40 Isabella St
Toronto, ON M4Y

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I lived in this building, a 4 floor walk-up, from 2005-2008. Three apartments on my floor were dealing with bed bugs and told NO ONE. Of course I got them and ended up losing most of my furniture. The management company had their offices in the basement of this building, and when I reported it to the receptionist/accountant or whoever she was.....she started to giggle. I kid you not. The day that I dragged my furniture out to the street, it wasn't garbage day and they slipped a note under my doo

r telling me that doing this can and will lead to eviction. Again, I kid you not. I just didn't pay my rent the last month I was there, and moved out 7 days into the month. Combined, the two times I had them in that building cost me in about $1500 in furniture, and $900 in dry-cleaning (including 14 suits). Plus I paid for a professional exterminator both times.

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