25 St Mary St
Toronto, ON M4Y

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I've been living here for the last year, and my girlfriend has been here for about the last four years. We've never had any experience with bugs of any sort, let alone bed bugs. The pigeon problem however is another story all together...

I'm thinking of moving into this building. Please let me know if there's further update on bedbugs.
Much appreicated. Thank you!

Bed bug hotel!!! Stay away from st mary street. If you aren't dealing with bugs here you are dealing with the shitty ass bitch of a super. Oh and read your lease carefully they like to throw ridiculous things in and don't let you take the thing out of office (its one of those come in and sign your life away on the spot deals) BEWARE THIS BUILDING.

February 2012
I received a notice that my unit will undergo a "preventative spraying for bedbugs". Someone either above, below or beside me must have them. I haven't seen any in my apartment but now live in fear that I will get them.

I have lived in this building for 15+ years and it is a really great building. However when I found mattresses thrown out in the back and found out from other tenants that there were bedbugs in the building, I promptly moved out. I was very disappointed that the management of the building failed to take a proactive approach to this problem by educating the tenants and encouraging open communication. I guess it is a tricky situation for landlords; however like colon cancer, it is awkward to talk

about but it needs to be talked about it so people can take the necessary preventative action within their homes.

Landlords seem to forget that while they are running a business, tenants regard their rental apartments as their homes and like homeowners, they have pride of ownership.

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I'm thinking of moving to this location, any further reports of bugs?

This is a horrible building! It appears nice and well kept, however there are many issues to deal with. A neighbour on my floor informed me that their unit was sprayed for bed bugs twice and that the whole floor was notified and treated since it was a problem. Apparently they had migrated from a higher floor so it's only a matter of time before it becomes a whole building issue. I had never been notified (probably since I already gave them my notice to move out). I am upset that they did not hav

e the courtesy to let me know since its possible I have them aswell and have brought them to my new apartment. I have not seen anything yet but constantly live in fear of getting them!
There are also problems with mice and silverfish. The water is constantly being turned off for repairs...it was not working properly on several floors for 6 months!
AND they increased the rent more than the legal allowed percentage(the rent is already higher than average due to the location)... They are not keeeping their residents happy and are losing many long term tenants. Highly not reccommended.

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I am fighting a bedbug infestation in this building currently (July 2010). Noticed bites about 3 months ago, didn't know what they were (thought it was a rash at first). Then I got up in the middle of the night and checked my bed thoroughly and found what was clearly a bedbug. Have since found three more. Landlord will schedule and pay for treatment, but you have to turn the apartment upside down in preparation. Two treatments over two weeks. The pesticide stinks, but only for a day. Afte

r the first treatment, I am still getting bites, but apparently this is not unusual. There is no guarantee that even the two treatments will eliminate them completely. This is a horrible experience.

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I've been living in this apartment for awhile and I just heard from people in the elevator that there are numerous incidences of bed bugs this year. Generally, the building is very very clean, but it's old so there are more chances of bugs. My friend had problems with silverfish bugs too. I don't think it is a big problem, but I am just warning people. I am actually considering moving into a nice condo soon!

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