40 Earl St
Toronto, ON M4Y

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DO NOT MOVE INTO THIS APARTMENT! I was only living here a month and a half (starting June 2011) when I discovered bed bugs. I went into the building with NONE and discovered eight full-grown plus three babies before getting out of there.
The company REFUSES to spray the whole apartment making it impossible for the bed bugs to be gone completely so even when they offer to spray your unit, chances are the bed bugs are just going to move across the hall and come back in a bit.
I have lost my la

st month's rent deposit, plus an extra $350, plus extravagant costs to replace my mattress, couch, pillows, costs of drycleaning and laundering EVERYTHING. Not to mention, I've been displaced from the city and can't afford to move back until I am out of my lease. DID I MENTION I AM STUDENT?

If you move into this building you will face nothing but problems with bugs and the exorbitant costs to get rid of them. STAY AWAY FROM 40 EARL ST. IF YOU DON'T WANT BEDBUGS.

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