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For a couple years no bugs ...but then recently Many Roaches! Had apartment sprayed & was roach free for a couple weeks......but The Roaches are back! Rent has steadily increased over the years, so much that it is almost equal to rent a new air conditioned, roach free condo! There are bed bugs in building, although I haven't seen them in this apartment.......yet
Moving to a new condo soon!

I've been living at this location for the past year and a half.
The building is very clean and I've never seen any sort of insect in my apartment, let alone bed bugs.
The only problem with this building is that the central heat is relatively weak.. so I use a space heater which helps.

The people are nice and the building is quiet enough now that the the construction of the X2 condo next door is finishing up.

The superintendent is lying when saying the tenant is responsible for paying the exterminator. visit http://bedbugsinfo.ca/tools/bed-bugs-tenants-download

its the law that landlords pay for the bedbugs treatment

I live in this building right now. I can tell you that YES, there are bed bugs. I am also sure that there are many units that have either been treated or is currently infested. The problem with treating a single apartment is that the bed bugs tend to leave the treated unit, and move into another. The management needs to take action to fix this problem, because, it will get bigger.

Lived here from Sept 2010-July 2012. I had no instances of bedbugs, but my neighbours did a couple times. They sprayed my apartment - and then I went about caulking every nook and cranny and putting down double-sided carpet tape along each wall. I managed to get away clean and free, but many other tenants complained.

I /did/ have some problems with mice the last few months I was living there, but got traps.

My real beef is with the new super (used to be a man named Chris, now it's some wom

an). My move out day was supposed to be July 31st. Luckily the new place I found permitted me to move in gradually, so I informed the landlady/super I would be out by the 31st at the latest. I had paid RENT for July, so I had every right to occupy it until the end of the month, if I needed.

I took my things out in trips (over the course of two days, 26th-28th). The second day I came back to retrieve the rest of my belongings, I found everything in dumped into garbage bags; even my PURSE had been rifled through, emptied, and thrown into a garbage bag (luckily my wallet had been with me, and not been in there). They had moved everything to the center of the room to paint, but evidently, thought all my items should be disregarded. Belongings were broken because of this mistreatment, and I felt rushed... DESPITE the fact I had legal right to occupy the apartment until July 31st if I wanted/needed.

And when I complained, the landlady/super just stared at me blankly, and said: "Oh." ... shrug.

It really has gone downhill. And yes, the construction of the monster condo building next door is terrible. It's part of the reason I moved, as it was going to block out my entire view (which was a gorgeous one, until the condo came).

In the end, great price - but I was paying 830 for my bachelor apt when I first moved in... and it was going up to about 860 by the time I was leaving. And that was WITH a view obstruction that was inevitable with the arrival of that new X2 condo.


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They're baaaaaaack....

Four more units in this building have confirmed bed bugs all on different floors. The exterminators were here recently. I guess the tenant involved had to pay for it themselves. I overheard the superintendant arguing with a tenant about this problem and she was telling the tenant that it was their responsibility. What a crock!

This building was in a good state of repair and well looked after but things have been going downhill for about the last year or so. Mice runn

ing around everywhere, bedbugs, and construction next door 6 days a week from 7 am. Management doesnt seem to care about the mice or bedbugs.

Steer clear of this building unless you want problems!

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@ abouttomovein, There are NO bedbugs in this buildng. Been residing here for over 2 years and this building is well kept. So happy I found this place during my initial apartment search.

I'm seriously considering moving into a unit at 550 Jarvis St. I'm reading back to a lot of posts reporting bedbugs at this location over the past couple of years, seemingly mostly in 2012. Wondering what the current bedbug status is there? Any current tenants have any insight they could share with me? I had a friend whose life was totally turned upside down by a bedbug infestation, and am trying to be very cautious.
On a similar note, any cockroaches?

Your response is greatly app

reciated, thanks!

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Right you are. I was mistaking it for 460 -- but apparently the numbers skip from 440 to 460.

450 Jarvis does NOT exist! No such building!

450 Jarvis isn't even close to 550 Jarvis. It is several blocks south. Not the same building at all.

I don't know if the situation is any different than last reported. There are new supers and a new building manager, and it looks like they've been cutting back on maintenance and cleaning. I haven't heard of any infestations in well over a year, but I did see a bunch of furniture being thrown out a while ago.

I'm still well in the clear at least. Never had a single insect in this building

. (But there were roaches in the garbage room that was piling up and wasn't being emptied for a while.)

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lol ah man im moving into 450 jarvis if everything is cool but i didnt know 550 jarvis was the same address. anywho i see lots of reports history etc so i will update with what happens to me. i agree that many places i seen when looking have had bed bug reports and it ultimately comes down to the tenant but i just wanted 2 be as stress free as possible. ill make sure to tell them to spray before i move in....*sigh*

I moved in around the end of August 2010, and shortly after, there were reports of bedbugs. I was freaked out, and immediately proofed my apartment; caulking around the base of the room/pipes in the bathroom, and double-sided tape on the legs of my couch.

After talking to my neighbor, I found out THEY got bedbugs from the person next to them. He said, "Yeah, so expect to get them."

But I didn't :)

The landlord offered a time/week for a company to come in and spray our entire floor a fe

w days later. Even though I didn't get bedbugs, I got the spray for extra precaution. Yes, it was a pain bagging up all my shit, but it was worth it.

So long as you take precautions like I did, you'll be fine. I still haven't had any problems in this building. Just don't leave your shit outside, or take stuff from the side of the street.

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I'm not doubting that there have been problems. Hello? This is Toronto. Pretty much every building here has bugs of some sort. This one seems to have a lot less though. And despite people claiming to take proper precautions or do the required prep, there are still a lot of people in this building who don't give a crap. As evidenced by people leaving infested books in the laundry room, and other people taking them. Tenants in this building don't think twice about picking garbage (clothes and furn

iture especially) up and rehoming it. I watched a tenant the other day who planned to remove the paint that said "bugs" off a dresser and take it to his apartment. Tenants from 96 and 105 love to throw their furniture out in our bins, where your neighbours will gladly stake a claim. It's no wonder there will continue to be problems. Is it widespread? I don't think so. How many units out of the 250+ have had bugs? 10? 20? 30? That's still only about 10%. Try moving across the street to Huntley, where the infestation rate is more like 70%. I'm more concerned about one of the hoarders in this building causing a situation like the one at 200 Wellesley a little while ago.

As for management, I think you're giving them too much credit if you think they care about what is being written here. They've got a full building with a waiting list to get in. They don't care about a couple of people trying to "warn" others away.

I've been through this before, and I've successfully beat off an infestation (without the help of pest control, who were a hinderence anyway.) Once I got rid of the problem and was completely pest-free, I looked long and hard for a building that was bug-free. 4 years ago this building was the only one out of 20 I looked at that had that distinction. It's sad that people have ruined it now.

Take steps to protect yourself and there is a good chance you won't ever get them. The reality is that you're more likely to pick up hitchhikers at the public library or the movie theatre than from someone down the hall. Just wait until the day you can't buy a new pair of shoes without bringing these pests home. In the meantime, don't bring crap home if you don't know where it's been. Seal your baseboards with silicone if you're worried your neighbour might spread them. And stock up on Murphy's Oil Soap.

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Wow.... some pretty defensive and nasty words from the last submitter. Unfortunately this seems to be the tone of the building over the last few years. What a shame.... I am wondering if the last submission doesn't have something to do with the management of the building. I have also had bedbugs and have been sprayed. The process to prepare is excruciating and very expensive. On the advise of the exterminator, he also suggested that I inform my tenants that I was being sprayed as they do t

ravel under doors and under baseboards. Any hammering or construction sends these little creatures running for new places to call home. Because this building has a high turnover of tenants many people are bringing them into the building. This was never the case before. The exterminator also suggested purchasing a steamer and steaming all the baseboards. I have good knowledge that bugs have been detected on all the floors and many people home during the day have witnessed the exterminator going to various apartments to start the process. Also his truck is parked in the back and he's at the building all the time. I would say that the building has a problem. For the writer that stated that they visit alot of their friends in the building!!!!...Good Luck - it's just a matter of time. In short I agree with the previous submitters that the building is infested. Do yourself a favor and get sprayed. As for the lecture in preparation, most of us that have been sprayed CAN READ....

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@ Anonymous on 11/25/2010:

This is absolutely untrue! The building is not infested, and (as the other poster said) infestations are treated aggressively. If you've had 3 treatments and it hasn't solved the problem then you're not doing something right. Are you following all of the prep instructions? Are you taking steps to prevent re-infestation? Have you properly treated and bagged all of your belongings? If you had, you probably wouldn't be needing another treatment. It's not up to the buil

ding or to PCO to eliminate these creatures from your life, it IS up to you to do so in conjunction with the treatments.

I've been in and out of many different apartments in this building, and my friends and I visit each other all the time. None of them have bedbugs. I've never had them here. Of course, none of us are hoarders or pack-rats either - if you are one, it just makes the treatment and detection more difficult. And this building is well built, with very little chance for bugs to travel between apartments. They certainly aren't coming in from my baseboards. One of the tenants I frequently visit lives adjacent to an apartment that was treated, and they never migrated to her unit.

So either you're doing something wrong, (which means it's costing management a lot more money than they should be paying) or you're completely full of it. Then again, if you're the complaining twat that everyone in this building knows and hates, you aren't a good neighbour to anyone. So shame on you for implying that other people should be.

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This building is full of bed bugs and they are on every floor. I have just had mine done 3 times and I will probably have to do it again. The entire building needs to be done all at one time as these bugs travel through the baseboard into other units. If you have any intentions of moving into this building - DON'T.


I have lived in the building for almost 3 years, 3rd floor, and I have yet to see any bed bugs. in fact i have yet to see any bug, save that of the occasional spider (which is ok, cuz they eat anything else). Last I heard we **Might** have 1 or 2 units undergoing treatment. For a building this size, 2 units of 225 unites. Is awesome. (well unless you have them). Management deals with them vary aggressively. So there's my 2 cents.

I moved into this building after escaping another infested downtown apartment building (bedbug free, I might add.) I chose this apartment because it was free of reports at that time. As well, the construction of the building makes it very difficult for pests to travel between units (compared to buildings erected in the 40 years since this was built.) I've never had an issue here, but I've always been vigilent.

ANYONE in this city is vulnerable to bedbugs. If you take public transit, go to a

movie theatre, or stay in a hotel on vacation your chances of bringing them home are extremely high.

I've witnessed a LOT of people re-homing furniture that's been thrown out (in spite of the super spray painting it) and bringing home items from yard sales and craigslist. Buildings nearby (96 and 105 Isabella) love to dump their garbage in our bins and driveway too - and they're both massively infested from what I've heard. One tenant holds garage sales all summer - selling maggot infested clothing... how much do you want to bet he's helping pass on other pests too?

The office has information for prep if you're being sprayed. How many tenants have used it and followed it? Ask for a copy and they'll give it to you. People who don't follow instructions get re-infested and put the rest of us at risk.

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did anyone have them on 8th floor ? I was told by another resident on the 8th floor - that after the inspection - -nothing was found ... did someone have them on the 8th floor ? - is that why they did the inspection ..?

The report that was submitted in August was for the 8th floor. Happy to confirm that after being sprayed twice, there has been no bedbug sightings with me being quite adamant on checking for them. Hopefully the last this building will have of them.

What floors were the infestations found on? I've lived at 550 Jarvis for 4 years, on the 10th floor, and have never had a problem with bugs period...especially not bedbugs. I had no idea it was an issue until right now. I'm not surprised to hear that 96 isabella would have them, but I'm curious to know what floors in MY building were reported to have them?

As a tenant of 550 Jarvis St, I can 100% confirm that bedbugs are in the building. My neighbor was found to have bedbugs, I was given no warning and now I in fact have them (only after I was given warning about my neighbor from another neighbor, did I start to look for them and find them). Management were quick to spray, but still battling finding dead bugs (some alive) in my apartment. I'm going to do as was suggested by the exterminator, and get resprayed after 3 weeks and hopefully win this b


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All units have now been sprayed. Haven't seen any furniture thrown out. Looks like the issue has been dealt with. Management is very pro-active and the tenants seem to have acted quickly. The reality is that all buildings in downtown Toronto are vulnerable.

As of June 2010, there are *at least* 3 units in the building that have confirmed bed bug infestations. These are confirmed because the building had the units sprayed! This is not a rumor or speculation, the management of a building wouldn't pay for an exterminator unless they HAD to. The neighboring units were NOT notified that the apartment next to them had an infestation. The above information was found out by tenants who saw the exterminators applying treatment. The exterminators were (

thankfully) not shy about telling the truth about what they were doing there. One good thing, the management did at least arrange the units to be sprayed fairly quickly. Its just unfortunate that they don't tell other tenants to help warn them.

There is also worry among some tenants that the infestations are simply moving to other apartments because the treatments are limited to single units, instead of doing a larger scale treatment (spraying neighboring apts). This would help prevent the bugs from simply scurrying off into a crevice and infesting the neighbors unit.

If you live in this building (or anywhere really), check your mattress and watch out for warning signs (i.e. bites) If you find anything, tell the super/landlord who will arrange the unit to be sprayed. I know its embarrassing, but please do your fellow tenants a favor and let your neighbors know you have found bed bugs. If the embarrassment is too much to handle, at least leave an anonymous note saying someone near them may have had an infestation, its better than nothing! Aside from preventing a fellow person from going through the trauma of finding blood sucking insects in their bed, you'll also be reducing the chances of YOUR unit being re-infested. Think about it, your unit gets sprayed, the bugs scurry off to your neighbors unit (infesting another apt), then once the pesticide in your unit wears off, they'll simply spread back to your unit.

Lets work together, so we all remain safe from this pest!

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furnature came from building behind 550 jarvis
tenants from 550 added more furnature
any pieces into 550 jarvis the super sprayed all furnature to avoid getting them through out his building

May 27, 2010 - Furniture was left out side of building with the words "BUGS" spray painted all over them. Super confirmed that they were in fact infested with Bed Bugs.

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