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I've been living here since September and it is infested with cockroaches! The building is nice, a decent price and great location but not at all worth it! I've had my unit sprayed once and it did not help at all! I find cockroaches constantly in my kitchen, bathroom, and even the bedroom! I can't wait for my lease to be up so I can move out of here!!!

Do NOT move here. The building is FILLED with cockroaches. If you're fine with finding 10+ cockroaches in a day in your kitchen, bathroom and bedroom then by all means move in.

Before moving in I saw these posts and thought, how bad could it be? After signing the lease and seeing the cockroaches the same night that I moved in (they only come out night), I knew I had made a mistake. The exterminators were called in and they came to spray my unit twice, however, treating my particular unit did

not work as the entire building is infested.

The only good part about this building is the location, but it is not AT ALL worth it. Others in the building that I have spoken to also have the same exact cockroach problem.. so it's definitely not isolated to just my unit. Honestly it repulses me to see people who choose to continue to live in this building as it is absolutely disgusting.


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Lived here for around 2 years during University. Thought it would be great since it was close to school and my unit was recently renovated. I have multiple complaints about this place.

1. Bed Bugs - Had a huge infestation in my unit not long after moving in. Had to have exterminators come twice but it still never really fixed the problem. Its a huge hassle. You need to clean out the closets, remove electrical plugs, move your furniture away from the wall and flip them upside down and stay ou

t of your apartment for most of the day. On top of this all sheets/clothing need to be washed. It will waste 2 days of your time on top of the countless hours of sleep you miss from constantly waking up to scratch yourself.

2. Management - Overall quite rude. Hard to reach outside office hours and didn't offer 24 hour notice before showing my apartment. They had a great maintenance guy though.

3. Misc things - Both elevators broken multiple times. Constant renovations going on. Bums living in the staircases and in the sketchy alley. Cockroaches.

Simply put...DO NOT MOVE HERE. This building needs to be torn down.

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Avoid this building at all costs. It's infested.
I live there for about 4 months (November - March), it was around the 2nd week that I notice an alarming amount of cockroaches in the kitchen and bathroom. We tried to have the problem treated, not only is having the apartment fumigated inconvenient and time consuming it's absolutely pointless, they just come back.

Building management does not care about the tenants. We put in multiple requests to have or leaking fridge fixed only to have ma

intainence either not show up or claim our fridge was fine. We lost hundreds of dollars worth of food during the period spent there due to the faulty leaky fridge. In addition, due to the contant water coming from the fridge the tiles in our floor lifted and formed an ugly mess. We requested to have this fixed 4 times and they no showed every time.

Do not move here, the location make seem ideal, the place might look good at first but it truly is a nightmare.

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This building is simply filth enough said. U r an idiot if uve read this page and still move in. Move away no matter what the cost its worth avoiding this hell hole. Id rather live on a park bench.

This is a horrible building. My partner and I moved in at the end of October and the day after we noticed cockroaches in the unit (there were about 20-30 in the dishwasher alone). They tried twice to treat the unit using the bare minimum of a dust and gel bait, then one 'more powerful' treatment, all of which failed. We had to fight them through the Landlord and Tenant Board to allow us to leave. And they plan on renting it out as soon as we vacate the premises.

This is by far the worst build

ing I have ever lived in, and the property management does not care about its tenants. The security of the parking garage is terrible, and there are needles all over the stairwells on the lower floors.

To anyone reading this, AVOID THIS BUILDING AT ALL COSTS. It is not worth the trouble.

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I lived for 5 months in this horrible and filthy building. I'm a very clean person and I could never imagine getting bugs. I started seeing cockroaches in the kitchen in October, immediately told the landlord who didn't seem to care at all. It took a while then they sent an exterminator who stayed for like 5 minutes, basically doing nothing. The exterminator came again twice on my request, but weeks after, I was still seeing coackroaches in my kitchen and bathroom. This is a filthy building, the

lobby, hallways and stairs are never cleaned, the landlord is rude and never available. The property managers don't care either. I know there are lots of bedbugs on lots of floors as well, I've been seeing mattresses in the street for months. NEVER RENT A UNIT IN THIS BUILDING!!!

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Which floor are the bedbugs on, does anyone know? I am moving in soon...

Has anyone come to deal with the problem yet?
And what about the cockroaches?

I currently live in this building and can also attest to the disgusting nature of it. I live on one of the middle floors and am beyond a clean freak, and yet have still seen cockroaches.. on a number of occasions... in the bathroom and in the kitchen. It became such an issue in the past couple months that the entire building was dealt with. A month ago they apparently used a clear gel... but alas a month later and I still have come across cockroaches. The best part of this horrible situation is

the incompetency of the management. Just as the other complaints mention, I was supposed to have my unit sprayed, took hours to prepare everything, and no one came to spray. I cannot warn people enough about the mismanagement and disgusting living situation of this building. I have only lived here 3 months and cannot wait to move out already.

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We just moved into one of the newly renovated one bedroom apartments on the top floors a week ago. The apartment is beautiful and the view is breath taking. However, the apartment smelled strongly the day we were supposed move in of what management said was bug spray, and they told us it was recently bug sprayed. We stayed else where for three days to let the place air out, as the smell was too strong and harmful to our health.
After returning I started to clean the place. While cleaning the p

lace, I started to find dead roaches everywhere (inside cabinets, in the dishwasher, bathroom, around the house, I mean everywhere- at this point I was not sure, some might have been bed bugs- I have never seen them before). Then we started to see live ones. We are really clean and tidy and don't have much stuff. Before moving in, I cleaned the ENTIRE place from inside out, including wiping the windows, swiffered the entire place (I mean clean-freak cleaning) etc. All the food is in the fridge or freezer and we don't keep anything laying around. After seeing live roaches everywhere, including swimming in a cup of water (alive). We let management know about the roaches and they said they will send pest control who will put gel in all of our kitchen cabnits (imagine this happens only a few days after moving into the place). Pest control did not end up coming to our apartment, as promised.
Now on to the bed bugs. A couple days after moving in, my husband is itching all night.The next day we both wake up itching all over and find mosquito like bites all over our bodies. We are confused! After doing some researching on the internet we find out that this may be bed bugs. How is this possible?! We are the cleanest people, our furniture is new, including our mattresses!
So we searched the bed and ended up finding a BUNCH and I mean an infestation of bedbugs in the box springs. It was absolutely disgusting!
We took the box springs and tossed them right away. We showered and dried a pair of clothes and left the apartment to stay else where. We called management Friday to let them know we are moving out! There is no way we are going to deal with living in a bed bug and roach infested apartment (if not building)! Their are cracks on the bottom of the floors around the house and holes into the wall (such as behind the oven and in the bathroom cabinet).
We completely feel cheated, that they allowed us to move into an infested roach/bed bugs apartment! It is obvious that the pest control they are bringing does not work. It has been a nightmare! I would not wish this on my worst enemy.

Don't let looks deceive you...seriously unless you want to live in hell move into 15 Dundonald!

Stay tuned to being seeing this story in the news soon. We have our connections and we will be taking advantage of them! This building should be shut down!

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I am wondering if those with infestation problems call the city to report the problem it might not help them treat more of the building, as they did with cockroaches last month?

You can call 3-1-1 anytime to reach Toronto Public Health,

they can only send an inspector to the building in general if you don't give them your details, but if you really do have a problem give them your apt. # and let them have a look, might be more helpful? Also I wonder if it would not be worth getting your

own professional treatment, there are some good certified companies out there. Maybe call to get quotes from the top ones, I would suggest, especially for "living in hell" ? I would not trust the cheap pest control company the building hires, they do a sloppy quicky job. I had specifically asked that they do not put the "who know what's in it" nasty bait gel in my food and plate cupboards, as I am trying to get pregnant and can they verify this stuff is safe for pregnant women? Probably not. Anyways the guy came in unannounced, I had the TV on and wasn't expecting anyone, I was in the shower when I heard lots of loud knocking, but I did not think it was my door, as I was not expecting anyone. When I came out of the shower and went into the kitchen I noticed something was off, I looked around and realized there was disgusting brown gel everywhere, all over inside and around cupboards! I was furious!! What if I had come out naked? How creepy is it to see the TV on and hear the shower and continue into the apartment?! I am quite sure the apartment management just gave the gross jerk the key to my place and obviously does not watch or go with them! Not cool, totally unacceptable and sooo creepy. But I digress... Just trying to say don't trust the building to take care of it, do it yourself if you want to see results. Just after signingI noticed roaches, and thought great! So we sealed all the edges of the apartment with cocking, needs to be done twice as it makes a few bubbles and separates so check it carefully, the problem is behind kitchen counters, so cock all around and use foam filler for larger holes and gaps in the cupboards and walls, it's costly and time consuming, but may help prevent more stuff coming in.

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The place is infested. I am so disgusted. I moved in May/June time period because I the unit was done to my taste and the location couldn't be better. Well when I moved in I found the renovation to be the worst job I ever seen. I heard there was problems with bugs but only on the top floors. I figured since they renovated an empty apartment they would treat it and seal all cracks. No ... no such thing was done. I been sick since I moved in and haven't even finished emptying my boxes. Alr

eady had the place sprayed for roaches 3 times. First time was my unit, second time because of surrounding units and last week the entire building was done. Or so I was told. I found bed bugs a few weeks ago and had to throw out my box spring. The day I threw it out there were 6 others out there (I was told they were from other building - right!) We are in the process of treating the apartment for bed bugs I been vacuuming constantly everything ... and boiling my sheets as well as washing all my clothes ... I'm in hell.

ps. I hadn't seen a cockroach in 20 years and never had seen a bed bug so they clearly did not come with me.

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Thinking about moving in Dec 1 of this year. Has anyone had any recent issues or problems?? Now that a lot of units have been renovated I wonder if the bed bugs are still an issue.

We have never had any issues with bugs of any sort.

Never seen a bed bug or roach in the building. We are tidy and don't leave food laying around - so if you are a tidy person you shouldn't have any issues.

Yes there are STILL cockroaches and bed-bugs in some of the units of this building, including my own. Every time I think I am finally done with the little bastards they come back to literally bite my ass.

They have (supposedly) sprayed my unit at least twice (Major inconvenience as others have said) and I have using lots of tape tried to sell all the baseboards, cracks, crevices, etc. as best I can to prevent them from coming in from units above or below me.

As people constantly move in

and out, and units get renovated bugs simply move from one unit to the next, so it is really hard to completely get rid of them.

The fact that they only ever clean the hideous hallway carpets on each floor at most maybe once every 2 months probably doesn't help, nor does the massive trash bin at the front of the building that is always overflowing with garbage including all the tell-tale signs of BEDBUGS, including lots of mattresses, sealed bags of sheets, etc.

Continual upheavel in this building as the property management seems to change every other month once the bad reviews really start to pour in.

Place was MetCrap, then became a TrashGlobe property, Starlite, Blueridge and is now being managed by Greenwin. Don't be fooled as these are all basically spin offs of the same company.

Communication is non-existent and other than on rent day there is no-one ever in the rental office, and the superintendent barely speaks English so talking to him is a challenge.

While they were working on FINALLY fixing the elevators, and they did actually completely re-do one elevator, the work on the 2nd one has come to a screeching halt with no word on when, or IF it will EVER be completed. They started working on them back in April and it is nearing the end of August and they STILL only have one elevator!!!

With SO MANY OTHER/BETTER units available now for A LOT LESS money I would avoid 15 Dundonald like the plague it is.

I suspect that all of the positive reviews on here are just planted stories by the property management/owners trying to make the place look better than it is.


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Has anyone had any problems with bedbugs or cockroaches recently? I am thinking of moving in and would like to know.


Worst building to live in! the elevators are broken a lot and/or when you in them you get stuck on a floor and have to wait 5-20 min to reset with you stuck in them.

COCKROACHES!!!! This building has them! I live on the 14th floor and have friends on the 7th, 17th, and 20th floor and we all have them. They will bring someone in to spray but that doesn't work.

The renos they did suck! The units are redone so cheap that only after a few months living in them, they are falling apart.


his building is in a great location but the building sucks....not worth what they are asking for.

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i have lived at 15 dundonadl for 5 yrs and can tell u that i have never had an issue with bed bugs... we have bought a house but i will recomend this buildng to anyone. really enjoyed living here.

Regarding this message below

What floor do you live on and do you still have bedbugs?

Anonymous on 11/16/2011

I moved in with my girlfriend in June and everything was fine until September. I started getting huge rashes along my back that were really itchy. I contacted management and they took a look and did find bed bugs. Within 2 days they had an exterminator come and they paid for it which was nice. It was a huge pain. Everything had to be put in bags, clothes had to be washed, and

everything had to be moved one foot away from the walls. After 2 treatments 2 weeks apart I thought the bed bugs where eliminated. I though wrong, just this week I've noticed more bites on my arm along with the exoskeleton of one on my mattress. I would rather not go through the treatment again as it would take just as much effort to move to a new building as it did to get everything ready for the exterminators.I'm hoping I can find a way to control them on my own but I have a feeling they are everywhere in the building and will always come back.

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I moved out of Metcrap in April 2011. I had lived there since September of 2008. The first year was fine but in the middle of 2009 there was endless repairs on the parking garage. When I came back from a summer out of the city in September 2010 I had a massive cockroach infestation. I immediately reported it and it was dealt with right away, they geled everywhere, not just near the pipes but in the cupboards as well. Keep in mind this was back when it was Metcap not Transglobe. There was a perio

d of time in between Metcap and Transglobe when there was no real landlord or management on the premises. Once I accidentally forgot my keys back home in Northern Ontario and the Transglobe landlady would not let me in my own apartment because I was only the tenant on the lease (my parents signed the lease, I am a young student). I tried explaining this fact, that they did NOT live in Toronto, only paid the rent & this idiot wouldn't let me in my own home. When I became rather irate she asked me to PRAY with her. This is the type of lunacy that occurs at 15 Dundonald. Things got REALLY bad once Transglobe took over. During the winter term (January-April) the water/hot water was turned off at least 3 times a month for full days at a time. The shitty fire alarms would go off all the time, always a false alarm except for once in December 2010. It went off in the middle of the night & the firemen had to walk up the smell stairwell to the 20th floor as the emergency elevator wasn't working-why would it, the elevators NEVER worked. The one on the right especially. It was rare for both to be working at the same time, and if they were they were overrun with construction crews, filthy and took forever. Leaving elderly people on higher floors prisoners in their own homes. What if someone needed medical care and the elevators were not working? I personally never had a bed bug problem and never saw a cockroach after the brutal infestation. But I assumed it has only gotten worse there since I left, with the constant construction, herds of roaches are probably migrating in search of food sources. The Transglobe workers were always loud and working early in the mornings, I was often subjected to inappropriate sexual comments made by men older than my father. It was not a pleasant place to live to say the absolute least. I would strongly advise people not to move in there, I hated it by the end. The renovations are just a quick fix-like waxing over dirty floors, or painting over a dirty bathtub-mine had a pubic hair incapsulated under the paint when I moved in.Oh, when I moved out in April 2011 I booked an elevator 2 months in advance for when I was leaving. My Dad took time off work and rented a trailer to come from Sudbury to help me move. The DAY BEFORE I move out (my Dad's en route to Toronto) the landlord calls me and tells me I can't use the elevator as the other one was broken (go figure) & they couldn't put the only working elevator on service for an entire morning. I was furious & my Dad & I moved out regardless. We had to pack up the night before and against the permission of the landlord. It is an awful, unorganized place with huge issues. If I would leave for a weekend, I would come home & turn on the water & it would run rust/red for a few minutes because of the filthy piping. There was a huge hold in my washroom wall to access my neighbors piping which was never repaired. The shower's water temperature was inconsistent and would change from boiling hot to freezing cold in an instant. Don't move in!! The location isn't worth the b.s!

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I moved in with my girlfriend in June and everything was fine until September. I started getting huge rashes along my back that were really itchy. I contacted management and they took a look and did find bed bugs. Within 2 days they had an exterminator come and they paid for it which was nice. It was a huge pain. Everything had to be put in bags, clothes had to be washed, and everything had to be moved one foot away from the walls. After 2 treatments 2 weeks apart I thought the bed bugs where el

iminated. I though wrong, just this week I've noticed more bites on my arm along with the exoskeleton of one on my mattress. I would rather not go through the treatment again as it would take just as much effort to move to a new building as it did to get everything ready for the exterminators.I'm hoping I can find a way to control them on my own but I have a feeling they are everywhere in the building and will always come back.

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Strange.I lived in the building on the 18th floor from 2007-May 2011.

The elevator concerns, the hot water being off WAY too often, the state of disrepair---these issues are depicted accurately. No one's exaggerating when they're talking about the elevator getting stuck between floors,or dropping, or the workmen tying up both elevators for ages at a stretch(the repairs to the building that TransGlobe scheduled after purchasing it are, I hear, to last well into next year, so be ready for some

serious noise issues, because they're tearing each apartment apart as one by one disgruntled tenants move out.)It's a great location so more tenants are always willing to move in, though.

The 18th floor apartment beside me apparently had a bedbug problem, but I never had a problem---TransGlobe sent pest control guys in as a preventative measure in April; they sprayed and asked me about any rashes etc.

I saw two cockroaches in my entire time in the building, back in '09 while cleaning under my microwave. Killed 'em; scrubbed the kitchen with bleach; never saw another. I don't doubt the people who tell the horror stories about roaches streaming out of the ceiling during the recent renos---but I just wanted to say it was possible to live in the building and not have to deal with an infestation..

THAT SAID...I'd suggest waiting until next year when the renos are done to move there----if at all.

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To Jenny on 5/16/11 and Anonymous on 5/16-11

What floor(s) do you live on? I'm moving in there on June 1st and am nervious now but can't back out now. I have a friend living there for over a year and she has had no problems just saw a cockroach here and there few and far between.

Aside from the free-falling elevators, broken boiler, and bursting water pipes we have had a SERIOUS cockroach infestation. We see them everywhere. Not just around water sources like the kitchen and bathroom but in our bedroom, clothes, shoes, hallways... this place is LITERALLY crawling with cockroaches. We waited 2 months for pest control to come and I was at work when they actually came and I couldn't see the gel anywhere in the apartment so I called the landlord and he said they only put

it around the pipes because that's where they come from. Meanwhile there are at least 30 baby cockroaches crawling into our apartment from UNDERNEATH THE DOOR. This place is disgusting and the landlord does NOT listen to complaints. There are no maintenance request forms available, all you can do is call this phone number that logs everything electronically. Not only is this a major problem for you if you want to take legal action, but I found out that our request to that phone number for pest control was never logged. Furthermore, there were maintenance requests under my name that I never made! This place is a complete disaster as far as management is concerned. DO NOT MOVE HERE. They are raising the rent as well, so a renovated apartment is 1700 a month! DO NOT BE FOOLED BY PRETTY CUPBOARDS! You will still have cockroaches, you will still have no hot water, you will still have no heat in the winter, and you will still get stuck in elevators as they fall three or four floors. You will regret moving here, I guarantee it!

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We lived in 15 Dundonald St since last Sep in 2010. Forget about those no water, damaged elevator, renovation noises issues, recently Me and my bf are suffering bedbugs since April. In the beginning I thought it was due to food allergy. But the rash continuously came out and lasted for a month. So I went to see a doctor and she noticed we both been bitten and the symptoms look like bedbugs bite.

It is really annoying especially during the night, you cannot catch them and don't know what to k

now but only wait for house manager to come to fix the problem. But I guess it won't work out as the way you want.

However, We will move out in June......It is so hard to bear sleeping with those bedbugs.....

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We moved in in September 2010. First thing we noticed is that the wood floors were varnished, but without being swept first. The floor is permanently grainy now, a layer of dust and dirt stuck under the varnish (including rubber bands, metal pieces, nails and screws stuck in the varnish). That should have been our first clue to run. In the first few months, we noticed the odd cockroach, which we immediately killed. It happens, right? The building was recently purchased by Transglobe (used to be

Metcap) and we thought that things would improve! If anything, things are worse. Water is off every second day, forcing people to bathe by kettle and cloth. Heat does not work (though the tenants act states that in Toronto, the legal minimum temperature is 21C) Elevators are always broken. One night, the elevator slammed shut on my fiancé, locking her in as I had already stepped out and then fell 3 floors with her in it! This has happened to us 3 times in the last 2 months. More often than not, 24 floors of tenants have to fight for the use of ONE elevator. Some nights, neither works. Living on the 17th floor, walking up the staircase is a tough thing to do. Most of the elderly and young children in the building are trapped. Construction in all hallways and most units has been going on for 2 months now, with workers using and holding both elevators (when they work) or the one when the other is broken, and preventing tenants from using them.

Here's the point I'm getting to: The workers left big gaping holes in the ceilings in the hallways. We have video footage and pictures of dozens of cockroaches streaming out of these holes. Now, unfortunately, we have a severe infestation in our apartment since they are coming in from the hallway, through the cracks in the door. Our cats sit in front of the door and hunt them all night long, but they can't keep up. We have asked for pest control a month ago. They advised it would take 2 weeks. We called after 2 weeks. They advised that they said no such thing and that it would be another 2-3 weeks before they can get around to it. That's almost a month and a half since we've asked for pest control. We are still waiting with no news and being brushed off. With every passing day, we are killing more and more roaches. Sleeping with lights on doesn't help. They are everywhere. (Please note that we are very clean people.) We have 24 roach traps, which we bought ourselves, in and around the apartment. We have pet friendly roach powder which isn't working. Our next step is to buy caulking and sealing up every crack and hole we can find. Unfortunately, we have to pay for all of this ourselves as our landlords don't seem to be concerned with the problem. Our efforts aren't effective though. Roaches are everywhere!! You can seem them running down the hallway outside the apartment. Thankfully we have not noticed any bedbugs yet, but waking up with a cockroach in your hair isn't pleasant either. DO NOT MOVE HERE. The new landlords are renovating, true, but they do not listen to tenants or care about safety. The elevators are still in service (when working) and still dropping multiple floors with people trapped in them. Mgt is condescending when approached and rarely gets anything done. Before Transglobe, I'll admit that Metcap was horrible, but at least when Kevin (the building manager at the time) was called, he showed up within the hour to help fix the problem. The lesser of two evils.

Again, DO NOT MOVE HERE for your own safety.

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i found an infestation in decemeber which was 'treated' in january. At that point I had no bites. Since January I don't see the actual bugs but have several bites.

Building management has just changed from Metcap to Transglobe - hopefully they'll do a better job of getting this problem under control.

I had bed bugs at 15 Dundonald St. a few years ago, but managed to get rid of them myself, before they spread all over. But, now, the last two years, I have had lots of fruit flies, or some kind of flies, outside in my hallway in the summertime. Also, lots of spiders round inside, all year. Have only found a couple of half dead cockroaches over the years. But -- lately, my cat has caught MICE in the apt. One large one, that he was playing with, and was dead, and one small one a couple of da

ys later, still half alive -- both of which I put in the garbage and down the chute, right away. Last week my cat was making a lot of noise -- he is normally quiet -- he had apparently just found a dessicated, mummified mouse carcass, med.-sized -- and I don't know where he found it, but it was somewhere here in the apt. Anyway, I am moving out in next 2-3 weeks -- DO NOT RENT IN ANY BUILDING MANAGED BY METCAP LIVING -- as per CTV, Ch. 8 Rogers, the News, on Aug. 18th, 2010, at 6:00 p.m. -- this landord was voted worst in Toronto, and was awarded the "Golden Cockroach" award. also, the award was taken, in a tenant protest march, over to MetCap head office on Richmond St. E. -- but MCap staff locked the doors to keep the tenants out. Yes, the elevators are always broken down here -- or we have no water, or no laundry room, or -- it's always something. Re. no elevators -- people upstairs are totally imprisoned, with no elevators, especially the older tenants -- and there could easily be a medical crisis, with paramedics not being able to get upstairs, with no elevators, where someone could actually die -- but elevator service is not considered an "essential service" under the Residential Tenancies Act!!! -- no doubt because the landlords fought to keep that out of the essential services list! So, get yourself out of 15 Dundonald, as soon as you can, and/or never move in, in the first place! 1 bedroom apts., with or without bugs/mice, are going for $1,269, to over $1,300 now -- in a bldg. that is falling down, with dirt and chipped & peeling paint everywhere. Also, MetCap is v. controlling -- the supers (called "Bldg. Mgrs." by MCap) are the "wardens" and the tenants are the "inmates" --get it???? Note: Go to the Landlord & Tenant Board, 79 St Clair E., and fill out an application, for the previous 12 months, to get a rent rebate, because of all of the services that MetCap didn't provide, and maintenance that wasn't done. Look into the T1, T2, T3 and T6 claim applications that you are permitted to submit. (It costs $45. to submit all of them at once.) T6 is for lack of proper maintenance (always the case at 15 Dundonald St., now, with not enough staff), and the other three forms cover things like being harassed by the landlord/staff, and requesting a rent reduction --so your monthly rent is reduced to some lower amount every month, at least until the repairs, or whatever, are done. You can also apply to have your monthly rent paid into the Board's account -- and held there until the landlord complies, and does all the outstanding repairs and maintenance. Okay???? If you don't make all these claims, and do these actions, where applicable, MetCap then gets away with it -- again and again and again!!!!! Also, support the tenant protest group from the other 2 MetCap bldgs. in Parkdale, and their "Golden Cockroach" award! The CTV newsroom can give you the contact names and tel. nos. of organizers of this protest group, so you can try to get support from these fellow tenants, and to give them suppport, also, when asked, I would suggest. I have made my claims -- T1, T2 T3, and T6 -- to the Board and will try to get as many as possible of these other Parkdale tenants up to my claim hearings at the Board, and have them up there for support, and I hope to fill the room with them!!!!! Normally, MCap's lawyer is there, the property manager, and the super. couple, and possible more MCap staffthan that -- and I am there alone, trying my best to stand up to these people, and the adjudicator. (Note: Lawyers do not want to get into lengthy cases on a Legal Aid Certificate -- they only will take quick hearing work re. the Board -- as they do not get paid enough to take on big claims, or long claims, like my claims are - but, I have been doing pretty well, so far.) If anyone in a MCap bldg. wants my help with claims, or support at a hearing, after reading this, just leave me a message here with your contact info.

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i personally never found any bedbugs in my apartment. but however i had several bites and had a friend stay over one night and they ended up with bites. the apartment beside me however did claim they had bedbugs. since then i have thankfully gotten outta 15 dundonald and will never return for the price they are charging for broken down elevators, poor management and bugs. i also found one cockroach in my apartment. but thankfully it was only one. i have talked to many others though that have had

problems. so i suggest dont move there.

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Although I personally have not had bedbugs at this location I know for a fact that the 21st and 22nd floor have been having problems for the last couple months and as far as I know are still dealing with it. I live on the 24th floor and we have had our apartment sprayed twice! as a preventative measure. It is good to see the management being proactive but incredibly frustrating when you have to wash and bag everything you own. Although I have seen no bedbugs I'm worried that I may have a coup

le bites. Be cautious if you plan to move to 15 Dundonald.

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I have bedbugs right now! they have infested my apartment. Building manager says they came from the apartment the floor below. I have had to throw away my bed and other furniture and spend a ton of money on cleaning my clothes. This is disgusting. This building is disgusting.

There are absolutely no bed bugs at this location.
I've lived for 5 years and I've not had any.

It is so weird to see people complaining.

I live in apt 205. I have a severe cockroach problem. I have had the apt sprayed only once. But the cockroaches are back and i am going to tell the landlord again. My friend lives in apt 1001 and they too have cockroaches. There doesn't seem to be any end to the problem in this building. I will be doing my best to get the hell out of here as soon as I can.
Don't move here.

Bedbugs are unfortunately just one of the problems plaguing this building, what with constantly breaking down elevators, poor maintenance, indifferent management, especially regarding noisy neighbors who like to crank Spice Girls from 3 to 5 in the morning!!! Certainly not worth the $1500 a month for a 2 bedroom.

Bedbugs are in the building and are in the walls moving from apartment to apartment. Just when you think you have them under control and eliminated, a few more will return.


ple say you can simply store your stuff up high, but I have seen these tenacious little bugs climb up walls, climb on ceilings, hide in mattresses, hide in shoes, etc. You can try killing them with HOT steam, iron your clothes, iron your sheets, iron the mattress directly. I use tape as well to grab any eggs, and I find bleach works pretty well at killing them.

I would avoid 15 Dundonald unless you like having to battle a bedbug problem, and like having to wait around forever when you are down to a single working elevator.

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November 7, 2009

We just realized today that there are bed bugs in our apartment. We have been living at 15 Dundonald street for more than 2 calendar years now. We were very aware of the cockroach problem but had not seen a bed bug until today. We will be informing building management (Metcap) immediately.

5 years ago, moved into apartment building, bought a new mattress set for $ 1300.00-had to throw out due to bedbugs....

Metcap would not have pest people in for almost 2wks-had to pay another company myself to have it done sooner, and Metcap would not reimburse me for the spraying, let alone my new mattress.

It took awhile for me to realize what was biting my partner and I-as I did not know bedbugs were around..it never occurred to me. I thought it was fleas...

Moved out of there ASAP!!


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