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I live at 250 Davenport road.
In the tchc building. Today there was a couch left in the hallway just down from the elevator. That was so infested with bed bugs, i mean very infested that you could see the blood stains and black marks from the feces of the bugs every single seam was exploding..

I was amazed when there were even bugs out on the floor. Crawling and being tracked around by residents of the building. I had to step outta my shoes and leap into my house then very quickly vaccum

e everything.

I promptly called the management at roughly 6:30...

They said the call has been made and somebody was on it.

I waited over three hours the couch was still there. So I called back. Shortly after 9....

Then I took pictures of it and a video of the bugs moving on the floor. Very far from the couch. And decided to post here about it to inform possible newcomers. Or people already residing here..

Its hard to imagine a super.. Not caring about bugs. When he lives he lives here as well.

Had this warning been taken seriously about there being a bed bug riddled couch the small amount of Sunday labor would have saved, What will now most likely be a 9 unit spray and fumigate.

Please help.

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It is Saturday November 3rd and I just found a bedbug on my pillo. After I killed it I took a whiff and remembered the smell between my thumb and first finger. I had hoped that I was rid of these nasty creatures and I guess I was wrong. This building needs to be treated and I would gladly pack my stuff and move out of here while the building is being fumigated.

I will have more as this saga develops.

This report is a couple of years late but it is worth writing up.

During the months of September to November of 2010 I have been dealing with bedbugs and I had been scratching before I went to sleep and scratching when I woke up.

Around Halloween I really began to find them in my bed and it got so bad that I had to move to the couch. It worked for a while and I reported the problem to TCHC and they came and sprayed the apartment on November 24th and the problem was solved with only 2 more

bedbugs landing on me and being squashed by my fingers.

Despite my relief from these nasty creatures, I think the building should have been fully fumigated and declared uninhabitable for 4 hours or so. All though, it is best to be out of the apartment for 24 hours so the spray can take full affect without the persons presence in the unit.

If what others have said is true, I think the inspections are a joke and there should have been closer inspections on the building since 2008, when the new people took over at the front office. That of course includes searching for bedbugs.

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i lived here for 5 years and i never had bedbugs until recently, i actually saw one coming from a tiny hole in the wall. and a few weeks later i notices the bites.now i steam my bed they disappear for a while but they also keep coming back.
We need to change the management they really don't have a clue on how to deal with an infestation.

It's February 4th. I had an employee from the managemt company AND a health inspector come to my unit in early January, 2012. There had been an inspection of my unit just before Christmas for the usual that they do at least once per year i.e. smoke detector is working, etc. I was home sick with the 'flu when they "inspected". I asked what they were looking for, but they wouldn't say...Then only looked around my bed, so I asked if there was a bedbug infestation in the building. They wouldn't answ

er directly, but said my apt. was fine: no bed bugs.
I woke up yesterday to a nasty bite at the nape of my neck, but couldn't find/ see any bedbugs anywhere on or around my mattress. I knew there had to be some: I could smell the sweet/musty odor while I was in bed late last night. Usually, they say that smell only happens with a really bad infestation. I happen to have an ultra-sensitive sense of smell.
Then I realized I hadn't looked at/under the boxspring or wooden bed frame. I lifted it up; sure enough I saw around 7-10 bed bugs alive and kicking. I immediately took the mattress/boxspring and wooden bed frame to the basement. It was about 3 am, so I had no choice: I couldn't call to have it discarded properly.
I will have them fumigate my unit ASAP, and I hope there aren't any others lurking around...
What I don't understand is how they didn't know I had them when they inspected my unit. It seemed sort of half-assed; a cursory look around my bed with a flashlight at 2pm probably wouldn't show a problem.
So, yeah, they're in the building. And I'm a clean freak: I use bleach to clean almost everything in my space because it is a very large building, and some people are way under par when it comes to cleanliness.
Greenwin Property mgmt/ TCHC needs to deal with bug infestations MUCH more rigorously.
And now, I have no bed!!! Thankfully, I have a futon to make due for the time being, but the bed I had to chuck was about $800 a decade ago.
It was their failure to not see. And I did report that I had seen and killed a couple of bedbugs about 10 days ago, and wanted my unit fumigated. I got NO response at all.
Just because there are crackheads, drug dealers, and prostitutes who reside and conduct "business" here doesn't mean I should lose my right to a clean and safe place to live.
They need to fix this problem NOW, and force others who may have a bug problem to fumigate.

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I moved in to 250 Davenport early July. Biggest mistake of m y life. I ended up with bed bugs and lost almost all my furniture that I worked hard for and saved up to buy. I got the place sprayed 3 times once every 2 weeks and yet this morning I woke up to one in my bathroom. This building is disguising and hopefully I don't have to live here much longer. Like I said ive been living here since July and im still dealing with this problem. I had done everything tchc asked me to with the packing of

the clothes and all, knowing that heat can kill them I even had a dryer for a month and then gave it back to my friend. Allot more needs to be done, I went as far as going to public health but I don't see them doing to much either besides check ups every now and then.

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This building is really infested. Of course
it is a TCHC building. I have lived here for 10 years and its the worse it has ever been. The bug company is a joke and the inspection we had here recently is just another waste of time.I have found them in the past week in my bathroom and in the kitchen under the sink. I guess they are climbing up the pipes. The 21 floor seems to be one of the worst but I believe all floors are infested. Many people sleep on the floor as they have given up trying to

get rid of them.If you live in this building it is a constant battle to keep your uit bed bug free. Time to get new management in this building.

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I live in this building for almost 10 years. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER HEARD anything about bedbugs. It is not true that this building has bedbugs.

Tons of bedbugs continue to make their way from one apartment to the next at 250 Davenport Rd. Though a "dusting" was conducted during early summer 2011, the bugs continue to thrive. I believe that management took the easy way out in not having the fumigation company guarantee the job - which was offered - ensuring that the building would be bedbug free; however, the entire building had to be treated at once. Instead, they opted to have only some apartments treated at a time.

Now when do

ing laundry, some people will not use the tables to fold their clothes. I don't blame them as some dead and live bedbugs can be seen in the laundry room. Not to mention that people also throw out furniture infested with the bugs. Sadly however, the furniture are placed in the recycling area as well as the corridors; thus, you can only imagine the end result.

Management need to take action once and for all to eradicate the bugs. I suggest that a budget be created for this to rid the place once and for all of the bugs.

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Found a live bed bug amongst some dirty clothes like 2 to 3 nights ago. For the past couple weeks have been waking up with numerous bites over body. They can be linear looking like 3 to 5 bites in a row. I'm allergic so the when I get bit they raise and are extremely itchy at the sites. Reported to the office and the said the people come twice a month. When I asked if there were any other complaints they stated "no". This building's maintainance has deteriorated in the 10 years I have lived ther

e. Lots of turn overs and drug users as well as street people live in the building. Please help.

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