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I have to stand up and say this is ridiculous! I lived here for two years 2013-2015 and it was the best experience I have ever had. The Landlady Lucy is awesome and she remembers all the tenants names! She is also very responsive to any issues or concerns. They make it their priority to ensure that your issue is resolved in a timely manner. I never had and issues with bugs, nor have my neighbours. Most who live here stay for a long time. I left because I bought a house. Otherwise, I would still

be there. Stop your hating people!!!

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Hi everyone,

I lived in 25 Lascelles Blvd from 2013-2014. I was awakened one morning with bites on my elbow and lower back. I wasn't sure what had bitten me, so I went to my physician who informed me that it was bed bug bites. When I confronted the rental office, they informed me that they have had other complaints and that one of their vendors would come inspect my unit, and, if they found bed bugs during the inspection, they would do the necessary treatments in 14 days. They expected that I

continue to live in my unit and be bitten until the inspection. They also informed me that the inspection and treatment would need to be done at my own cost. I called the city Public Health who informed me that the rental company needs to pay for the treatment as they are liable, and that the treatment must be done within a reasonable time frame, which, we can all agree that 14 days is not. I then called and secured an exterminator in the city who was available for the same day treatment. I returned to building manager who told me that I had to use their specific vendor or that I was responsible for the cost of spraying the unit. Since I did not want to wait for 14 days, I decided to pay for my own exterminator. I also spent well over $100 in laundry fees since I had to bag all of my belongings and wash/dry them.
After talking to another building manager at 23 Lascelles, he advised that the bedbugs were coming into the units from the outlets (plugs). Most of the units in the building had been affected by this as there was no way to control them entering the units since they would come throw the walls.

I have since left the property and would not recommend it. They will give you incentive to live there (free first month) but unless you are prepared to live with critters, I would stay away from this place.

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I'm glad I found this page, now that I know this building has bed bugs. So now I know they don’t advertise fake rent amounts to get people to view the apartments but they also have issues with Bed Bugs. I find it very hard to believe that the manager I spoke with would act quickly since she was rude and disrespectful the head office wasn’t any better when I called them and asked them why they would advertise one price and charge another and why they would not up date their web sit

e. I also asked them about the issue with BED BUGS and if it was under control they refuse to answer my questions so I’m glad I didn’t go any further with these people. I would not rent any apartment from this organization I think they have prove themselves to be dishonest in my eyes.

As for the most recent post you are clearly someone from the manager company that is trying to cover up by claiming you are a tenant and taking the blame for bring home bed bugs. Shame on you.


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We ended up bringing home bedbugs from a vacation. After noticing the bites we notified management, who came within the hour to do an inspection. Once the bedbugs were found, management hired an exterminator ASAP, and we got our first spray within a week.

Management took it very seriously, acted quickly and we were bedbug free within about a week of the first spray, at zero cost to us. I can't say enough about how management handled the whole situation.

This is not fair to 25 Lascelles.

I lived in the building for 47 years before I moved back to my parents's house to tkae care of my aging mother.

Management has issued several information on bedbugs to ensure that residents report evidence, if any. Management takes the bedbug phenomenon seriously. I had a neighbor whose unit was checked several times because she moved in and brought a dead one found in her couch. Management treated the unit and inspected all of the units within the block,

including mine, until they were satisfied there is no evidence.

I did not pay for the inspection. Management did. I understand from my then neighbor that Management also paid for the treatments (2) in her unit even if she believes the bedbug may have come from her previous apartment on Jarvis and Wellesly.

25 Lascelles and the other 4 buildings in the complex are well managed. I will go back to the complex should my family situation make me search for another apartment.

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Rodika, this site is supposed to be for bedbug reports, not general complaints about the building. Please keep any comments limited to bedbug related topics.

For example, my unit had a problem with insects, but an exterminator was called and they turned out to be Carpet Beatles, not bedbugs.

My furniture is ruined from bedbugs. I even checked on this site before moving in but I guess nobody in the building knows about it. I was on the 14th floor before moving out. I cant believe this land lord. I ask for multiple repairs to be done and they do nothing. There has been an inactive fountain in front of the building for over a year. The building is runned down and old. The floors arent nice and the balconies are covered in pigeons and their excretions. stay away from the building

s at 23, 25 Lascelles Blvd

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