191 St George St
Toronto, ON M5R

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I dealt with a serious case of bed bugs at this building starting in early 2015. Management attempted to cure the issue but to no avail. The issue persisted for months leaving me with the impression that there is a major bed bug infestation in this building. I finally moved out as the issue became unbearable. My advice would be to stay away from this building even though the rent is enticing.

I lived there from 1972-2009, and I saw a few cockroaches in the years there. Nothing too bad, maybe 5 in total, as I think they were caused by a really smelly old man down the hall, who's place looked disgusting (and you would see them in the hall outside his place).

Despite this, I would recommend this building, as I've never heard of Bed bugs here, and the location is great. Building is quite clean, and the super is quick to fix problems.

My next door neighbour just informed me that he has bed bugs and from the parade of couches and mattresses on the front lawn I would guess lots of others are having the same problem in this building. This happened this Janurary. Over the last two years I've had many encounters where i've asked the landlord to repair things and had a half- done job. Mold in the bathroom? Plaster over it! Sewer problems? Not our fault! Lights in the hallway flickering? It hads character! Not to mention the buildin

g manager doesn't give two hoots about the condition of the building or the people living in it. The landlord is nice enough but the building is really a slum. Don't be tempted by the cheap prices! Also last year the property manager tried to raise the rent stating that there had been 10,000 in camera equipment installed- there are no cameras anywhere!

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I agree with the rest of the posters here. This place is a slum. Seriously review your options before signing a lease here.

This place just straight up sucks. Dirty. Rude management. Just totally neglected. Awful choice for anyone who wants to be comfortable in their home. The landlord is a Russian slumlord lady.

Terrible landlord - the most unprofessional lady I've ever met. It's like you're renting from criminals. Just a nightmare.

Pricing is fair - for a functioning apartment. But that's not what you get. Apartments are dirty, broken and run down. Landlord won't fix anything. Just one of those overall depressing places to live. If you're okay with doing everything on your own then this place it okay. If you want caring landlords who are attentive and demand cleanliness - look elsewhere. It's no wonder I haven't found a bed bug or roach..yet.


WARNING: If you would like to stay at a place where you are taken advantage of by your landlords this is the place for you!

I was smart enough to back out before I signed the lease (RIGHT BEFORE!) and it was the best move I ever made. They will tell you that they won't paint the unit for you, or clean it, and in addition they will suggest you fix all of the broken items after you move in - if you don't "they can rent to someone who will take it that way."

These people will walk all over

you if you don't stand your ground. Whatever you do, make sure you get exactly what you want out of them before you sign your lease. Because you will quickly find out that they do not care about anything you need and when you turn your back to walk out the door they will call you names and yell, I quote "we do not need tenants like you anyway."

Well if being a person who demands clean and properly functioning apartments, yes, I suppose you don't need be. :)

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