2 Spadina Rd
Toronto, ON M5R

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I can confirm that the building is in fact infested with bed bugs. I checked this website for a possible report before moving in a year ago but now I realize that many residents don't consider bed bugs a huge problem, and the ones that do - move out. I lived on the third floor and I had to move out 2 months before the expiration of my lease because I saw them everywhere on a daily basis. I would see 3-4 bed bugs a day crawling on my couch, shower curtain, and kitchen cabinets. After notifying th

e management about it, they agreed to spray my place but nobody else's got treated so I'm sure they moved on. The management of this building is too cheap to treat it so they never go away.

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Lived here on the third floor last year. My neighbour had bed bugs, I thankfully never had a problem. He said he had multiple sprayings but that they kept coming back. Otherwise, a nice apartment building. Don't know the status of the infestation/how many units are affected.

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