153 Spadina Rd
Toronto, ON M5R
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Clearly the previous tenant has left and is not aware of the recent improvements and developments. Thank you.

I lived at this address in 2000s constant problems persisted with pests, the attics were full of raccoons the walls full of roaches.

The LandLord and her daughter did not seem to care to do anything about the issues. The first floor apartment the LandLord resided in was finished to an impeccable standard whilst the rest of the building seemed to be crumbling.

I am the home owner for this address and providing an update. The matter has been resolved as the entire house has been serviced. I was only made aware of this problem in July 2010 and immediately made arrangements for the entire house to be serviced for the well-being of us all. All residents have been understanding and cooperative during this period and I continue to encourage open communication. Again, the problem has been resolved.
Thanks. Property Owner, 153 Spadina Road, Toronto.

This is just a reply to the person above.

You're most likely fighting bird/rat mites if its seasonal and you arent finding any bugs or their feces. Bedbug infestation is VERY obvious if you know what and where to look for.

It started last year (2008). one spring day I woke up with bites. red, swollen and itchy as hell bites. the next day more and more bites come up all over my legs and my boyfriend's. We decided to toss the matress and clean the whole room. We covered our new matress with the bed bug matress bag and clean our whole apartment. we even taped the leg of bed to make sure nothing craw up. in Spring 2009, the same thing happened.

We lived on the 3rd floor of this very old house. there are often anim

al running on the roof and you can hear them jumping up and down.

It is hard to kill the bugs since we can't really see any ( trust me, I searched everywhere) people said that you can see bed bugs, but I just can't. I am going to try to get ride of it otherwise I can't sleep at night.

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