96 Isabella St
Toronto, ON M4Y

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Did not live there, but went to look at an apartment. When asked if there were any problems in the building with bugs or mold the manager paused awkwardly and said "no bugs ... or anything like that". The bathroom appeared to be newly painted. Beware.

(2016) While there may not be bed bugs the building has a serious mold problem. I have lived in the building for approximately a year and a half and have been forced to move as I have become extremely ill due to mold poisoning. I first noticed yellow/ orange stains appearing in the bathroom about a month after I moved in but didn't think much of it. Within the month I developed a series of new allergies but just though it was seasonal having moved from a different area. I got better in the winte

r but began getting allergic again in the summer. Once the fall came around I became extremely ill. I developed a rash all over my body, had no energy and was insanely itchy. After seeing m doctor I was told that my symptoms were consistent with mold poisoning. I was directed to get mold absorbers which attract any mold in the vicinity and indicate the levels. Each packet is supposed to last about 2 months in the Toronto climate and in my apartment on the third floor of the building, they were full in under 2 weeks.

I needed to get out as quickly as possible. I was consistently ill with nausea and headaches as well as extreme fatigue. I informed management that I was sick from the mold in the building and while they seemed concerned enough to let me out of the lease with less that 60 days notice,they have not sent over any inspectors and are re-renting my unit as we speak. Now after having lived in the apartment for under a year and a half, the paint is peeling in both the bathroom and the main room, caused by moisture within the walls. I believe that management painted over the mold in the first place.

96 Isabella was a great building, it looks quaint and historic which is rare for downtown Toronto. Mold poisoning/ sickness is very serious! Mold suppresses the immune system and can lead to severe autoimmune responses as well as many other health issues. The apartment is not worth compromising your health. I urge anyone considering moving here to be aware that management has to my knowledge done nothing to investigate the mold issues that I have reported. Please be aware. My apartment was toxic and has cost be my well being, I hope to regain my normal life once I move however I do not wish this illness on anyone. I am not sure if there is mold in any of the other apartment units, however the building is old (build in the 1930's), so I can only imagine what is in the walls elsewhere in the building.

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