177 Carlton St
Toronto, ON M5A

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Hey Mike
You are fortunate, as last I heard about this building was there was an order from the city for repairs to the front steps, to clean up the garbage in the front and to rid the building of an infestation.

I have been a resident of this building for almost 10 years. I'm so tired of these tenants bashing the building and the landlord.
There are no bugs and it is a great place to live.
All of you people should find something better to do with your time then filing a false report.

I have not had any run-ins with unwanted bugs during my time there.
However, I do agree that the landlady, Samantha, is extremely difficult to deal with and outright lies to tenants. She gave me the impression upon moving in that she often updated the building and kept it in good repair... THIS IS NOT SO! I loved my apartment but ultimately left, spurred by the constant breaching of landlord tenant act, the disrespectful tone and tenor of Samantha and the complete lack of necessary upkeep.

I'm very happy with my unit at 177 Carlton st.
The landlady samantha Thornton has been very good about getting any work done. The other tenants in the building are very nice and we all enjoy living here.
I have been living here for 2 years and have not seen any signs of bedbugs or roaches.
My only complaint is that I wish I had found this place sooner.
Thanks for being a great landlady Samantha

MY appartment is full of roaches and bed bugs, i told my sister and she is livid, this landlady shoud be reported and all the appartments and tenant removed,,a 177 carlton st, occupant.

DO NOT MOVE INTO THIS HOUSE ... I lived in unit 9 for approximately 6 months . The first month was great I saw no roaches or bed bugs . I was bieng bitten quiet a bit so i asked the doctor thinking it might be some type of rash or allergy to laundry soap . It was only after the doctor informed me that these were most likely bed bug bites that i started looking forthem and found a MAJOR INFESTATION in my couch and bed . I asked samantha repetedly to spray and fix the problem but my questions we

re ignored . I ended up leaving the apartment and about two thousand dollars worth of clothes and furniture behind . Sam's problem is that when a tenant doess tell her about the bedbugs she sprays that one unit once (if @ all) , when to properly get rid of them the whole house needs to be fumigated a few times . so if your thinking of moving in here heed my warning and stay away .

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I wrote the initial report for this location... I am not surprised at all to hear that you all had similar issues to myself in dealing with SAMANTHA THORNTON. She is a disgusting slum lord with no respect for her tenants and maintaining a safe and habitable building. I took her to the landlord tenant board and received a ruling to receive money in rent back. So I encourage all of you to do the same... She CANNOT keep getting away with this. She knows the building is infested, lies to all her new

tenants, and refuses to fumigate. DO NOT MOVE IN HERE!!!!

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The building is still badly infested as of July 2007. My friend lived there, and whenever I came to visit, I saw bed bugs and was usually bitten. There were TONS of them - on the walls, in the bathroom on the towels, even on the patio - everywhere. Whenever I was leaving, I'd check my clothes and usually catch one or two. (Yes, a few came home with me, and then I had an adventure getting rid of those.)

My friend and I decided to rent another place together. Since we didn't want to bring bugs

to the new place, we tried to get Samantha to spray before my friend's moving out. They did spray - a looong time after we asked, ONCE, and in only part of the building. (For anyone who doesn't know - spraying has no effect on eggs, so it needs to be done at least twice - first to kill the adult bugs, then 14 days later, when the eggs have hatched. If more than 14 days pass, the newly hatched bugs have a chance to start reproducing, so the spraying becomes all but useless.)

Of course, the bugs were still there after that single spraying, and kept coming from the neighboring suites. There didn't seem to be any change at all. We asked and asked for a second spraying, Samantha either didn't reply or assured us she'd get the building sprayed. Nothing was done for about a month. My friend moved out and threw out most of the furniture, and then we made all sorts of precautions to not get the bugs into the new place. (Most of my friend's belongings are still sealed away in a storage space, we're waiting a year to starve the bloody things).

Bottom line: the infestation in that place is BAD, and unless the management changes, things WILL NOT change.

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Recently moved out of this building due to having bed bugs. The landlord did NOTHING. She even lied to me about spraying. She said she was gonna have someone come in, and I left my apartment for the required duration of time only to find when I returned that nothing had even been touched much less sprayed. And I pretty much never heard from her again, so I moved. I explained to her how bad the problem was (I had to search my clothes, jacket and bags before leaving my apartment, and usually found

bugs) but she just ignored me. At any given time I could look around my apartment and see bugs. She did nothing. My bed, couch and all of my furniture destroyed. She did nothing.

A friend of mine in the building had the same problem. The landlord KNOWS about this problem, does nothing, and lets people move into apartments knowing that their possessions are going to get destroyed and they're gonna be eaten alive my mini vampire bugs. I remember when I was first moving in I had to wait a few weeks until the person who had been living there before picked up her stuff. Gee, I wonder why she never came back...

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I have lived in this building since August of 2009 and have not had any bedbugs or roaches as you say you did this is a clean place and the landlady has been really good at doing the work. I plan on staying here till I finish college the rent is cheap and the places are nice great pla
ce to live I live in no 8

This place has bed bugs and cockroaches and the landlord lied to me when I was moving in, claiming there was never a bedbug problem and the cockroaches had been taken cared of. The landlord never came to fix the problem when I lived there even though I phoned and told her about it. They are very irresponsible and know about this problem, so don't live here if you want to preserve your sanity.

I moved into apartment 1 is this building at the beginning of July. Immediately, I noticed cockroaches. I informed Samantha Thornton, the landlady, about the problem on two or three separate occasions. Nothing came of it.

Then I started noticing that each morning I was waking up with bug bites. I started thinking I had bedbugs, but could never seem to find them. I then asked the neighbour above me if he had any issues with bugs and he said that, yes he had bedbugs. Again, I contacted Samant

ha. Again, nothing was done. I finally sent her a text explaining I would be filing an application for a hearing to have my apartment fumigated. The next day, she said the place would be fumigated later in the evening. It was fumigated. The problem has not been resolved, so I contacted her again about having my apartment re-fumigated. She apologized profusely and said she would contact the exterminator first thing in the morning. That morning, she said she contacted him and was waiting for him to call her back. For three days she told me this. I asked her to keep me informed, but then she stopped contacting me altogether. It has been two weeks and I have not seen or heard from her. I still wake up every morning with new bites. I've left messages with her that I am vacating the apartment at the end of September.

Two nights ago, I spoke with another tenant upstairs who said that she now has bedbugs. She contacted Samantha the next morning, who had the fumigator come into today to fumigate. When the tenant mentioned to Samantha that I've been trying to get ahold of her, Samantha told the tenant that she had talked to me. I found this out around midnight. Samantha had one apartment fumigated, but failed to come to my door, call or text me to have mine done as well. Also, the other apartment directly above mine that is infested was not fumigated again.

Right after I learned that, I sent a message to Samantha to inform her that I would be seeking money back for the rent I paid, that I would be posting this report online and that if anyone inquires or comes to look at my apartment, I would be forced to inform them of all the trouble I have had here. I will also call her tomorrow morning and leave a voicemail, since she will probably ignore my call.

For anyone thinking of moving in here, please re-think that idea. Samantha has lied repeatedly to me and has no idea what it means to own a building. If she would actually take care of the building, I would still want to live here, but I refuse to stay any longer with bugs that are leaving welts all over my body every night.

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Is it still infested? I'm going to see a bachelor there on Tues.


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