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The building is totally infested again. Management has no interest in eradicating the problem, and refuses to consider heat treatments... Instead management chooses only to meet the most minimal legal requirements, so as not to be accused of doing nothing... Tenants don't even bother reporting, as it only causes grief, and the bugs remain anyway... This building is a living hell!!!

well .. we haven't had a bed bug issue in this building for quite some time. However, our building supervisor has moved on, and a building supervisor we had previously has returned .. in the past this building supervisor has stated verbally, that once an apartment, or building has bedbugs, they can not be gotten rid of, as the spraying can not kill the eggs, but only the live bed bugs, and that once an apartment is infested, there will have to be continuous and ongoing spraying by the pest contr

ol company, not to eradicate, but to manage the problem (yes i am paraphrasing) .. what i fear may happen in future, is that there will be a building wide inspection, or possible spraying for cockroaches .. after this happens, i fear the bed bugs may return, and then the ongoing and continuous invasions by the (so called) pest control company may resume, as this IS what happened the last time we had this supervisor .. i hope i am wrong, and i apologize if i am .. this is only my fear, based on past occurrences .. it seemed though, that as much as the building management objected, shedding light on the issue on this page, and to the tenants when someone? put out an anonymous mailing, made the problem go away, as we have not had to deal with bed bugs here in quite some time .. i am only writing this ANONYMOUSLY, in order so that management understands, that if what has occurred in the past reoccurs, it will be reported and exposed

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To: Stephen and residents of 330 Dundas St East

Re: Postings on this page

This is Anonymous again. I would just like to say that I suffer from both bi-polar and skitzo-effective disorder. I must admit that, when my landlord ordered the last building-wide inspection, it triggered a manic episode for me.

In my manic state, I was convinced that the only way to protect myself from another bedbug infestation, was to stop a certain pest control company from gaining access to my building in a

ny way possible.

In my state of panic. I may have posted and pamphleted inapropriately. I now see the error of my ways.

I have emailed the bed bug registry with a request to remove my posts, or at least to remove the names of any companies or organizations I may have mentioned.

As far as I know, 330 Dundas St. East is bed bug free and has been for sometime.

The last inspection resulted in no discoveries of infested apartments.

I would hope, the bed bug registry would show some compassion and remove this entire thread. Or at least remove the names of any companies mentioned.

You have my sincerest regrets an apologies

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To Anonymous and residents
Approx. 2 years ago Public Health was involved due to a request from a tenant in your building.
Public Health ordered a full visual inspection of all units(contrary to your letter it is possible). On the day of the inspections Public Health took charge and was assisted by East West Pest and access to units was overseen by social workers and the landlord.
Your letter from Jan 24th, posted throughout the building claiming fake inspections , urging tenants to refuse

entry was very disturbing and in no way helps the situation. It is obvious that with so many organizations involved that there is no way they could be fake in any way, or that any of us "infested " your units.
Since there has been no communication between us as of yet, I hope this letter will remind you of that specific day

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There was a mailing that went out to the whole building which was quite similar to anonymous's previous posting.

As I was walking into the building today, I asked one of my neighbors "so what did you think of that weird letter we got yesterday". She answered, "somebodies paranoid eh" . Then she said, "it's true for me though. I didn't get them until after they came into my apartment".

See, we're a marginalized people in this building. If we as tenants are unsatisfied with our landlords cho

ice of pest control company. We have no options.

I think this is a good dialogue. It's really unfair how Mainstay forces East / West on us.

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Dear Anonymous,
I am Stephen, Owner and Operator of East West Pest Control.
I tend to differ with some points that you have stated in your above note posted January 23, 2013.
Large scale inspections are recommended by Public Health and ourselves whenever infestation develop in multi-dwellings buildings. Currently (and as in the past), these services have been provided ,and on occasion, with the assistance of Public Health.
Inspections often able us to discover severe infestations that were

not reported prior to our service call. These issues need to be addressed , and does hold priority as first areas to treat on our next visit in order to eliminate infestations in the entire building. This is the most common step taken by most Pest Control Companies.
Thermal is not the only legal method known to kill Bed Bugs as you stated. DDT has been banned for quite a long time now. However there are many other legal pesticides available such as Permethrin, Pyrethrins, Lambda-cyhalothrine, and assorted dusts. These are only to name a few.
In general, your landlord and myself, are being pro-active in discovering infestations that will benefit every resident in the building.
Please feel free to call my office if you have any other concerns.

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Mainstay Housing uses a discount pest control company called East / West Pest Control

When a reputable pest control company does a bed bug inspection, they bring in trained dogs to detect infestation

Bed Bugs are not detectable by a visual inspection

When any one other than people who live in subsidized housing are treated for bed bugs, a heat treatment is done, as this is the only known legal way to get rid of bed bugs

Mainstay will not pay for a heat treatment

if you get bed

bugs in your apartment, it benefits East / West, as they will be contracted for a series of sprayings, your suffering leads to repeat business for East / West

the only chemical known to kill bed bugs is DDT, which is illegal. East / West has no chemical in their arsenal that is known to kill bed bugs

if you do not have bed bugs now, why let someone in your apartment who would profit from you getting them?

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December 9th 2011

I too was afraid bedbugs were in my unit as i heard other tenants talk about them but was very relieved when Mainstay inspected the building and a tenant told me only 3 units has bedbugs out of 29. my worker told me to pay attention and if i see anything i think may be a bedbug i should alert Mainstay. i am glad poeple are taking this bedbug situation seriously because with the economy, many people are losing their jobs and are ending up on the street. i love the location i

live at because it is near all my daily appointments and i do not want to move. I am thank ful i have a place to live where poeple care about the building.

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This is a follow up to the previous report. I had been without bed bugs or bed bug bites for a year, and had not complained.

Mainstay Housing gave me a notice of entry for Thursday, 3 November 2011.

On that date a team from East West Pest Control inspected my apartment for "bed bugs / mice / roaches" of which I had none.

The next day I awoke with two fresh bites on my forehead.

The following day I felt an itch and managed to kill a bedbug while it was feeding on me.

It has been o

ver a month, and I have not been bit again. So hopefully it was only the one bug.

Most likely the bug that got into my apartment had been brought it by the pest control company, either accidentally from another unit, or on purpose.

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This building is heavily infested with bedbugs and cockroaches. The owner, Mainstay Housing, does contract a pest control company (East West Pest Control) to do occasional spraying, but they are wholly infective.

I have lived in this building for many years. For the past 2 years there has been a cycle of, 1. verifying that there is a problem (i.e. bites, and or sightings of bedbugs), 2. having your unit sprayed twice, 3. discovering that the problem has remained after the spraying, or that i

t has returned several weeks after the spraying.

This is a low income housing project. I would like to move, but I am on a disability pension, and would not be able to afford an apartment elsewhere.

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