175 Lowther Ave
Toronto, ON M5R

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On October /19/2011 I had Orkin /PCO's bedbug sniffing dog through and we were clear of Bedbugs . This is more than a year we have been clear . The service number form from PCO is 1398681 . The bedbug dogs name is Scobby and his handler is Simon . Scobby works full time for PCO and is a great dog . PCO's number is 1-800-726-7378. They will not be able to confirm this report I do not think on the phone but if you email me I can send you a scan of the report from Simon of PCO .PCO would most likel

y confirm that they had a bedbug sniffing dog named Scooby though and that his handler is Simon .
My email is [email protected]

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Our lovely home is bedbug free!! Thanks to the huge collective effort made by our apt. manager and the 'responsible' tenants who regularly steamed, vacuumed, cleaned, and monitored the situation. We had Tracker the dog come through a few times, and the whole house have been in the clear for 4 months now. The basement, 1st, and 2nd fl. apts have been bug-free for more than a year now. The house is an awesome, well-maintained Edwardian home. House owner has spent more than $10,000 to battle the bu

gs-- more than any other owners would do. It's really too bad that we had an ignorant tenant who grabbed furniture/a futon off the street and brought it in. That's how this whole mess started! Future tenants: don't even THINK of moving your bedbug-infested furniture into our home, since Tracker the dog will sniff yours out. http://thebedbugtracker.com/ Spread the word-- stop your friends/family from taking furniture off the street to save a few dollars.

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Hi There ,

I live at 175 Lowther Avenue and there are maybe no bedbugs now . The landlord has spent thousands and thousands of dollars trying to get rid of them . One tenant said the landlord did not wish anyone to know . This is incorrect . He wanted to write a letter to people and he did not . There were things done in the units that had them just not poison . I cleaned the carpets once a week in different units trying to control them . The complaint about there being bedbugs on the fifth f

loor are incorrect as there is no fifth floor . If you count the basement there might be 4 floors bus as no one lives on the roof there is no fifth floor .If you want a picture of the house I would be happy to email you one so you could see there is no fifth floor . As for Mad who says shame on the landlord . I suspect he does not know what has been happening here . Try one tenant that had so much stuff I had to bend over backwards to get his room treated . The landlord has tried very hard and I have tried very hard to get rid of them . I am the super in the building . It is all well and good to have abedbug registry but if you wish to know the whole story please get back to me . [email protected] . Have a great day .

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deplorable landlord, shame shame shame on you

I'm a tenant at 175 Lowther Ave, on the second floor of the house, and to my horror found approximately a dozen live bud bugs in my curtains on November 16th 2008.

These bed bugs were hiding at the top of the curtains in the pockets where you would slide the curtain rod.

I called Toronto Public Health and notified the landlord via email as he lives in California. The landlord’s response to my email was quick and promised to have the house sprayed as I demanded that he rectify t

his problem immediately!

Now it’s a matter of when the extermination will happen, as the landlord mentioned in his email there is a lot of preparation to be done prior to fumigation.

What is most upsetting is that 3 other tenants in the house have the bed bugs and nothing was done and now they are traveling from unit to unit as expected.

If anyone has had the unfortunate experience of bud bugs could you recommend a good exterminator?

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The fifth floor has had bed bugs as well.

The manager of the building heard of reports of possible infestation in the basement apartment but didn't have this confirmed. No full investigation of the complaint was completed in 2007 when the basement tenant first reported it. As of Sept. and Oct. 2008, there has now been a confirmed infestation in one of the apartments on the 3rd floor as well as in two others on the 2nd floor.

It should be noted that another 2nd floor tenant heard that the manager of the building was 'specifically ask

ed' by the owner of 175 Lowther (who lives in California) to not tell anyone else of the infestation problem.

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