334 Seaton St
Toronto, ON M5A

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The post below is a blatent lie. I have lived at 334 Seaton since August 2008, and there are absolutely no bed bugs. Whoever posted this is looking for revenge, and this is just libel.

The landlord is the most proactive and responsible landlord I have had, and has always taken prompt action whenever there has been an issue with my unit. He takes pride in the upkeep of his rental properties, and goes above and beyond the call of duty. *IF* there were an issue with bed bugs, action would be tak

en. Do not believe this liar.

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As someone who has lived in both 1873 Gerrard St E & 36 Dalton Road, I can confirm that the comments posted for this property are lies.

On the contrary, he is the best landlord that I have ever had, and strives to make his tenants very comfortable so they will stay long term

I think it's very suspicious that all three of my landlord's properties (including the two that I have personally lived in for a combined total of 5 years without a single issue) are listed on this site.


on you for taking advantage of this site to spread slander!

see full report...

I finally got out of there. It's full of bugs, even behind the drywall!

The landlord likes to act like some sort of Jesus figure/Socialist landlord when you meet him.

The problem is when you complain he screams and hollers and won't spend a penny to deal with the problems!

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