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Sept 20, 2015

No issues were found in the first month, 2 cockroaches were found in our apartment yesterday. Hoping it's an isolated incident and will attempt remedies to kill the invaders.

For those who are reporting the existence of bed bugs, what floor(s) are you on? I have just but in an application to rent the second floor :( Now I'm having second thoughts......

Sept. 1, 2012

Moved into this building 2 months ago. Within 2 weeks woke up with bites all over and found a bed bug in my bed.
Superintendant acted quickly and first spray went smoothly. I had no warning about the second spray and Management was difficult to deal with. The second spray happened 2 weeks later than it should have and I am still getting bites.

Also I found cockroaches a few weeks after finding the bed bugs!

Do not move into this building.

Update: Since my first post, I have had 2 follow-up appointments with the exterminator and a few bites in between :( My last appointment was on July 26th and since then, I've been spending most of my time at my boyfriend's place because I'm too scared to get bitten again! I've been back home for 3 days and have already noticed some nymphs around my bed frame. Note: None of the bugs have been found in my frame or in my mattress. In fact, each time the exterminator came, he said he couldn't find a

ny except for the one I kept in a Ziploc to show him! Strange? I have reason to believe that they're coming in from the cracks in the baseboards and possibly even the electrical fixtures. Has anyone had any issues with bedbugs, particularly on the 7th floor? Please share!

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Please do update with your situation , thinking to move in end of this month ..... : (

I discovered a bed bug(dead) on my bedsheet last week and got bitten multiple times on my arm. I immediately called building management to have my unit inspected for any other traces of the darn pests (I inspected all my bedding, drawers and any other nooks and cranny's and have not found anything). I spoke with the manager (Ning) on the phone and he said that it's not considered an emergency and that I would have to fill out a work order form. So, I did that the same day and I went this whole w

eek not knowing whether he or any other staff, had actually entered my unit to check out the situation. I finally called him yesterday and he (apparently) checked my unit and found no other bed bugs - funny, because I've come home every day this week and I didn't receive a receipt of my work order form, letting me know that anyone had entered my place.

This morning I woke up and discovered more bites on my arm and back. Although it's a Saturday, I called him anyway and addressed my concerns and he immediately stopped me and said that he doesn't respond to any requests on the weekend and that I should contact him Monday.

I'll keep you all posted what happens.

As a sidenote: I've never experienced any bedbug infestations in my life, so I doubt I brought them along with me from my previous residence. I have advised management to inspect any neighbouring units and recommend you all to do the same - I'm on the 7th floor.

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