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Can this drag fight stop he is gone, I keep getting blamed for this crap, he stirs a lot of crap with other people and this form is not a blog for it, only known him for a few years, have never scene him once with a child, but would never let him around mine, biggest shit disturber I have ever met in my life!
Many people here have nothing to do with your community or problems don’t drag us into it. The washers have went up to 1.75 for quite some time and, this is a huge problem for peopl

e who couldn’t afford to do laundry which is now worse? A lot of us have problems doing laundry, these are the main problems but not mentioned here at all?
I wash everything in hot and dry for a long time when I can to kill the bed bugs, if you can’t wash the cover throw it out. Sometimes I still see bedbugs but much less, I spray but it doesn’t seem to get them all.
The cockroach problem is unreal, I use boric acid which is a powder placed around my apartment and front door. They travel the halls a lot while most seem to come in under the door. Seems much less of a problem now that they have removed all the mouldy leaking pipes breathing now seems easier to.

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Hello. I am here to address a growing concern of mine that has been at the forefront of my mind for quite some time, and I STRONGLY encourage ANYONE reading this mockery of a "registry" to pay close attention to what I am about to say.
First off, this is a website to spread awareness of the issue of BEDBUGS in a specific area and to warn others of this very real issue. This is not a conduit to spread hateful lies, rumors, slander and libel about an innocent individual, which seems to be wh

at the majority of you have turned it into.
Bedbugs are a very real problem. If you are aware of them in a certain area, beyond a reasonable doubt, then I implore you to seek help and advice - contact authorities, health centers, etc. Bitching on here will get you nowhere.

In other news. I know the aforementioned Edward. We are close friends, and I can say without a doubt that he is a generous and welcoming individual. He never has done the horrible deeds explained below: they are merely calumnies (lies, for the rest of you peons) targeted at him to tarnish his reputation. I know him through the theatre and art community, and know that he is a wonderful individual, in no way connected to the degenerate drug addicts, prostitutes and criminals that you are all pontificating about! (ie. if indeed your son was raped, and you KNOW the offender... why has there been no criminal charges, no follow up, etc? Your story is very vague. Also, some of you should figure out who you are: MELONY or JUNE? Get your lies in order before spreading them!) I have been to his old apartment, and did not contract or SEE a single bedbug during my stay there (I speak only for his apartment, and not the building as a whole).

PLEASE pay attention to this post, and do not believe the harsh rumors and lies being spread by the ignorant and spiteful. The fact that you people would turn an intentionally useful site into a place to spread your venomous hate only shows that you have no life of you own and are consumed by your own free time. This website crosses the criminal lines and you can each be charged for your slanderous words since you mention his name and apt. #. This website is nothing but a sesspool that is breeding ignorance and hate. Use it for its intended purpose, and not to fulfill personal vendettas. Bedbugs are a contractual propblem... and you are all making it seem like stupidity is as well!

If you have legitimate issues, contact authorities and public officials who can help you, but woe betide you for spreading these lies and harmful rumors about someone who is wholly innocent. You all are setting a terrible example for the human race, and I feel terrible that anyone has to deal with the kind of grief you are bringing about.

That said, make informed decisions, PLEASE.

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Edward no longer resides at 460 Jarvis apt 1503 after 3 years of fighting and running around with petitions he is gone, as of Jan 1 2013. I want to thank you because before your post here we parents were going around in circles getting no where after your post it stopped (as far as we know) and he changed his appearance so much he looked like the United States movie shooter from the batman movie which made almost everyone scared to talk to him.

It is not to late to educate you child

or children it could have been worse now you have to educate your child on living with HIV as well. I am not saying you have or haven’t but I am saying education in life skills we all need now and then as they teach us how do deal with what cards we are dealt.

I was wondering if you have talked to Kristyn Wong-Tam’s office about this as they have always been aware of this problem for almost 4 years and have done nothing about it at all in fact they described this problem as “interesting”! We have a tenant who sells HIV online where people knock on his door to take blood out of his arm which their office describes as “Completely legal as they know he has HIV they are paying him!”, ” If they want to buy his blood and infect their wives it’s their problem not our office’s” For city hall to allow these things to happen drives me nuts as if they did do something years ago chances are your child would not have HIV. I would advise you to get a lawyer and sue!

Thanks again we still have a bedbug problem (can’t seem to get rid of them) and a huge cockroach problem but the drug traffic has almost stopped thanks to you.

PS The one thing my husband and I cannot figure out is where did you get the picture?


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I know Eddy personally and professionally and am horrified at the way he is being persecuted on this website.
Eddy has volunteered his tremendous theatrical talent and has given so much of his time sand energy to the community and to be stomped on by sick cyber bullies is not only unfair..it borders on criminal.I am shocked that the law enforcement agencies have permitted this to go on. its like the wild west out here!! Eddy is a decent guy..get off his back!!
I have been to Eddys apt and t

here was no sign of bedbugs so why he is being singled out here.. I dont understand.

Sacha MacKenzie
Originator and Producer of the
DQ shows for Casey House

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I am not the type to do this ever, but I just live up the street from you. If this story is true about your son, I am very saddened by it. I hope you find, and kill the guy because that's what i would do. He took your son's life, so don't let him get away with just serving time jail. Only god knows how many times he has does this. You should post a picture, I couldn't access the link you put cause it's covered. I really hope find and get some kind of justice out this.

This man is this link below lured my 15 year old son back to his apartment from his school across the street, then drugged my child and raped him.


After this happen my home was infested with bedbugs, now a year later my son has HIV.
I am looking to find out what apartment this man lives in, all we know it is at the back of the building, I am also looking for his proper name as we know his first name is Eddie but his las

t name we do not know please if anyone can help please post it will be much helpful.
Thanks in advance

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3 years ago I was told I may sell drugs out of my apartment if I pay 100.00 a month from my monthly odsp check, which I did not do. Then a few days ago I was told I my rent is in arrears because of missing payments that have added up for almost 2 years. (Strange how they let it run up for 2 years without giving some kind of notice or maybe not) When asking how can I possibly pay this back rent I was told, “Every unit has a stove, you buy some coke, you cook it, a

nd then you sell it!” and after the rent is paid up I would guess one would then start paying 100.00 a month to keep on dealing.

I will find some other way to work this out besides paying the city to sell crack but for those who blame a few tenants for the drug problems of this building I completely disagree as they were backed into a corner from building management then given a choice to live on the street or deal drugs then addiction takes over but then things start to get nasty which seems to end in some tenants death.

I miss you Joanne Mitchell we only knew each other for a short time before Toronto housing killed you but I know you are in a better place as in heaven I am sure your new landlord will not force addiction on you or let the bedbugs bite.

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Not a safe building for women!

Had bedbugs when I first moved in, then had them again because landlord would not help with proper spraying now 2 weeks ago I find them again and more than half my neighbours keep having them, we just wash what we can to make it manageable and under control.
The problem here is the management, no cameras in the elevators so management can sexually assault ladies like myself, most of the apartment washrooms do not have locks, the apartment door locks are so bad

one can just slam the handle down to enter any apartment easily, the ones that have been changed are tenants that have been robbed, raped or killed, there are different locks showing up all the time on each floor from this, this is not a problem with management because they have a key to just walk in your apartment and take what they like, they do this even sometimes when I am home, my pills have disappeared 5 times and they are the only other people with keys.
Management clearly allows drug dealing and profits off it, to the farthest extent that anyone could not possibly believe, all the fire exits except one side one were completely locked to monitor drug deals, meaning each drug customer must walk by the front office and the lobby camera to purchase narcotics, they are all instructed to use the intercom which registers on the office computer, I did not understand this at first until there was a drug dealer fighting with management complaining about how another drug dealers customers are using the side door when he has been paying his “fees”, two days later that side door is now completely locked as well, so now drug dealers can completely monitor the building by watching the lobby channel.
The lobby channel is like watching a crystal meth and crack documentary with added prostitution, the prostitution is mostly men in dresses, I have watched them do dates, smoke crack and deal drugs all on channel 59 on my tv.
One of them must be blowing the management as he has been busted several times in and out of jail and management goes in to his apartment cleans it and takes care of his mail. When he is out of jail he robs, threatens and beats tenants.
The meth cross dressing Cher dealer below should clearly not be posting that another tenant has morphine in his apartment or anything like that as he is just calling the kettle black and he is setting tenants up to be robbed, when I ask him why he posted the same thing twice he told me he did not realise it because he was so high on meth, I watched on channel 59 his drug customer that he ripped off beat the crap out of the wheel chair enter button outside.
The drug dealer on the 10th floor has sprayed the apartment peepholes with black spray paint so tenants cannot see what is going on in the hallways, these tenants have been beaten and robbed by this tenant as well, this has happened so many times that this is why they are scared to say anything about what is going on in his apartment.
The building has a lot of disabled tenants, which must be like living in complete hell for them.

If bedbugs were the only problem of this building I would be happy!

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Edward [Apt-1503] here again… I am getting quite pissed off with people using this bedbug registry as a way to state that I am drug dealing in my apartment. This should not be a topic of conversation for the front of the building people lets get a life. I have never sold drugs nor are the druggies who come up to buy drugs here on the 15th floor coming to my apartment they are going to apartment 1505 NOT 1503. Chuck has been selling 200mg morphine for 20 bucks since I have lived here. These

crack heads are NOT coming to my apartment and never have.

Shame on you folks for blaming me for these people coming up here to the 15th floor.
God Bless,

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I Reside in this Building Apt 1503,My name is Edward ,...I Do not have Bedbugs,...and there is [nor has there ever been such illegal activities] as mentioned in this post in regards to my Apt,I am surprised to see these types of report,s being allowed to make there way on to this Website.I can understand the frustration of other,s..But this is a Website for Bedbugs,and its goal is to help with the on going problems of Bedbugs.....and if there is such other problems on going people should focus

on directing there concerns and Frustration in the right area,s as this Website seems to be just another means for Cowards to use Social Media to hide behind[not to mention that No one is leaving there name]Folks you all need to grow up here,

Shame on these so called Anonymous folks,
And the folks that allow there report,s to be posted,
I do hope these very unhappy folks get the Help they clearly need,
God Bless,
Edward....[Apt-1503]....see just how easy that was to not hide behind Social Media ..may I encourage others to do the same...when needed.

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I Reside in this Building Apt 1503,My name is Edward ,...I Do not have Bedbugs,...and there is [nor has there ever been such illegal activities] as mentioned in this post in regards to my Apt,I am surprised to see these types of report,s being allowed to make there way on to this Website.I can understand the frustration of other,s..But this is a Website for Bedbugs,and its goal is to help with the on going problems of Bedbugs.....and if there is such other problems on going people should focus

on directing there concerns and Frustration in the right area,s as this Website seems to be just another means for Cowards to use Social Media to hide behind[not to mention that No one is leaving there name]Folks you all need to grow up here,

Shame on these so called Anonymous folks,
And the folks that allow there report,s to be posted,
I do hope these very unhappy folks get the Help they clearly need,
God Bless,
Edward....[Apt-1503]....see just how easy that was to not hide behind Social Media ..may I encourage others to do the same...when needed.

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We have bedbug and other bugs badly. The building is a low-income building that was built for the handy capped and mentally ill. All support service in the building has been removed so these tenants live like pigs because they cannot clean up after themselves. All my neighbours have problems with cockroaches that make my apartment a cockroach problem when my apartment is spotless. We are poor and cannot afford to do laundry in the over priced machines that do not kill bed bugs. I have gotten bed

bugs from the laundry machines many times. Drug dealers run the building as they have the rights not the tenants we have a cross dressing crack dealer prostitute in apartment 903 that had been charged for running a crack house 3 times. The last time he was in jail Toronto housing was taking care of his apartment, mail and had a cleaner going into his apartment and cleaning it? Every thing was ready and set up for his crack house to run when he got out! We have more people coming to our building to by drugs then live in the building and you must walk by the building office to buy drugs? When I told the new office manager that this tenant in apartment 903 who just got out of jail robbed a disabled tenant in a wheel chair. All the office manager could do was stair at my tits? Not even hearing one word I have said, all the office manager seemed to care about was my tits not listening to one word I have said? But when in the elevator with 3 other people he then sticks his crouch in my ass I turn around and he has over a foot of space behind him and then he makes a sick-grunting noise and tells me there is no room in the elevator when there is only 5 people in the elevator? This has happened to other ladies in the building I believe this is the reason we still do not have cameras in the elevators as this sexual harassment from office staff happens a lot.

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You can see bedbugs in the elevator and the hallways. Pigs like the drug dealer in Apt. 903 don't report them because they don't want anyone in there apartments.

We have bedbugs here but we also have the busiest crack house in the neighbourhood apartment 1013 is the busiest crack house anyone as ever saw. Line ups all day and night while management helps? The crack house at 1013 also makes drug deals with children from the public school across the street, these kids must pass the management office to get in the building to buy drugs from this apartment, the management is also aware of how many times the intercom is used to buy drugs from this apartment a

s it registers on the office computer everytime someone uses the buzzer system.

It is not uncommon to see a 14 year old child with a needle in her arm doing the chicken when I come home from work because of drugs deals from this apartmeant, while the building management does NOTHING!

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Moved in almost a year ago, found bed bugs 2 days after I moved in, spoke with the building manager and he was to bring me 2 sealed vinyl zippered bed bug bags which still hasn’t happened (no one in TCHC has ever seen them and they got funding for them)!

This place is infested with bugs like crazy, when I moved in the kitchen cupboards were lined in sugar, kids cereal and syrup, there were cockroaches everywhere even the refrigerators are hugely infested even in parts I can’t ge

t to or clean they replaced the refrigerator with another one but this one is infested worse and has mould in the bottom that is making me so sick I have to wear a mask when I sleep and I now have mould in my lungs, I rarely can even live in this place because of it as I am in emergency regularly because of it, my doctor didn’t believe that it was my refrigerator that was doing this so he came to see and test it, my doctor was shocked and discussed that TCHC would knowingly put a refrigeration unit that is so bad it causing huge health problems, he then went and bought me a small refrigerator, he told me he has had many patients die in TCHC because of this problem and he thought TCHC started testing and properly cleaning units before they were placed after so many tenants have died, NOT!

I believe I have finally won the cockroach war but not the bed bug war because if you do laundry in this building you will have bed bugs, the dryers in the laundry room do not get hot enough to even kill bed bugs this is why the whole building has them, every time I do laundry I see them on my bed sheets and I see more in the laundry room when I do laundry, they live in my mattress they don’t seem to bite me very much but they pig out on my nurse, friends and social workers so much that very rarely I even have them come see me anymore. Bed bugs are a huge revenue to TCHC as they get grants for items and wages to help tenants with this problem, so when they do nothing with the funds but pocket them they get to clear up this problem and pocket the money, the problem is still there and another grant is on the way for them, also Sparkle Xpress runs the machines in the laundry room they are a sister company of TCHC so this is why the dryers don’t heat up enough to kill the bed bugs as if they did TCHC would not be able to scam grants from tax-payers!

But the biggest problem in this building is crack and crystal meth being sold to young children at Jarvis Collegiate right across the street daily during the week! TCHC has access to CPIC police records but yet they place known convicted drug dealers right across the street from a public school to sell drugs to children? Every week day you can watch cross dressing tenant drug dealers running in and out of the building with their dogs selling kids hard drugs across the street at this public school. If you are a drug dealer you can pay TCHC to place you in an apartment where you would like to sell drugs and this is clearly the building to sell drugs in. All day and night there are junkies (some times even a line up) using the building intercom to buzz the drug selling apartments all day and night. Every apartment only has one entry buzzer code so TCHC completely knows what apartments are dealing crack and crystal meth as they even have a list of how many times these junkies are coming to buy drugs from the door buzzer enter system! TCHC has apartments all over the city but because they are so corrupt for tax-free cash they will place these drug dealers steps away from a public school with young children, this is disgusting and yet no one does anything about it?

Most of the tenants here I find quite nice, most are mentally ill, disabled or sick like myself but TCHC does not clearly care one bit about our safety as TCHC is more concerned about the drug money they get from these junkies, this is why there is no security in these building so TCHC can score cash from drug dealers. I haven’t even lived here a year and all I hear is how the good tenants have been robbed, beaten and killed by these junkies and yet still nothing has ever been done! When I listen to the tenants problems with TCHC they tell me they are trapped with no way out accept death. The suicide rate in TCHC is 12 times higher than regular housing and now I know why. I never felt like this before but now I do and I can’t even see a doctor about it as there is a huge waiting list to see a shrink because most doctors now will not even deal with the problems tenants are having with TCHC as my HIV doctor knows it was easier to buy me a refrigerator rather than dealing with TCHC while the refrigerator kills me!

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Yesturday my friend got killed here.
We use to have a security guard in this building at night and just sick people lived here. Now we have drugs and an ugly cross dressing hooker with a beard that robed me last month when I got my disability check. I tried to tell Toronto Housing but they didn’t care. The hooker found out I tried to report it and he beat me badly a week ago. I haven’t left my apartment since I got back from the hospital. I see him all night on the lobby channel b

ringing dates into the building while I sit in my wheel chair with a broken arm and a black eye.
The whole building has problems with bedbugs we are just too scared to say anything.
I love you Joanne Mitchell thanks for the 2 smokes you gave me sorry I can’t pay you back.

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Apartment 1503 is infested with bed bugs, every time I see him do laundry the bed bugs are crawling up his arms from the laundry basket. Never do laundry in this buildings laundry room! His dog can’t wait to get outside to go to the washroom so the dog shits and pisses right outside the elevator door, this is where my apartment is and guess who has to clean it!
All night and day there is people banging on his door because he is also a cross dressing prostitute and a crystal meth dealer!

Please steer clear of this building!

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