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Please ignore the below report about me and my daughter, I posted under the incorrect building

so many bugs all over my walls and the super did NOTHING about it!~ME and my daughter were covered with bites, and she has been having reactions to them. STAY AWAY!

So never had any issues with bugs in the slightest no roaches not a single thing! Lived in a 2 bedroom for 2 years and although the building is a little older they have done a good job with it!

Had a scare with one of the neighbours who thought they had bugs. The superintendents handled it very professionally and in a timely fashion. I was afraid the bugs were going to move from their place to mine but they ended up taking all of the precautionary measures and treated all of the apartments around mine. The staff was really supportive and reassuring. It turned out that my neighbour didn't even have "bugs".... was some sort of harmless beetle thing.

I don't know what "Anonymous on 09

/14/2012" is talking about in regards to the angry hipster superintendent. Perhaps if you don't treat the superintendents like regular HUMAN BEINGS (i.e: with the respect everyone deserves) then maybe you'll receive such poor treatment. I think the supers are great. They're easy to talk to, knowledgable, and they're definitely not hipster! haha. Whoever wrote such an ill review should probably find another place. It's all about attitude. If you are positive, people, regardless of their position, from cashier to bus driver to superintendent, are going to be nice back.

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We have lived here for two months now (since Oct 2012) and have seen no sign of bed bugs (fingers crossed it stays that way!). It's not a new building, but it's very clean and seems to be well maintained. So far, all my interactions with management have been pleasant.

Hello I am interested in moving here in December 2012.
Are there any BUG problems in this building as of today?

Hello I am interested in moving here in December 2012.
Are there any BUG problems in this building as of today?

No bed bugs - yet. BUT, the unit did have roaches AND the hipster super has serious anger management issues. It was quite terrifying to raise concerns to him, only to be yelled at on the phone with the suggestion that I brought the bugs in upon moving in. A very angry man and terrible customer service, especially considering the high rent.

I agree with the Anonymous from 4/20. I just moved in September 1st and haven't seen any bugs of any kind. And unlike what Anonymous from 4/15 said, the building is kept quite clean (I hear the halls being vacumned every week + the walls are kept clean and there's no garbage inside ever). Not only that but I had a minor problemn with low water pressure on one tap and it was repaired ASAP. So I don't know what he/she's talking about. The building is also very quiet. I haven't been bothered by

noise from a neighbour even once (and I want it to stay that way so if you're a party animal - stay away). On top of all that you don't have to wait long for an elevator and the other tenants seem to be a nice, classy, respectful group of people. I don't understand what anyone would have to complain about.

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Caterpillars? That doesn’t sound like bedbugs. Every time I’ve had to ask the staff for info or help they have responded right away, you should go talk to them about this. This building is clean and well kept, there aren’t infestation problems, I really like living here.

March 2011, noticed small caterpillar like bugs entering through the vents. By April 2011, bites began. Infestation discovered. Intensive cleaning followed by fumigation. Hoping problem revolves. Moving out of this building, dirty and management has not notified other tenants that we have this problem.

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