55 Charles St E
Toronto, ON M4Y

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I have lived at 55 Charles for 4 years and never had any problems or heard of any either. The management is fantastic and react immediately to any problems I do have (such as fixing the window knob).

I am looking at maybe renting a place here, does anyone know of the bug problem right tnow?

Tenants who report bedbugs at 55 Charles St East are fully informed via literature provided by Orkin/PCO as to both the procedure and the timing of the two part treatment. As well, 55 Charles St East in Toronto not only treats an affected apartment but also all the surrounding apartments. Tenants who use substandard moving companies that don't clean or fumigate their moving trucks between jobs contribute to the spread of bedbugs, so beware of discount movers. Tenants who pick up discarded furnit

ure and bring it into a building risk spreading bedbugs, cockroaches and other vermin. Tenants who allow unqualified guests to use or temporarily reside in their apartment risk bringing bedbugs and other vermin into the building. Govern yourselves accordingly. Bedbugs don't just mysteriously appear - they're transported into the an apartment via movers, via tenants who unwittingly bring them in from another location (in clothing, furniture or bedding) and by other similar means. BE VIGILANT and smarten up!

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My husband and I lived in this small clean building for 5 years with no real problems. On November 11th I noticed 2 large bites on my arm, that were itchy, hard, and very uncomfortable. I was outside at the time and thought I might have been bitten there. I didn't think they were bed bug bites, but we cleaned our apartment, washing all sheets and towels, and the problem stopped for a while. About 2 weeks later I began getting bites again, some became swollen and hard like the first ones, but o

thers didn't. I went to my doctor twice and got medication to help the itch and bring down the swelling. He wasn't sure what they were, but his best advice was to find what was biting me and deal with the problem. The worst bite was one on my right hand. My hand became so swollen that I couldn't wear gloves and the swelling spread up my forearm, over my elbow and I ended up going to the emergency room in the middle of the night, still unsure of what was causing the reactions, but worried as the red swelling was spreading quickly. The reason I didn't think we had bedbugs was because my husband didn't seem to be getting any bites, also I was in denial, we lived in a clean building and kept our apartment very clean. I ended up sleeping in long pants, tucked into socks, with a tight zip-up sweater over a long sleeved shirt. Most of my bites were on my hand and neck. One night I woke up scratching, I went into the bathroom to see if it was another bite, it was. When we inspected our sheets we found one bed bug on the top of the cover that had been pulled down. We called the land lords, who told us that they would have someone in to look into it within the next few day. Although they had made the call, we had to call them back to find out anything and request the information needed to prepare the apartment for the spraying. They also seemed to have a hard time understanding that we wanted to know what time the spraying would take place, as we didn't want to enter the apartment for at least 4 hours after the spraying had taken place. We knew they could not tell us ahead of time, but wanted a call to let us know what time they had finished. They left a post-it on the doorknob. After the spraying we returned to the apartment, and again I received bites and found a one bed bug on the sheets again. I then moved out of the apartment, staying with family, as my reactions to the bites was very extreme. When we called to report the second sighting to the landlords they responded by telling us that that was common and that a second spraying was to take place, this was the first we had heard about the second spraying, as the landlords gave us very little information about what had even happened during the first treatment. We found another place to live and were to move in a month, my husband remained in the apartment while I continued to stay with family. Over the Christmas season, we found a bedbug on his coat, several weeks after the second spraying and several days after he had been in the apartment. We again notified the landlord, but from that point on did not stay at the apartment again. I have been out of the apartment for over 3 months, but still wake up feeling as if bugs are crawling on me, and sleep in fear that they will again return. This has been a very frustrating, costly, and emotionally draining experience that I hope I will never have to live through again.

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