135 Isabella St
Toronto, ON M4Y
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I resided at this address from the end of 2011 for a year and was suprised to find a cockroach on the main floor when going to the laundry room towards the end of my residency. It is an older, but well kept building so no doubt there will be insects, especially when the surrounding buildings have them, but it was clean enough I went months without seeing one. No bed bugs were ever found, however, there was definitely a cockroach. The floor had smelt of cooking that day.

At this point in time Mercedes Homes has no reported cases.

Hi there

Can anyone advise if there is still a bedbug problem in this building? Im interesting in moving in and i want to make sure that the building is clean. Many thanks

Dear Tenants, Mercedes Homes does respect the privacy of the person who first complains of bedbugs. We take the extra precaution of doing many neighbours because we take the repsonsibility very seriously. For tenants who are being treated for prevention - please read instructions carefully since you do not have to do all of the steps. Also, it is the responsibility of the landlord to treat the apartments, not to do tenant laundry. I encourage you to call the Landlord and Tenant Board to confirm

this. But, again, this complainant did not read the information carefully as laundry is not necessary for prevention. I would like to thank our very cooperative tenants. And while a recent treatement was indeed deemed unnecessary by the professionals (no bedbugs were found despite a tenant's adament concern), I would rather be safe than sorry. Thank you.

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My non infested home was fumigated (sprayed) at or about 1 PM today. I believe that 5 or 6 units were sprayed on the first and second floors at the east end of the building. I am working hard to put my furniture back in place. I am giving Mercedes Homes a bill for my services of moving furniture and washing floors (unnecessarily) and returning furniture back to my desires. Mercedes Homes Inc must appreciate the work I have done, and the massive amount of money I have saved them by doing work

that the LTB says is their responsibility.

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Hi there-

I am on the east end of the building. My Friends live on the 9th floor and they didn't receive any spraying notice - which leaves me to believe that it is a problem on the first floor. Can anyone else confirm this?

There could be more than one area affected by bed bugs at 135 Isabella Street. Where did it start?
Ask questions, talk to your neighbours. I do it all the time. Are you at the west end of the building or east end without giving your unit number. It sounds to me though, that Mercedes Homes is trying to prevent the spread of the bugs.

I also received a notice of bed bug spraying happening on Tuesday. I live on the first floor. Does anyone know where they started?

I received a letter from Mercedes Homes Inc, today
telling me that one of my neighbours has complained of bedbugs. Mercedes Homes Inc advises me that they
will be spraying my apartment on Tuesday September 14th 2010. They also advise that the chemicals to be used are highly toxic, and that all pets must be removed. Sounds like this stuff could kill both people and animals...

I am the landlord. This entry appears to be false. We are investigating to confirm the status of this apartment since no one has reported bedbugs for 806. In fact, we understand that the building is bed bug free. When a person does alert us of bedbugs, we have the apartment and neighbours treated by the excellent company Magical Pest Control. It makes good business sense to treat the apartments right away. While this entry appears to be false, bedbugs are a reality and must be properly treated

with the cooperation of both landlord and tenants. I'm happy to say that our tenants are responsible and we have had an extremely good success rate. Please be careful when travelling and avoid used furniture and clothes to reduce your chance of bringing a bed bug home. Thanks.

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I moved out of 135 Isabella last week.
Worst experience of my life.
People need to understand that once ONE person has bedbugs in their apt they spread. They travel under floor board, under doors and inside ALL of your furniture. These little bedbug are mighty and before you know if you'll be waking up with you body covered in bites. They don't fumigate the whole apartment, which is the ONLY way to completely get rid of t

hem. After about a month of bitching, then they give you a pamphlet of how you are to get rid of them. So not only are you left with the expense of getting rid of them yourself, you are also left with throwing out all of your furniture and finding a new place to live, starting from scratch. Living at 135 Isabella apartment has been by far the most horrible experience of my life..by FAR.

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Unbelievable... never have i experienced anything so disgusting in all my life! everything seemed really great, when I first moved I was very happy but around about the 2nd week i started to notice small bite marks around my ankles and didn't think much of it. It wasn't until i woke up itchy one night that i noticed these little red dots on my legs. I called someone to find out what this was and sure enough... my nightmare was a reality. Now half my stuff in the garbage (mattress, bed frame, dre

sser and most of my cloths) im finally rid of them. Ill never get back the time and money i wasted... very disappointed as this was a great location right downtown. You get what you pay for i guess just stay away from unit 806. Best of luck to anyone fighting this battle against things u can hardly see.

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I am a responsible landlord. When informed of bedbugs we contact the professionals who treat immediately the apartment and the surrounding apartments. Follow up inspections and treatment are conducted as required and as recommended by the pest control professionals. Thank you.

My son's apartment was infested with bedbugs (#305-135 Isabella St. Toronto) We told the landlord but nothing was done. We sprayed, threw out mattresses and then finally he moved out.

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