspicion of bed bugs having already been in my building was correct. In order to ensure that the horror and general unpleasantness of a bed bug experience does not happen to me, or anyone else in my 25 floor high rise, management would need to evac and spray the entire building...but what are the odds of that happening....

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My friend lives there and he have bed bugs on 20th floor.

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