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PLZ READ*** 77 Huntley St is by far the WORST place I have ever lived. People have been setting up spy cams to catch the tall balled (Youll see him walking around in his bare feet)superintenent who breaks into peoples places and steels. I was promised to have the shelves in the kitchen fixed, closest doors that don't open fixed, the horrible paint job fixed ALL before I moved in they promised to have done, a year has passed and still nothing done. I even had the manager come in after complaining

so much and take pictures of what needed to be done and gave me many apologies... still never got done. Cockroaches/bugs ARE a problem. You see the bug sprayer on a daily basis. They have a pool, I've heard horrific things crack heads sneak up and leave behind. I would never step foot in the "pool/toilet".

The elevators are so slow myself and other have timed 20 minute waits. Taking the stairs on the 25th floor really sucks.

The office has zero communication with one another and no one ever takes responsiblity for anything.

The hot water is turned off monthly due to "fixing the hot water tank".

Ive gave my notice and I'm anxiously waiting to run out of here.

If you are thinking about moving in and question if anything I've said isn't true, I ask you to sit in the office for while when looking over paper work and hear for yourself how many complaints come in by ppl currently living at this dump.

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Hi there, Please advise management right away if you have a problem with roaches or anything else. If you deal it with it yourself and don't let them know, the problem might continue to multiply and spread further. Its possible that other units and yours should be treated thoroughly a few times to ensure they are gone for good (and everything sealed up). Management will handle all this quickly but you've got to let them know for everyone's sake. Thanks

AT LEAST 3 units on my floor have bed bugs.
There's even one unit where the tenant knows they have them but DOESN'T MIND and won't get it resolved. It's people like this, and management in the office, why some buildings, like this one, are infested.
And I know from people on other floors that it's a huge problem here, and on many floors.
The things you read and hear about this place are very true.
It's awful.
Which is why no one that's not trash doesnt stay for more than a year.

You definitely don't want to live in this place. The elevators are constantly broken and there's a roach infestation problem. I moved out of here recently, couldn't wait until the lease was over.

There's usually only 1 or 2 elevators available and the lines stretches all the way to the front door. They never fix them and don't really care to fix them.

I had cockroaches for pretty much the entire year. By the time I moved out, the cockroaches made themselves so comfortable, they would com

e out even with the light on. There were cockroaches not only in the kitchen and washroom, but I found them in the living room and bedroom. Unfortunately, I carried some to my new place cause there were so many. I've already killed 5 small cockroaches at my new place.

Don't be fooled by the nice renovations in the foyer and that one elevator. They're doing some minor renovations so that they can justify the increase in rent. The fundamental problems are still there and once you've put that pen onto paper, it's downhill for you.

Don't live in this place. I have a friend in the real estate business who told me that these property owners are infamous for making savvy business decisions by buying property in good locations and not maintaining them for the tenants.


P.S.: Ignore the nice messages on this board. They're written by the management staff themselves.

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I moved here last year and actually had very minimal problems for months, to be honest.
Elevators are always broken down, the people in the rental office are disgustingly rude and useless, and I've seen a few cockroaches in my unit, but besides that I had no issues with my actual unit for a long time.
I heard rumors after I moved in that it was a buidling KNOWN for being a complete mess. I heard people had cockroaches, bed bugs, even mice. But I never had any issues with those things.

One evening after being gone for 3 nights I came home to discover my mattress, bed frame, part of 2 walls, and some baseboards completely covered with bed bugs, feces and some blood.
When I told the rental office the next morning the building manager literally told me I was wrong and pretty much called me a liar. As the other 2 "employees" stood there in silence looking ashamed and avoiding eye contact.
After taking pictures and videos first, my apartment was finally sprayed or powdered or something 3 days later, even though it seems like not much was done.
Now I'm living in fear and can't wait to get out of this horrible, horrible building.
It really is gross and grungy and full of problems.
If you like waiting for elevators, dealing with bitchy staff, finding drunk and high people passed out in the lobby, having cockroaches and EVENTUALLY GETTING BED BUGS, 77 Huntley Street is just what you're looking for.

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The previous messages all seem like they were written by the same person. They were all done within the same month and days apart, written my "anonymous". It's disheartening that a disgruntled person would make up so many untrue claims/stories and not care that because of their lies so many people would miss out on securing a home.

Hello, I moved into 77 Huntley Street, March 5th, 2015. I started to have trouble with bed bugs about 3 weeks later, one week after cockroaches appeared. I've been battling both ever since. I've seen bed bugs coming in through cracks in the baseboards in my bedroom from the adjoining apartment. My apartment is completely renovated which means I'm probably paying one of the highest rents in the building. It's a shame that the contractors couldn't/didn't finish their job. Sealing the baseboard

s would probably have significantly helped. I could go on, but this is the 'bedbug' registry. Security, lack thereof, for the building is very questionable. The main entrance door does not lock. Cannibas and smoking in the stairwells is a regular occurrence. The odor is very strong. Non-residents sleeping in the foyer is common. The elevators are dirty. Now they are scheduled to be replaced so cleaning them has ceased - not very nice when bringing clean laundry and food into them.

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Update: Received another treatment on January 29th. Magic Pest control, which I now realize visits at least once per week, has sprayed our apartment 4 times.
We also now know that our neighbours on each side have bed bugs. And the more one hates this building the more one speaks openly about it in the elevators. 9 times out of 10 you will hear that others have also had bed bugs.
After the treatment at the end of January a few days passed and then I found another bed bug. A live one that had

clung on to my backpack and rode around with me for a large portion of my day. I stopped by the rental office again where they told me I should probably have a steam treatment done and that they would arrange it. After the fifth treatment I only noticed the same old spray and no proof that anything had been steamed. I knew what to look for because upon the first bed bug infestation I had purchased a steamer and steam treated my entire apartment. To be honest, I did not really care whether they steamed it or not since clearly this entire building is infested and should just be demolished. The thing that pissed me off was that one of the fidiots (f*cking idiots) that works in the rental office had the nerve to tell me about the extra work to get signed off for the steam, that it is a more expensive treatment, and later told me that not everyone even wants to be treated because it's actually a lot of work to prepare for it. Ohhhhhhh is that so?
After 6 treatments my room mate and I can have our apartment ready for a treatment in about 45 minutes. This is because for over 2 months now we have lived out of rubbermaid containers and garbage bags. The items of furniture we hope to bring with us when we move have been out on the balcony in hopes that the cold weather would kill any bugs that could be inside. Over half our furniture has been thrown away. Our beds remain in the middle of our rooms as to not touch any walls. We don't allow guests to visit us and we constantly clean and do laundry.
All the building is required to do is pay for treatment. It is the bare minimum and that is exactly what 77 Huntley does. As a bonus Ivan may tell you it is probably you who brought the bed bugs when you moved in. And don't worry, they will not actually do an inspection of your apartment or notify your neighbours. That will be up to you. It will also be up to you to decide when to cut your losses and get the fuck out of here. We wish we had made that decision the very first time we found the bed bugs (October 2014) but we stayed and and all we got were bed bug bites and bed bug blood and shit on our beds.
Some personal costs to us:
lost furniture (bed, couch, tables, dressers): ~ $2000
steamer: ~ $20
cleaning supplies (bed bug killer, rubbing alcohol, vaseline, paper towel, sanitary wipes, etc) : ~ $120
living supplies (garbage bags, rubbermaid containers) : ~ $180
additional laundry (nothing like washing things you haven't even worn again and again) : ~ $250
Hours lost (time taken off work, time to prep apartment for each treatment, additional cleaning) : ~ 70 hours
Being alone with the bed bugs in your apartment and going from cursing to crying to talking to yourself to laughing at yourself all in 5 minutes: PRICELESS
Anyways... we are out of here soon and they will probably slip someone right in to our suite without even treating the apartment again or sealing up the cracks and holes in the walls. This place is a shit hole.
Oh ya, and the pools closed again.

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I recently moved in to 77 Huntley Street (Dec 30 2014) after moving my belongings into the apartment the following morning I found a live bed bug on the floor. I took a picture of it and brought it down to the Office with me and told them that I had bed bugs and of course the bites on my body. They told me that because of the holiday ( New Years) that the earliest anything could be done would be the following Monday ( Jan 5 2015) So all the while I have had to live in my bug infested apartment.

I have spent money on a Raid spray for bedbugs and used it on our mattress and box spring, I have siliconed the base boards of the whole apartment and yet four days after the first spray I found bugs again full of my blood. It was hard to tell just how soon they came back as I had so many bites all over my body I couldn't even tell if I had any new ones. The infestation is so bad that I have been living our of garbage bags with my clothes on the balcony and a select few clothes in my actual apartment. I have sprayed down my bedding and mattress and box spring with tea tree oil and water solution to help ward them off as well. In fact, the infestation is so bad that I have opened my cupbard and drawers and pulled cooking utensils out with bugs crawling on them. This apartment had been vacant for over a month before I moved into it in which they did no spraying for anything except for cockroaches. I have continued to spay the bedding and such down with the tea tree oil and in doing so have seen bugs crawl out full of my blood from the boxspring.

On Monday Jan 19 2015 they were supposed to do a second spray and then because of my constant pushing they told me they were doing a steam treatment as well to help stop this. After flipping my apartment upside down for the spray management then called me to tell me that they could not do the steam treatment and spray because one of the machines was broken so the next day Tuesday Jan 20 2015 I had to once again flip my apartment upside down so that they treatment and spray could be conducted. I asked them to do something to the kitchen area as it was clearly infested too, whether anything was done or not.

Wed Jan 21 2015 I pulled a wooden spoon out and noticed a bed bug in the drawer. (just barley over 24 hours since my apartment had been treated) The money that I have spent out of pocket on the matter is outrageous. I talked to the pest control guy and he told me that normally 1 spray, is strong enough to get rid of the infestation as long as I do my part and that they do a second spray as a reassurance. The fact that I have gone above and beyond what is asked of me and the bugs are back or still alive this soon after a "double treatment" is not okay. The office staff has been helpful but I think that they are rather just playing games and honestly don't care that there is a major ongoing problem in this building.

Since Jan 19 2015 I have seen the Magic Pest Control Truck here three times this week and today is only Jan 22 2015. It sickens me that they have allowed this problem to affect the whole building and aren't taking strong enough measures to solve this problem.

They had talked about moving me to another apartment in this building but haven't followed through with anything yet and haven't gotten back to me on what is going on. Regardless of it all I have received over 100 bites (including multiple on my face, and neck) some causing sever itching in which I had to buy Benodryl to help relief the itching and swelling. A few of the bites we so bad that I have received bruising from them. In addition there is blood stain on my sheets and mattress as well as boxspring all in this short amount of time.

I've run out of ideas of things I can do to help stop this infestation and getting sick of living out of garbage bags and waking up at night with new bites.

My advice don't even come near Huntley Street or you'll probably end up with them in your own home.

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August -> September 2014 Bites on bodies but did not know what it was
September 24th Found first live bed bug
Following week find out bed is infested, dispose of entire bed (mattress, boxspring, wood bed frame - bed bugs can live in wood)
Report to building and they schedule pest treatment with pest company that comes to this building every other Thursday. Yes, a pest company comes to this building every other Thursday. The people are nice enough to schedule an emergency treatment earlier f

or us.
Purchase vaccuum, steamer and many cleaning supplies. Days of work lost.
Tuesday September 30th 1st Treatment This involves taking apart your furniture and moving everything to the centre of the rooms so walls can be sprayed.
Many attempts were made to contact the rental office requesting a rent reduction for time and furniture lost and costs of cleaning supplies. All calls and e-mails were ignored.
October 14th Prepare apartment for second treatment as you are supposed to be treated two weeks after first treatment and the staff in the rental office told us we would be treated two weeks later. Apartment is not treated.
October16th Second Treatment
Afterwards only find the occasional dead bed bug.

Early January 2015 Notice bights again
January 13th find a Iive bed bug. Report it to rental office. Life goes back to living out of garbage bags and doing laundry constantly. Sidetone: there's lots of bugs in the laundry room in the basement, big suckers that scurry between the washers and dryers.
Find dead bed bugs along baseboards and a few live ones.
January 15th 1st Treatment
Upon flipping boxspring notice two small clusters of bed bugs outside the protective bed bug covers purchased to protect new bed.
Should get next treatment on January 29th

Side notes about this building:
Pool facility is questionable. They closed it in May of 2013 for repairs that were supposed to take 10 weeks. It reopened again in July or August of 2014. It is open now and if you try not to look at how dirty it is you can almost enjoy your swim.
Elevators are often out of service. One time all of them were out of service and I watched a girl drop to the floor in the lobby and cry because she had just bought dumbbell weights and lived on the top floor.
I used to like the idea of taking the stairs but on two separate occasions saw someone (possibly homeless, possibly a resident of the building) preparing to inject drugs. I avoid the stairs now.
And if you require a repair in your suite you better be around to call and make multiple visits to the rental office to get anything done.
And if your are still reading then hey, thanks. If you have ever had bed bugs I feel your pain and am sorry. If you have not consider yourself lucky and do not tempt that luck by moving to 77 Huntley! I have nightmares about bed bugs and probably will for a long time.

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I have not seen any bedbugs, but there were definitely cockroaches. The exterminator came, but didn't provide us with any instructions. We had to empty our entire kitchen and bathroom literally within 30 minutes of him arriving.

The management staff are the worst. They're unprofessional, incompetent, disorganized, and greedy. Many of the things that they do are actually illegal, but they just try to get away with it. They're super nice when they show you the room, but once you pay the deposi

t and you're in, they'll switch faces.

As for repairs, we have received three 24hr notice slips in which the repairman did not show up the following day. When we do have repairs done, there's no 24 hour notice. The manager simply called on the day of or the painter just came to our door.

Recently, property taxes were reduced so we had an automatic rent deduction. The landlord wrote a letter to everyone stating that they're fighting against it in court, and they're still depositing our cheques without any reductions. They haven't told us how the difference will be returned.

You definitely don't want to live here. Most people are living here because it's a good location, but that's about it. Everything else is terrible. I have had friends asking about this place, and I always tell them to go to another apartment.

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I have been here for about 4 years. I honestly don't know why, as the building is poorly maintained. I think it is because it is close to everything, subways, shopping, etc.

I have never had bed bugs, but have seen roaches, once in a while.

My apartment is well, falling apart, and regardless how many times I complain, nothing is done - broken doors, cupboards, bad flooring, etc (the office can't even apply rent payments properly - have to keep all receipts and transactions). They o

ffice staff are full of excuses.

There are many great/friendly people here (students / blue collar) but plenty of "crack heads" as government housing houses those in rehab here. You always have to keep your door locked, as on numerous occasions I have encountered strangers roaming the halls trying to find unlocked doors - there is no security. Police / EMS always on site.

Elevators are constantly broken ( on- site maintenance guy seems to like having is own elevator as he always puts it out of service when he needs to ride it). At least once a month there is no hot water for multiple days, the excuse is they are replacing the water tank.

Rent is about the same in the area, bit other buildings are in much better condition.

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Jan 8 2015
i have lived in this building for 6 years. I have (luckily) never had bedbugs. Cockroaches once, but i bought some roach gel and they were gone in a day or two....never returned.
my oven has never worked properly. My heat doesn't work either,but as i don't pay for hydro i just use space heaters.
repairs get done if you demand a copy of the repair request, and call your friendly bylaw officer.
the washing machines are over priced and poorly maintained. Much like the whole building

the cleaners do a good job, but they can only do so much.
there is a high percentage of people here from government housing. Not a big deal, but this is a private building and the regular tenants get gouged for rent.
the one bedrooms are very small (under 500 sq feet) and 1100 + hydro. Other buildings in the area have bigger one beds for less rent.
the building isn't as awful as its made out to be on here, but it isn't good value for money and it isn't well managed.

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DO YOU LIKE WAITING!? DO YOU LIKE INSECTS?! DO YOU LIKE APARTMENTS IN DISREPAIR?! THEN COME ON DOWN TO 77 HUNTLEY WE HAVE IT ALL FROM CRACK HEADS IN OUR HALLWAYS AND STAIRWELLS AT NIGHT LOOKING FOR A PLACE OF SHELTER AND USE THE BATHROOM TO A PLACE WHERE THEY CAN SHOOT UP DRUGS ON THE ROOF! If this sound like your kind of place to live then come on down we have a place for you! our elevators are never work properly usually only one is in service to service 30 floors of people at any given time.

There is zero security so anyone can walk in at any time and the cockroaches love this place as much as the crack heads! DONT MOVE HERE!

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I found bedbug at my unit and I talked to my neighbor and turn out they had bedbugs too!! So I talked to my neighbor about it and they told me it's very common for his building. I am so pissed now and have to grow my stuff away!!

Dont move here...ive been here for 2 yrs and the entire time they have been drilling the walls or fixing something at 630 am. I never get any sleep.. It feels like someone is drilling inside my apartment because it literally shakes. Also i had zero heat all winter and they ignored me when I asked to get it fixed... I had to buy a heater too but i still freeZe every day. Dont rent from this piece of shit and save yourself the trouble. I am moving out and am so happy for it

First of all, I must say that there is no bed bug in my apartment. However, I wouldn't recommend this building to anyone for the following reasons:
- Its apartment is in bad shape. When I first moved in, I thought that it was pretty nice. However, my excitement went down immediately. They simply repaint the whole unit without cleaning it properly. The oven is unusable. I put at least 3 work requests to get it replaced but they kept telling me to wait since they were ordering new replacements an

d they would arrive soon (which never happens).
-The bathtub was dirty. They sent a contractor to repaint it in 15 minutes. Did they clean it? I'm not sure and I wouldn't dare to have a bath in it.
- The worst part came in the winter. There is no way to control the temperature, at least in my apartment. There is an useless controller on the wall that is not connected to anything. When I asked them to come in my apartment to feel it, they told me that it would get better when the apartment below and above me turned on their heat (???) I had to buy a heater to save me from the winter. Of course, it comes with a hefty bil of $70 a month for electricity. Besides, the freezing air is coming in from my windows and front doors so I had to put all kinds of boxes to cover them at night.
- The pool: One of the reason that I rented this apartment is that the building has an indoor pool. I love swimming and used to swim every day when I lived in my previous building. But since October the pool at this building is not heated to a point that a human can survive.
- Security: Be prepared to have strange people knocking your door. Anyone can get in the building just by waiting at the front door until someone opens it.

I'm an international student who has lived in many places in the world. But this building is definitely the worst. Trust me, do NOT rent here. I'm breaking my contract for over $1000 just to get out of it.

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I have been living in this building for over a year. We discovered a serious cockroach problem when we moved in, management sent an exterminator and they mostly went away. We had to call them back once but since then it has been under control.

We have never had any bed bugs. Never seen any, never had any bites.

First of I wanna say I'm so happy I'm OUT of this building after the bedbug and roaches disaster!!!
My unit has constantly been SPRAYED by the pest control and let me tell you it is NOT WORKING! they spray for the roaches and next day roaches is back!! I was being told the roaches come from the pipe! so I guess I have to plug the pipe???? This building is the WORST building I have ever lived in! I'm writing this cause I don't want anyone else made the mistake I did and live in this dangerous a

partment! worst of all the property manager does NOTHING about it! if you tell them you have bedbug they will blame you for bringing that shit into your unit! on the other note just saw this!

"Anonymous on 08/29/2012

WOW people, maybe you wouldn't get roches or bed bugs if you were a little bit cleaner. Ivan and Nadia are the best people in that office and will do anyting they can to help out. I have had the best expierence here and woulnd not ask for a better place to live. ou jst have to understand that older buildings are going to have thier problems if you cant deal with that then you need to find a newer condo, thats if you can aford to live in one in down town toronto."

I'm sure that's property manager who wrote that lol! what a joke!!!

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When I move in back in 2008 there was an infestation of cockroaches,
and a medium problem of bed bugs,
I steam, clean and spray myself the whole place.

Now in 2012 still have the cockroaches problem but its minimum
an occasionally bed bugs bites only like twice in the year.

I never see the manager office sending anyone to spray or clean the apartments...

Any problem that you have you will have Zero help from the staff
Especially from Ivan the manager, that man is an Idiot with attit


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If you move in here, you will eventually get bed bugs. I lived here for a year and a half and moved out this summer. We had bedbugs around Christmas - I started to get bites mid November and then found them around the baseboards and in the box springs. Told the "landlords/ building management" about my problem, they just shrugged their shoulders and told me to sign up on the list of other listed apartments that were to be sprayed. Never was there an apartment wide notification that there was

a problem in the building. They tried to blame me and my roommate, for bringing them into the apartment. Now I understand its an older building and its going to have its issues, but they way they deal with all building problems - nothing will ever be fixed, the spray the apartments that complain... the bugs will shift to the apartment beside and so forth. Unless this entire building is treated somehow, the bed bugs will continue to be rampant in 77 Huntley Street. After we treated for bedbugs we found cockroaches, I looked everywhere for the source... called an terminator... they weren't actually investing my apartment they were in the apartments below and above mine, and would just travel the pipes and visit periodically. A side from all the bugs that you WILL get in your apartment, and I mean you will I am a neat freak - but bed bugs don't care about cleanliness they just go to their food source, which is your blood and your bed. If you want to experience bed bugs move here. If you don't want to live in hell for 2 months while the tend to the problem - do not even consider moving to this building.

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Bed bugs are rampant right about now at 77 Huntley St. 7 people on my floor were sprayed in the span of a couple weeks. Of them, there was evidence in each apartment and 2 had extreme infestations. Think twice before signing on the dotted line for living in this bed bug infested dump.

WOW people, maybe you wouldn't get roches or bed bugs if you were a little bit cleaner. Ivan and Nadia are the best people in that office and will do anyting they can to help out. I have had the best expierence here and woulnd not ask for a better place to live. ou jst have to understand that older buildings are going to have thier problems if you cant deal with that then you need to find a newer condo, thats if you can aford to live in one in down town toronto.

WOW people, maybe you wouldn't get roches or bed bugs if you were a little bit cleaner. Ivan and Nadia are the best people in that office and will do anyting they can to help out. I have had the best expierence here and woulnd not ask for a better place to live. ou jst have to understand that older buildings are going to have thier problems if you cant deal with that then you need to find a newer condo, thats if you can aford to live in one in down town toronto.

Today I found out my unit is full of bedbug... not only on my sofa also on my bed. I don't even know where I can sleep, I paid for an apartment that I can't even sleep in. If anyone is stupid enough to sign a lease here then good luck that's all I can say.

first comes roaches and now bedbug I wonder what's gonna come next.

Thank you very much for the added comments. I have had some great interaction with the people who work there -- Ivan, Teesha, Samantha. And we are signing the lease. And hey, with regard to crazy people. This is Toronto: we do crazy in more than 150 languages!

I've lived here for a year and a half. Moved in April 2011 and I've never seen a single bug. I've had the super here once and that was only because I'm an idiot.

There are a few weirdos here but show me one building that doesn't have any. My experiences here have been just fine.

I've lived here for a year and a half. Moved in April 2011 and I've never seen a single bug. I've had the super here once and that was only because I'm an idiot.

There are a few weirdos here but show me one building that doesn't have any. My experiences here have been just fine.

77 Huntley is a wonderful building and I am extremely happy with my apartment here. I moved in on January 1, 2012 and I never ever had a problem with roaches or bedbugs. The staff and especially Ivan are very polite and helpful. I strongly recommend this place.

Hello, I used to live at 155 Wellesley -- and had no issues whatsoever with bed bugs or cockroaches.

For the last couple years, I have been living in the east end, in a triplex (flies, ants, mice, and tiresome neighbours you have to interact with because of the shared space). I was looking forward to a move back into the core, back into a high rise, and back onto a subway line.

We have our application in at 77 Huntley ... and now I am concerned, based on what I am reading here. I understan

d that many Toronto high rises and hotels and bed bug issues. One of the keys, I would think, is whether management is addressing the issue and working on it. Anyone with a good experience? With an idea of whether or not it is getting under control?

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Lived there in the late 90s. No bedbugs then, but we had:
our apartment broken into.
bullet holes in the lobby.
floods (no power for days).
nightly 3:00 AM fire alarms.
boxes of newspaper set on fire out side our apartment door.
drug dealers.
drug dealing hookers.

Great place.

I've been having roaches issue for 8 months and I was so stressed out about it..then today I found the very first bed bug in my unit I'm extremely terrified I just wanna move the hell out of here...moving here was the worst decision I have ever made...and I hope if anyone sees this will not make the same mistake I did.

Moving out from that hell was the best thing I ever did. Besides the bedbug and roaches,there is the staff to deal with. They are rude. They say one thing to you and may be polite but the reality is very different. Frank, the super, uses his size to intimidate. Can someone tell me if he is still there? Frank likes to keep an elevator on service for himself on week-end and evenings.
Is Ivan still there?

77 Huntley would make a pretty good drinking game.....with Tequila......

1. Go to the rental office at 77 Huntley....do a shooter
2. If Ivan is the rental agent ..do a shooter.
3. If Ivan denies there are any government subsidized units in the building....do a shooter.
4. If Ivan denies there is a bed bug problem in the building...do a shooter.
5. If Ivan says most of the tenants are Rogers Executives from across the street...do a shooter.
6.If Ivan says people who have bed bug problems

in the building brought them in themselves...do a shooter.

Join the facebook group:
Cap Reit: Canada's Landlord of Negligence

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DO NOT MOVE HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!
unless you wanna experience roaches and all sort of bugs running around in your kitchen and washroom.

I have pest control in and out of my unit almost every other week, and the situation is NOT getting better at all!!!

You're considering a 2 bdrm on 26th floor after 66 postings about bedbugs? really? Are you that slow? This is one of the top 5 buildings in Toronto as reported by Toronto Star! Trust me I know from experience as I lived in that hellhole for 3 months

Moved in here in jan 2010 everything was fine till summer kicked in. Once the temperature got warm the bed bugs from other apartments crawled through ( electrical system / vents / air drafts ) whatever i dunno but they did come from the building.

Had nightmares with the red rashes i had on my skin.

Bought some cans of strong pesticide aerosol sprays and some silicon dioxide powder to get situation under control. Hopefully im on the right track.

Learnt a important lesson.

Even if you dont experience bug bites or pests.

on your entry in new home do a pest control on all vents electrical systems and demarcate your territory.

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I lived at this place from 2008-2009 then I left. It was one of the worst experience of my life.

As soon as I moved in, the management started renovating the entire balconies on both wings. Noise was incredible from morning the nigh and through out weekends. I could not open any of the balcony windows to let the air in. And on top of that the place was filled with drug addicts and prostitutes that seem to do their business right in the building hallways.

The management staff in the buildi

ng are the most unfriendly people you will ever meet. And the superintendent only cares that you pay him cash for a new lock, while his maintenance buddy has no clue as to how to fix anything in the apartment.

The place was basically the HELL on earth. Besides what I mentioned above, the fire alarm would go off almost daily because some wise person decided it would be fun. So, forget about getting a good night sleep. You should also watch out for a random robbery in building so expect police to show up 3 am in the morning knocking down your door.

My recommendation to anyone who might think about renting this place: DON'T!!!!! you will regret you did....

BTW, I also found that CAP REit also owns other locations in Toronto. Avoid this property management at all cost. they recently took over TransGlobe properties, so watch out for them too...

see full report...


I have lived at 77 Huntley for almost a year now. Doing our initial walk through of the unit when we signed our lease, we did notice some dead cockroaches in the bathtub. In the 10 months that i've lived here I haven't had an issue with bed bugs, but have seen two cockroaches (both were dead when I found them, though). All high rise buildings in Toronto will have pest problems, but I was lucky enough to not have a huge issue with it. I am moving out, though! Management is not helpful and very sl

ow at responding to maintenance requests, elevators are often broken, and many 'services' included in rent are not offered. I'd suggest looking for somewhere else, as the price you pay is not worth the hassle of dealing with issues.

see full report...


When I finally escaped the sh**hole that is 77 Huntley, I was worried about finding reasonable rent at a (hopefully) bug-free building as well.

Turns out there are some. In fact, there are many. I live blocks away from the place now (to the west, not the east) and pay over $100 LESS than I was for a 1 bedroom at Huntley. That's after 2 years and rent increases, and includes parking.

If people would stop paying these slumlords over $1000 per month to live in an infested

hellhole, maybe they'd have to change practices. Sure - decently run buildings can be hard to find... but they are there. You may have to get on a waiting list, but it sure beats settling for something like Huntley.

Oh - and all the usual excuses by management? "You must have brought them in yourself." "The building didn't have bugs before you complained" etc. etc. have been recycled for at least the past 5 years. I'm more than familiar with the attitude of the staff - the office staff are bad enough. But how about looking closely at the maintenance staff? One of them outright admitted to entering apartments without notice if he suspected they had a dishwasher or apartment washer. Coincidentally, some of the "suspected" tenants were complaining about things missing from their apartments as well. Of course, it could have been crack-heads from the brothel next door too. Some of them like to live on the edge and climb over balconies to rip people off.

Do yourself a favour if you're looking for an apartment downtown - avoid Huntley. Avoid CAP REIT and Transglobe. You won't regret it, but you will regret living there. (Oh, and good luck applying for an apartment if you're living at Huntley - lots of buildings nearby don't have bedbug problems right now, and your application will go straight to the shredder if they see where you live currently. Trust me on this.)

see full report...

I posted here a long time ago (Anonymous on 01/11/2009) saying how I hadn't seen a bedbug since I moved in to 77 Huntley September of 2008. As of yesterday, I have now seen a total of 4 bedbugs in my bachelor apartment. However, I am yet to see any bites and/or other symptoms. Maybe I, like 50% of the population (according to Wikipedia), am not sensitive to their bites. Another possibility is that they haven't been able to get to me where I sleep.

I have an ordinary cheap futon. I always make

sure that the mattress and blankets do not touch the wall or anything else that could allow the bedbugs to get on my bed. On each of the four bedposts (i.e., the only physical connection between my bed and the apartment) I have wound double sided tape to stop any climbers in their tracks. As a matter of fact, one of the four bugs I found was stuck to this tape, so I know that it works! Just wind some fresh tape around every so often, since it tends to accumulate dust and lose its stickiness.

Yes, I agree that 77 Huntley has its share of issues. I certainly wouldn't want to live here with a family. . but if you're a poor student like myself and you don't mind the presence of drunks and meth tweakers (think of the stories you can tell your grandchildren!!), then I've gotta say it's not half bad.

To all those screamers here saying "Don't live at 77 Huntley!" could you please suggest another, similarly priced, high-rise in the downtown core that DOESN'T have a bedbug problem? Good luck finding one. If you want a clean, bug-free building with management that will bend over backwards for you, you've gotta pay $$$$$$$$$$$.

see full report...

As far as I'm concerned, everything said about this building is entirely true. I lived there from August 2009-2010, and finally leaving was one of the happiest moments of my life.

Bedbugs, cockroaches, ineffective and downright offensive management (Ivan is creepy and evasive when asked about any problems), drug addicts, meth labs -- you name is and I'll bet 77 Huntley has it.

My oft-repeated nickname for this place: Hell.

Save yourself the trouble and do not move there. if you're unluc

ky enough to be living there already, get out as quickly as you can. There are lots of other places in Toronto, and this one just isn't worth it.

see full report...

summer 2010

Don't move here!!

Before moving in I asked directly if there were any bed bugs in the building or any history of them. They told me no. Within the first month of moving in we had bed bugs in our brand new $1200 bed and Ivan initially said we brought them into the apartment with us. Needless to say the warranty is void now...and we ended up spending over $500 on laundry and hotels because we have cats so we couldn't just leave the place while they sprayed...and it took many s

prays to finally get them to leave the apartment...but I know that's only temporary...they will definitely be back...we won't...with the bed bugs, cockroaches, constantly broken glass doors, busted security cameras, and never working elevators...breaking our lease was the nicest thing about this place!

see full report...

I have to agree with most of the people here...77 Huntley is a terribly run apartment building...from the first day I moved in...when my elevator wasn't ready for me and I had to wait three hours...putting me behind in my schedule and of course costing me more for my rental truck...when I arrived to get the keys they couldn't find my file and wouldn't give me them and told me to come back in the afternoon!!!!! Then of course the bed bugs after the first week!!!!! Not to mention the elevators t

hat are NEVER working...as well as the workers in the building red eyed and drunk and who get on the elevator and tell you that its going down, only to find that they have turned the elevator to service and go up to their own apartment or where they need to go...now tell me in what service industry this type of "service" would survive? Where the workers put themselves first and the clients/residents last? Insane...also don't forget the washing machines that aren't replaced or are leaking and the card readers broken...and the glass doors in the front that are broken constantly sometimes with blood all over the floor and not cleaned up!!!!!!!! I have a dog and had to carry him for a couple of days...there is still glass on the floor!!! And the dried blood lasted two days too! I was really happy to be moving there originally...great location, etc...wow...didn't take me long to figure out how bad it is...don't move there...trying to get out of my lease...!!!!! Oh wait...yeah...move in to my place so I can leave!

see full report...

This message is for those tirelessly defending such a good company as CAP REIT.
BBB has a totally different opinion about this slumlord - http://www.bbb.org/kitchener/business-reviews/property-management/cap-reit-in-mississauga-on-1148170

You got it right, CAP REIT is rated "F" on BBB, the WORST LANDLORD IN CANADA!!!

C'mon William, really? People generally don't like to say "hey! I have blood sucking pests in my bed" while chatting in the elevator.

You ask what reason they would have to hide such a thing... hmm, how about embarrassment? Stigma associated with bed bugs? Maybe they don't feel close enough to you to share something like that? Also not everyone can afford to just drop everything and move out on a whim.

But ultimately my spidey-sense is going off the charts reading your messages. I

find it hard to believe a random tenant feels this passionate about defending a rental apartment building. Clearly, only someone with a vested interest (i.e. management or owners) would take the time and effort to defend their investment.

I found reports about my building on this site even though I haven't had any issues. I didn't post a message saying everyone is a liar and my building is perfect just because my unit isn't experiencing these issues.

see full report...

@other posters

The story about the crib is horrible, of course. But it's an isolated case IMO. If the building is truly that horrible and should be 'condemned' then why are there still hundreds of people living in there and are happy with the building? (speaking with tenants in the elevators, etc. they are happy and don't talk about bed bugs when asked... and they have no reason to hide it). Most have lived there for many many years and haven't moved out, so why don't they move out?

Hi Lindsay, I am fighting with CAP REIT regarding the very same issue; I live in BC though. It seems to me that stories are all the same across the country only addresses change. CAP REIT is terrible at handling such issues: they always blame tenants and lie. I have a little son, who was only 4 months old when we discovered critters in his crib, we were shocked and devastated to say the least. Prior to this a preventative treatment was done in our apartment (bugs were in the neighbor's suite). B

ut since it was never done properly by the cheapo PCO company hired by CAP REIT bugs only spreaded (PCO comapny even violated the BC law treating our building). We begged CAP REIT to hire a reputable PCO company to do a proper treatment, instead they started humiliating and intimidating us. We could not stand this anymore and hired a reputable company ourselves. After 2 treatments we were bug free and ran away from that hell hole.
CAP REIT did not pay us a penny for the treatment or any damages we incurred, they are the most arrogant and terrible property owner in Canada. If you don't mind can you please send me a scanned copy of the article published in the Toronto Sun, I am taking CAP REIT to the court and that will help me greatly. [email protected]

see full report...


I am the young mother who found bed bugs in my son's crib. I liked your posting :) I still check this site regularily to see if 77 Huntley will ever turn around! DUHHH I know it won't, but it's just fun to see!

That building should be condemned. You know my uncle lives in a CAPRENT/RESREIT building in B.C. and had bed bugs and ended up getting $8000 from them in damages!

To all the people who claim we're lying or "landlords from other buildings trying to steal business"

If the building doesn't have bed bugs then how come George and Ivan in the office gave me a 50$ laundry card and a bottle of Tide to wash all my belongings?

All the postings you see on here that are positive are from management. I have never met a single person who has anything good to say about 77 Huntley Street. Just the other day I ran into someone who lives there and she was telling me the same story they tell everyone else. She discovered she had beg bugs, told the office and their response is: "OHHH You had to have brought them with you, we don't have bed bug problems here"

LIARS!!!!!!!!!!! I wasn't on the cover of Toronto Sun for nothing! And they also didn't rate that building one of the worst out of 5 in Toronto for no reason.. Come on people, you're really going to believe all these postings are fake and so is the newspaper!

Save yourself money, time and stress! Do Not MOVE to 77 Huntley cuz you'll be out first & last, and all your furniture, belongings and sanity in the end!

see full report...

My neighbor Maria told me post on this web site. I read story of bed bugs and I feel very sorry for you. I know if I had them I feel alone and want help. My friend who live on 4th floor told me their next door neighbor had them 4 year ago but that is all I hear about them. To me it seem like unique case because no one else I know in building have problem our floor havent had problem with bed bug and Mike at the corner lived for over 6 year. When we move in we get apartment sprayed because my fri

end tell me story so people moving in get unit spray before move in and have no problem. I really like here and my kids very happy but it is not cheap like you say it is, we pay $1450 for two bedroom which lots of money. I hope you ok and good luck at new place.

see full report...

Lived here for 3 and a half years and no problems. No bed bugs. Neighbours are very friendly and nice, at least on my floor. I work down at Bloor and Yonge so its been wonderful walking to work. The location is perfect, I just wish the landlords were more receptive and responded to things quicker.

I am appalled at this character's posting below. Whether or not you’ve encountered bed bugs in your own unit, it’s hard to deny that the building is crawling with them. If you want to dismiss this website or people’s reports of their personal experiences at this building, that is your decision to make. There may be 800 people in that building, but have YOU spoken with all 800? If you think that painting the halls and units is really going to stop bed bugs from spreading or r

e-emerging? You are WRONG. That whole building needs to be evacuated and fumigated all at once! I lived at 77 Huntley for a total of 4 months, moved out in November of 2009 not too long after the bugs started showing up. I Had to leave my roomate high and dry with no one else in mind to split rent with because of these horrible things. I had to discard most of my belongings because I did not want to risk bringing these bugs with me to my new place. Maybe you have had some good luck during your two years in that hell hole, but I, along with others, did not. When I moved out of there, there were a few mattresses laying outside with obvious signs of bed bug marks, and that was just in November of 2009! Have things really changed that much in 6 months? I find it hard to believe. Try convincing the mother who found bed bugs in her infant’s crib at 77 Huntley, and who is probably still engaged in a legal battle with the property owners to recover her losses during her time there, that there aren’t any bugs. Her story was posted in the Toronto Sun a couple of times, and the building itself was rated in the TOP 5 WORST BUILDINGS in Toronto according to the Toronto Star.

You say the building is mostly students, which I could believe as I remember being a student living low on funds and paycheck to paycheck. The rent is cheap, so it's a magnet for students, but there are also some very shady individuals. Just 2 weeks ago the building was raided, and a drug lab was discovered. See the article here:

http://www.citytv.com/toronto/citynews/news/local/article/74466--home-invasion-leads-to-discovery-of-alleged-drug-lab. I find it hard to believe that neighboring buildings are posting negative comments about this dump, in order to persuade people to go to their crap-infested dwellings instead. Most of this neighborhood is sketchy, and filled with vagrants. There are your normal, respectful and descent people living at 77 Huntley, but what they don’t realize is that their mixed in with Ontario Housing residents, crack heads, and prostitutes, who probably contaminated the building in the first place. What I find more believable, is that the managers of this property post comments here to try to convince people that the stories aren’t true. Think about that.

Maybe this guy below just has lowered standards for living. Maybe the building owner’s too. Maybe if you’re reading this, you do too. If you are looking for a great deal on an apartment, and don’t care for the living conditions, than an apartment at 77 Huntley is the place for you. The units are very affordable (maybe because charging an arm and leg to live here is just outrageous). I refuse to be found within a one block radius of this building anymore. It’s unsanitary, and if you live here now, I hope you’re making arrangements or plans for an exit, in the event that you end up being the next meal.

see full report...

I'm appalled by all the fake stories on this site. We've lived here for 2 years and have had no problems. No bed bugs. Most of the stories here are the SAME as in other buildings... word for word. Also, read the YEARS these people claim to have lived here... 2007? Sorry, but we're in 2010 now and things have changed, at least since we got here 2 years ago. They've renovated the place, our hallway is completely new, new balcony, etc. and it's really clean and nice. If there were bed bugs back the

n, there's none now. We also haven't had any stories from our neighbours, everyone on our floor (mainly students going to school) have not had any problems. Cockroaches? No problems, we haven't seen a single one. Keep your kitchen clean, just like anywhere else, and you won't get problems. Leave food laying around and your place dirty and I suppose just like anywhere else you can expect problems. Sheesh.

My only complaints are a) the elevators seem to always be in service or out of order. Sometimes only 2 of 4 are working, which can cause you to have to wait a while. If you're leaving to go to school leave 5-10 min early incase you get stuck waiting. Especially if someone is moving in. b) the landlords and those working in the office I find to not be of much help. They are friendly to your face, but if you ask to get something done it usually doesn't get done unless you bug them day after day. There is a 24/7 help support number you can call for maintenance help in the building (emergencies) I suggest calling that instead of going to the office downstairs. Better, quicker help.

I highly suggest doing your research before reading stupid sites like this. If you think I'm some sales person trying to post positive reviews then don't believe me... go to the building and ask tenants yourself. There's 800 people in the building, and only a handful of b/s stories on the net. If you speak to real people actually living in the building you'll see what it's really like... don't trust anonymous postings here trying to scare you away. I bet they are landlords at the other buildings in Toronto trying to steal business. Think about it.

see full report...

I heard the horror stories before moving into Huntley street (the sketchy people, the bugs), but decided to risk it anyway. Should've known better. My roommate and I are now regretting moving into our penthouse level apartment.

We had little critters from day one (which, we eventually learned, spawned out of control if you don't kill each one you see. And then they get big and grew up and we realized they were cockroaches), but the bedbugs didn't show up until about 6 months in. It started v

ery slowly, a red mark here and there, but we didn't think much of it until I woke up one morning with a blood-red itchy cluster on my bed. The doctor confirmed something was indeed biting me in my sleep; once my roommate and I realized something was wrong, we kept a close eye out for anything suspicious and we soon identified a few flat reddish bugs. Bed bugs.

We notified the super immediately, who arranged for a fumigation 2 days later, which was wonderful to have things taken "care" of so quickly. I thought it spoke volumes of the bed bug situation at this location once I learned that a fumigator is on-site once a week (every Thursdays). This place obviously has a bug problem.

We bagged up all our belongings and pushed our furniture to the middle of the room, and had the place fumigated. The day of the fumigation, we were told that we shouldn't unbag any of our belongings for 2 weeks, which would have been nice to know before we hastily shoved everything into plastic garbage bags, not thinking to be more organized about it.

We were told we might see some activity for up to two to three weeks, but luckily we did not see a single thing, no bites. The cockroach explosion happened around the same time, so we were quite stressed and on edge, very paranoid, jumping at the least little thing. Not a way to live. We were also looking up more information on bed bugs now that we had some time to digest the situation, and it is truly difficult to get rid of bed bugs for good. The Wikipedia article on bed bugs is quite informative (terrifying); apparently a bed bug can remain dormant for up to a year, so if there are any in our bagged belongings, there is a good potential for re-infestation once we unpack everything. They are also quite good at hiding in not just mattresses, but detailing or knots of wood on bed frames. This also terrifies me.

Last night was the 2 week mark, so I unpacked my bedding (finally able to sleep in a made bed!), but am still too paranoid to unpack my clothing without scrubbing out my dresser with rubbing alcohol (a method suggested in Wikipedia). I also ironed my mattress, sheets and blankets, because heat and steam is an enemy to bed bugs. Although, my efforts may have been futile, as I woke up this morning with a solitary red mark on my arm. Whether this is a mosquito bite or an irritation to something else, my paranoia is at such a pitch where I am certain that this is a bed bug bite. I hope that I am grossly mistaken, but the way things have been here (and the fact this event coincides with the unpacking of my bedding), I fear the worst.

Luckily I know I can acquire a speedy fumigation, however, if I indeed need to utilize this service again, my roommate and I will be breaking our lease and leaving this place. It is not a way to live. I urge anyone considering moving into 77 Huntley to think twice and find another apartment. It's not worth the risk.

see full report...

Lived there 2005-2006.

lived with bedbugs for about 12 months.

there were splashes of my blood by squeezing the bugs. i was bitten all over my body... probably bites every 5 cm or so.

told the management, sprayed, bugs came back in 4 days. told again, sprayed, they came back again. then again...

finally decided to destroy bed, desk, shelves, etc. bagged several of my clothes and liners, blankets, etc. (literally i moved out with a garbage bag full of clothes and dishes) damage of few

thousand dollars...

i moved out 2 months earlier and guess what... the management decided to rent out the place before my lease was up(i didn't even return the key yet).
i complained and they said that i already moved out.

bed bugs followed me to the new place and i fought against them for another year and a half before i finally got rid of them completely.

i still have nightmares of them and am still over-reacting to touches... by people, leaves, even my own hair.

please, 77 huntley, vacate every unit and do a complete renovation or something. bedbugs will only give you bad reputation.

see full report...

My then boyfriend (now husband) lived there from 2006 - 2007.

Approximately in May / June 2007 when I first met him and started sleeping over, I started to get bitten. he didnt. it was odd as I thought it was something else, until we actually SAW bed bugs on the walls and in his new $1500 bed. The office complaints were futile. They spray your room, knowing the bugs will simply move into the next apartment. He lived on the top floor in PH19.

After a couple of months of me being bitten an

d our relationship strained as I was afraid to sleep over, we finally moved.

To our horror, the bed bugs were still in the bed when we moved to a nicer (not difficult really) location at harbourfront. We were forced to destroy our new bed.

I have scars on my body and mental scars.

If you go around the back of this building (at least back then in 2007) you would have seen MANY matresses with tell-tale bed bug marks, various furniture thrown out.

There are some lovely people in this building, but there are certainly some scary people. Drunks, people you would think were tramps smelling of body odour and pee etc.

I wouldnt live here if you paid me after my bed bug experience.

see full report...

It was nightmare in this building, don't come here!!!!!!!!!

We had a huge misfortune to live in the CAP REIT owned building located at 1021 Howay Street in New Westminster, BC. We had countless sleepless nights and lived through a plastic bag hell. Our apartment was sprayed 5 times in 3 months with no success, the problem was only getting worse and we were finding more and more bugs.
CAP REIT was using services of a contractor called "Done Right". All their treatments were super quick and done in a “slam bang - and it's done” way. Later the

company changed the name to "Critter Rescue" but the same people were doing express treatments (I wonder why the name was changed). Moreover the Pest control was in violation of the Integrated Pesticide Management Act of BC; this was reported to the Ministry of Environment of BC. A government action was executed against “Done Right”/Critter Rescue”, despite this fact CAP REIT still uses services of that company.
Since “Done Right”/”Critter Rescue” started dealing with the problem it only got worse. When it started in August 2009, bugs were only in unit 331. Now according to K9 inspection they are in 6! units, they are: 231, 232, 331, 332, 431, 432. So far four tenants moved out of the infested apartments: 231, 232, 431, 432 are now vacant. Unfortunately it looks like CAP REIT and their contractor successfully fights tenants (not the bugs), by putting tenants into substandard living conditions and that forces people to run away.
The exact same problem was reported in March of 2009 by CBC - http://www.cbc.ca/health/story/2009/03/30/bc-bedbugs.html
In my case and the case described in the CBC article CAP REIT was acting in the exact same manner, poorly handling the case; even the Pest Control company remained the same. Numerous complaints and attempts to convince CAP REIT to hire a different Pest control company were violently rejected.
If you want to risk your health and wellbeing then this building is for you, otherwise do not touch it with a 10 feet pole.
If you are fighting with CAP REIT over the exact same problem I can only wish you luck and patience. [email protected]

see full report...

Submitted by "Art Student" on 11/28/2009

I have been living here for several months and have not had any problems. This website made me terrified to move in and I don't understand it. I haven't experienced one single bug since moving here.

The only place I've ever heard complaints are on the internet, many of which come from people who don't actually live here and are perpetuating a lot of anonymous horror stories. I have talked to a lot of people in the building and hav

e heard no complaints from any live human people.

It bothers me that there are so many negative reviews about this apartment on the internet because I am worried it will deter people with good living standards from moving in here. I just can't figure out all of these claims.

YOU ARE NUTS! The building is a CRAPHOLE! How can you HONESTLY say what you are saying? You are obviously Management, not a tenant. I have never lived in such a disgusting dirty bug filled building. And I have never lived in a building where I paid so much rent. I moved out of there over a year ago and I can't tell you how happy I am I don't live there. The guys in the office (GEORGE, IVAN, etc) are not nice. They try to blame the problems on you. The building is gross. You are worried the building will deter people with good living standards from moving in? Well I hope so. Why would GOOD people want to live with CRACK HEADS and BED BUGS???????

see full report...

Thank god for this site, me and my husband were going to look at an apartment in this building, but found this site, NO THANKS!!!Makes me not even want to move out of the condo I am in now!!

Thanks again for this site! I will definitaly be looking up every address before I go look at them!

Found a Bed Bug in my apartment on December 9th, 2009, 16th floor! Told the management immediately, and they sought to have the apartment sprayed the next day, and gave me tips on how to prevent them from coming back. I havent seen any since (although it's only been a few days). It really is a horrible thing to have happen - I'm still so paranoid, and am sleeping on the couch until I gain some confidence to sleep in my room again...

Because bed bugs are so hard to get rid of, I'm so afrai

d of them coming back, so I'm going to be giving my notice to move out of the apartment this month. It's one of the worst things that can happen to you.

I have also heard other people in the building talk about the problem with bed bugs in this building. I would not risk moving into this building until the bed bugs are under control...

see full report...

I have been living here for several months and have not had any problems. This website made me terrified to move in and I don't understand it. I haven't experienced one single bug since moving here.

The only place I've ever heard complaints are on the internet, many of which come from people who don't actually live here and are perpetuating a lot of anonymous horror stories. I have talked to a lot of people in the building and have heard no complaints from any live human people.

It bother

s me that there are so many negative reviews about this apartment on the internet because I am worried it will deter people with good living standards from moving in here. I just can't figure out all of these claims.

see full report...

personaly I'm scared to come near this building it gives me the creeps. when i read that 77 huntley was on the toronto star for bed bugs i never want to go near there. i recently got suspened for no going to 77 huntly to work just because of the bed bugs. like come on i dont want to bring bed bugs into my house when it can kill my moither or make my diabetes worse then it is

Oct 1, 2009.

Had what looked like insect bites, but my doctor told me to check for "bb". I what able to find 3 live ones. Tossed the bed in a fit of despair. Felt awful, cause after 2 years here, i thought perhaps they'd keep clear of me.

I actually find the people in the office reasonable and after doing everything asked of me... magic pest control will arrive tomorrow. I will be here, day off, to consult with them and make sure they seem professional.

Will let u all know the res

ults i.e. the claims that these things are undefeatable. Being aggressive with all my prep... if i can't win this... no one will.

see full report...

i\'ve lived here for 5 months, have had no problems. people have horror stories, of course, but from what i can tell the management pays for a professional to come in and spray when you have a problem (which is certainly not standard - see most other buildiings).

the company has done a number of things to improve the building, like installing new low-flush toilets, renovating the balconies (i gather that process was a nightmare, too! thank god i just caught the end of it!), and carpeting/pain

ting the hallway on my floor (others...?). the pool area could use some upkeep. one of the showers in the women\'s changeroom has been out of order with caution tape over it since i\'ve been here...!

the superintendants could use some supervision - you have to write multiple requests to get a single thing done, and even then it\'s usually just a poor temporary fix. management is disorganized and apparently doesn\'t communicate with supers, or their managers.

these things don\'t interfere with my day-to-day life, just observations. still no insects - not even flies, and certainly no pigeons, so no need for net. you pay a lot to live here, but if you don\'t like the price get out of the downtown. seriously, it\'s a great deal for the location/size.

isn\'t it funny that no one leaves names...it\'s hard to tell if it isn\'t the same 5 people over and over again...

see full report...

I do not live in 77 Huntley - thank GOD! But,I am so disturbed by the writings hewre. I feel for everyone.

I do work in a nearby bank, and I must say - that customers who come in from 77 Huntley ofen tell me of the horrors, and some have shown me their bed bug bites! Disgusting! As I really like these customers, it is hard not to itch and scratch after they leave, and apply hand sanitation. I feel bad, but...I get the heebie-jeebies after they leave, and feel itchy.

I have also noticed m

atresses, and furniture is ALWAYS thrown out from this building.

As a tenant rep in my own building, I can tell the tenants this:

1/ ALL of you, with a problem, need to document, document, document! Dates, times, and even evidence. (Yes, the critters themselves). Try and capture live ones, and put them in a jar, with tiny holes on top to keep them alive.

2/ Go as a GROUP, with documentation in HAND, to the next tenant meeting, management meeting or board meeting. If there is none, CREATE one, and INVITE your local politian, and management staff, formally by letter. Be sure to let management know who your special invited guest(s) will be, to ensure their attendance!

3/ DEMAND that the ENTIRE building be sprayed in no more than 2 days, 3 times in a row, 2 weeks apart. It is PROVEN that one spraying does nothing.

4/ If EVERYONE witholds their rent until spraying is commenced, the management will have no choice. What are they going to do? Evict an entire building?

5/ Finally - if all else fails - contact the MEDIA. Not just one of you - several of you, and be prepared to show evidence on camera, and tell your stories.

GOOD LUCK t you all. I feel for you!!!

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dont move here.
you are making a big mistake.
for 5 months i have been suffered with this horrible tragedy.

I know a couple people living here that have never had a single problem with bugs in their own unit but have heard horror stories from others and believe me this is not the worst building by far! The price is way too high for what you get, maybe it\'s because you get a pool! I guess some people do luck out even in an infested building.

I saw an apartment in 77 huntley street building and it was the worst thing that happened to me: PLEASE READ BELOW. I am just a university student looking for a bachelors apartment and liked the building because of its location. ITS A NIGHTMARE: PLEASE, PLEASE read below before taking an apartment in the building.

Ivan showed me the apartment and told me if i took it on the spot, he\'d give me 10$ of my rent for the whole year.

I asked if there were any problems with bebugs or cockroaches

in the building and in this specific apartment and he said that there were NO reports in this building and if i were to find any bedbugs then its because i brought them with me. he said (and i quote) \"this apartment has NEVER been sprayed for bedbuugs\".

I immediately agreed and paid my deposit (almost 1000$) for first months rent. I was all happy....UNTIL, i searched the reviews online telling me this place was infested with bedbugs. SO i did what any normal person would do... I went and knocked on the tenants door to ask her. She told me her apartment was INFESTED with bedbugs and cockroaches and that she\'s been bit many times and her cat was also suffering. the apartment had been sprayed SEVERAL times in the past and management refused to do anything about it and said it was her fault.

They stole my deposit, and im still after them as we speak to try and get it back. I\'m glad i found out now before i moved it.

THE MANAGEMENT TEAM IS A COMPLETE JOKE. so unprofessional and unreliable. from the many times i spoke with them, i seem to get a different answer from each person and they seem to say anything without even validating what the say (ex. telling me the apartment was never sprayed, when it was actually sprayer 3 times in the past 6 months)

-people i spoke with in the elevators told me tenants also steal your laundry from the laundry room.


>>>>>DO NOT RENT HERE...YOU WILL BE TORMENTED WITH BITES and STINGS and will be very uncomfortable just knowing there is a HUGE problem. ASK anyone u see in the lobby, they will tell you. dont make the same mistake as me, PLEASE...<<<<<<<<<<<<<

DO NOT RENT HERE!!!!!!!!!!!

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I arranged to look at an apartment in this building and fortunately met an ex co-worker in the lobby. He said to give him a call before I decided to move in. I did.

We met for coffee and he advised me he was in the process of breaking his lease because of cockroaches and bedbugs, even though he'd been advised before he moved in that the building didn't have any insect problems.

He also advised there are other "social" problems in the building as well, such as drug dealing a crack house

and the inherent problems related to that. If anyone is thinking of moving in, please take the above into consideration.

Before moving into any apartment ask why the previous tenant is moving out and speak to the tenant who lived in the apartment if you can. If the landlord has nothing to hide, he won't mind you talking to the person who's moving out.

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Is it just me or is the same person keep reposting but using a different username? seems like the same type of story and same style of writing over and over again.

I lived in this building for about one year, and I had a terrible case of bedbugs. I made many friends in the laundry room with others like me who were washing everything they owned.

I would strongly recommend leaving as soon as possible. There is no getting rid of them, regardless of what management tells you will happen after they spray. There is no stopping them. Save your sanity, and leave!

We moved into 77 Huntley August 2008, and at the time we had no issues with bed bugs at all...until a few months later. Now we seem to be finding at least three a day, and that's three a day too many, and that's not to say there aren't many more that we aren't finding. My husband for some reason seems to be the main target of these nasty creatures, and he suffers constantly. We are expecting a baby very shortly, and as soon as our lease is up, we are outta here because the last thing I want i

s for her to suffer as well. We do what we can in the meantime, obviously complaining to management is useless, so we are on a hunt daily for these pests. We find a lot hidden in the corners of the ceiling up in the stucco and find them crawling along the ceiling as well, so be vigilant and look up often. DO NOT MOVE HERE!!! SPARE YOURSELF THE AGGRAVATION!!! RESREIT BUILDINGS SUCK!!!

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I lived at this building for one year from May 2007-2008 - I wish it would have been less.

I can\'t even count the numerous times I was in the management office complaining about cockroaches in the kitchen. The only way I was able to stick it out for the full year lease term was because I had never actually seen the bugs anywhere else (though, obviously when you see one, there are hundreds, and they are everywhere). I do give the management some credit because they were very nice/concerned

for us and had our apartment sprayed... that being said, it was a temporary fix to an annoying problem.

When it came time to leave, I was very happy to. Regarding bed bugs specifically, I watched three neighbours through out mattresses and couches because of the infestation - that\'s enough to make anyone gag. He was a really nice man and warned us to watch out for them. Luckily, didn\'t have that problem - but this building was notorious for disgusting bugs... and some of the people weren\'t much better either.

Steer clear Toronto!

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After living there for a year, I just recently moved out of this building. I never saw a bedbug; however, I know others in this building who did have them and received little help from management with them.

The building is infested with bedbugs and cockroaches; the management is unhelpful; and combined with the ongoing construction that seems to be a permanent fixture, if you currently live in this building, I would consider moving.

I never lived in this building. My experience goes back to when I was looking to move to Downtown Toronto back in March and April of 2007.

I went to the apartment, was impressed with the lobby and the adjoining mall which, on nasty days, could allow you to avoid even going outside.

The property manager took me up and showed me a bachelor, and I noticed gaps in the floorboards and other stuff that just seemed odd to me.

I asked about cockroaches because they were my biggest fear at t

hat time, however the gaps in the floorboards had already convinced me there were cockroaches.

He affirmed for me back then that this building, like every other building in Toronto, has cockroaches and bedbugs.

After that, I couldn't wait to get out of the building. $820 a month for a bachelor to live with cockroaches and bedbugs isn't such a good deal!

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I've lived here since Sept. 1, 2008. I am yet to see evidence of bedbugs in my apartment, let alone a bedbug itself. Now, before you all go accusing me of being a liar or working for Resreit or some other nonsense, hear me out: I am not trying to say there aren't bedbugs in the building! Obviously, some people have suffered (although I feel some of the suffering is self-inflicted and unnecessary).
My main point is that not everybody will have the same experiences as others. First, only a fracti

on of the population is sensitive to the effects of bedbug bites. Second, not everybody is as squeamish as most of the posters here: while I don't particularly relish the idea of insects crawling on me at night, I certainly won't let myself lose sleep over it and trash my furniture. Third, the presence of bedbugs is highly dependent on your neighbours (i.e., who/what they bring in, their diligence in housecleaning, etc.). And finally, the only reports you read here (save for this one) are from people who have bedbug problems!! People who don't have them tend not to think about it and are much less inclined to read into it and share their experiences (I stumbled upon this website while searching for a Google map for a friend, otherwise you wouldn't be reading this).

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never have i lived in such a dirty disgusting building. ew ew ew ew. that is all i have to say.
the cockroaches are a piece of heaven compared to the bed bugs.
i feel sorry for anyone who has to deal with bed bugs. the people in the office of this building are morons. especially the ones who tell people over and over that "they brought the bed bugs with them" umm it's time to get a new story idiots. why dont you live in a 77 huntley apartment and tell us about your experience.
its funny th

at a guy from vancouver is writing on here about bed bugs in his building and his building and this building are owned by the same company. so ya ok capreit & resreit are making loads of money but there building's are $hitholes. i should buy some stocks just so i can go a stockholder meeting and tell the truth about their buildings.

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Hi - Jim from Vancouver here - We live in a building 990 Broughton St that is managed by the same company as 77 Huntly and are having alot of issues here with the way the landlord has handled bed bugs. If you could share some of your stories with me we could hopefully get them to address this problem ... Please email me at 990broughton at gmail.com ... Thank you


All I ever wanted was to be reimbursed for the items I threw out and look what it had to turn out too. I missed work, I couldn't sleep at night and the MGMT office did NOTHING to help me out except give me $50 for laundry.

Just moved in and not impressed. I hear people talking about bed bugs and to get the heck out.
I google 77 Huntley St and this was the first website that came up. I don't know why the Sales Office told me Rogers Executives live here because that's clearly incorrect. I wish I could get my money back and I pray I don't get bed bugs.


Bed Bugs, Cock Roaches run free in this building as the management of this building, ResReit/Capreit does nothing to take care of the problem. THey will spray but they won't acknowledge the problem to your neighbors so if your neighbor has bed bugs and sprays they're moving to your house
We have had an ongoing bed bug problem here for so long. We have had bed bugs in our unit multiple times. No wonder everybody is always moving out.

We are moving out next weekend: we were sprayed last Thursday and are due to be sprayed next Thursday. I awoke at three-thirty this morning to find my neck itching: I checked it in the bathroom mirror, and saw over a dozen red bed bug bites on my neck, collarbone and upper back.

We wash our clothes and bedding in hot water, take all kinds of precautions, and the exterminator has NEVER found any 'evidence of infestation'in our unit, yet we are finding live bedbugs and we are being bitten by

them, too. If you don't read on-line tenant reviews, and move into this building anyway, be prepared; the management will do nothing to solve the problem. They will only treat the tenants who ask for it, which means that if only your unit is treated, the bedbugs will just go next door, and then come back. If you are very unlucky, the building managers will blame you for 'bringing them in.' They haven't done so yet to us, not to our faces, anyway.

We are not drug addicts, lazy or dirty people; we are hard-working, responsible tenants who have always paid rent on time, and are trying to handle this situation the right way by isolating our bed, washing our clothes and bedding in hot water, and having the unit sprayed repeatedly. But the insects are still coming in, regardless. The weeping red sores on my neck and the sleeplessness and paranoia I now feel are the result (couldn't get back to sleep afterwards, oddly enough). Bedbugs ARE also the landlords', not just the tenants', problem. You have the right to enjoy your apartment; with bedbugs in the building, that is simply not possible.

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We gave our notice Aug 1st, and have already disposed of our sofa, sleep with no blankets on our bed in the middle of our bedroom with the lights on, have moved most of our belongings into long term storage, and have been living out of clear garbage bags now for the last month and a half. We have been sprayed twice for bugs, and surprise, surprise, the PCO found no evidence either time of bedbug infestation because the problem IS NEXT DOOR to us.

To illustrate just how important it is that E

VERY apartment is treated, we have been behaving as tenants should and IT'S NOT DOING US ANYU GOOD. Last night, when we sat down to watch a movie, my husband felt a tickling sensation on his neck. He stripped his t-shirt off in the bathroom, and lo and behold, it was an enormous bed bug. This one mananged to evade my sticky tape, but boy, he was a big one. He likely crawled right along the wall, onto the chair, and then onto my hubby. NICE. My only advice; if you haven't rented here, don't do it; the management will do NOTHING that will actually help you, or worse, as some tenants have experienced (see below), blame you for the problem that clearly their criminal subsidized tenants have brought in.

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SO! Upon trying to warn new people moving into the building about the BED BUG infestations, the mgmt has told people the following about us:
1. We are moving out because we owe rent money
2. We sell crack
3. We are crazy and there are NO BUG PROBLEMS HERE!

HAA!! So how come RESREIT/CAPREIT gave me 50$ on a laundry card to wash everything (which didn't even come close to the amount of money we spent on laundry) and sprayed my apartment 3 times?

How come the dumpsters are always filled wi

th nice furniture?


[email protected]

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Anyone with experience taking the issue of bed bugs to the Landlord Tenant Board please contact [email protected] asap. We have a hearing scheduled regarding a nearby building soon!

This is just an update to the ongoing problem, I have already posted earlier. Just thought I'd mention the pest guys are coming to spray our unit today (they did so two weeks ago, too, and I hadn't been bitten for a good while). I got up, got dressed, and went back to the bedroom where my husband was waking up, and there, right on the bed, was a bedbug crawling along! I caught it with sticky tape and added it to my other 'souveniers'. It wasn't enormous, but not teeny either( a juvenile?) And su

re enough, the little varmint got me, there is now a nice big red swelling on my hand.

What I have learned about bedbugs thanks to 77 Huntley is this:
- spraying one unit at a time won't fix the problem. They can, and will, still crawl into your unit from other units. Your neighbours' problem is your problem, too.
- decluttering, washing and bagging everything, isolating your bed etc. is good, but you have to be VIGILANT about ANYTHING that was on the floor getting on the bed - books, telephone, even street clothes if you were sitting on the floor. Don't let your bedding touch the floor, either, they'll just shimmy up.

Thank god we're leaving end of next month. We will have to work triple hard to make sure we don't take any with us to the next place, because while spraying makes them go away for a while, if they are anywhere else around, they WILL come back.

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77 Huntley has an ongoing bed bug problem which they are not willing to address
To all people interested, the form needed to fill out is available through the Landlord Tenant Board. It is the T6 maitenance form and the T2 Tenants RIght form. The filing fee is $45. The office is located 1 block east of Yonge, on St.Clair. If anyone is interested in joining our suit/being a witness/starting your own or just any general questions about this building please email:
[email protected]


are seeking compenation for all the furniture thrown in the garbage (T6) and for the interference of our reasonable enjoyment within the unit (T2)

I look forward to hearing from you.

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last fall - I didnt sleep for about 3 weeks due to bedbugs - bought a tent with fine mesh to finally get a full nights sleep - 1yr later - I still sleep in this tent - for piece of mind - this place is a hole - stay away


NO PROBLEM, just doing my part in saving innocent people the stress i gotta deal with

I applied to this building yesterday. I couldn't believe the great price and location. Now I know the catch.
There is no way I'm letting myself or my cat be a treat for bedbugs. Thank you for the information.

If you don't mind having to throw out all your furniture, clothing and possessions, paying high rent for BED BUG INFESTED APARTMENTS then rent here because this is what you're gonna get.

I went to see an apartment in this building, and at the time I never even thought about bedbugs. I asked about cockroaches while I was looking at the apartment...and the man showing me the apartment said "every building in Toronto has cockroaches and bedbugs."

As soon as I heard that, I knew I couldn't live in that building! I can't even go into that mall that's a part of the ground floor!

I have been bitten by bed bugs continuously in the past month. I went to the office and surprise they don't care. I am so upset I rented here and it's not cheap either. The office is so terrible here. There has been notices posted in the building about how terrible it is here but the management does nothing at all. This building is run by a bunch of idiots. Bed bugs are dirty and disgusting. I can't sleep at night because I always think there is bugs crawling on me or in my bed. I can't have peo

ple over because I am embarassed and I don't want them to take the bugs home. I wish I could get my money back for every month of rent I paid here.

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free bedbugs! free bedbugs! free bedbugs! lotsa money in rent but FREE BEDBUGS! APPLY NOW!

I came home from hospital last june, got bitten on the legs and assumed it was a mosquito. After discovering a small brown beetle on a t-shirt, I found on-line it had been a bedbug and first thought they had come home with me from the hospital - but I was never bitten in the hospital! It was the building that was the problem. We put down diatomaceous earth on the bed, sealed it in vinyl and put more earth down on the floor and wainscotting near the bed. There were no more problems until feb - ap

parently the landlord sprayed the unit next door but didn't tell us! More earth was put down, but the attacks continued sporadically until the bed was moved into the centre of the room. The legs of the bed are sitting in glass jars sprinkled with diatomaceous earth and also have sticky tape on them. Items we didn't need to keep were thrown out and items we did have been put into sealed bins sealed with plastic bags and tape for 18 months' storage. Clothes and bedding are all washed/dried on hot and kept in clean, clear garbage bags. The PCO sprayed yesterday but we are having them come back in two weeks anyway. Needless to say, we are moving out soon, and we told other tenants as best we could, but don't count on this building management being of much help. One couple we told approached the management office, who denied outright there was any problem.

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never in my LIFE have I ever heard of so many people having bed bugs. The management doesn't care and their attitude's totally suck. you might as well cut your losses, throw everything in the garbage and move on cuz THEY DONT CARE. AND they try to act like it's your fault asking if "did you go on vacation or stay in any hotels?" or "there's been no roaches or bed bugs in the apartment before you rented it"
NICE TRY DONT FALL FOR IT, this building has been having problems for YEARS, they're just

to cheap to deal with it. run run run

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bed bugs, roaches, crackheads OH MY. This has to be the WORST BUILDING IN TORONTO EVER. I seriously advise NO ONE to move into this building unless you like bugs, custy\'s and hookers. AND also, it\'s nice to know we pay 1000$ rent for a 1bdrm and the person down the hall from you in the EXACT SAME APARTMENT pays $130 because this building needed to take on welfare receipients to boost their vacancy

In Dec I would wake up with these bites all over my arms and legs that would swell to the size of a loonie within 48 hours. I reported this to Management and they confirmed this building was definitely having issues with these pests. They offered to spray but required we box and bag everything in our unit. Since they would require many hours to do (and time I didn\'t have), I decided to take care of the problem myself. So I cleaned cleaned and CLEANED everything with hot water in the laundry,

bought flea spray at the pet store and vacuumed the baseboards and floors everyday!!!! I finally got rid of this problem a month later but what an inconvenient and frustrating experience! This building is so filthy dirty!!!

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Husband started having bites, saw first bedbug a few days later.

Discovered from other tenants that building was infested - many other units affected. Units were being seen by PCO, building management was aware but posted no notices, did not inform tenants, and only sprayed infested units - which caused them to spread.

People throwing out furniture, writing "Bedbugs on this floor / in this building" in the elevators and on mirrors - usually around the first of the month when new people w

ere moving in.

Neighbours leaving there doors wide open were helping to spread bugs. Large number of undesirables - crack addicts and dealers - living in building.

We managed to eradicate them in our unit. Being vigilent, we have had no reinfestation.

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