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These buildings (30/50 Hillsboro) are full of cockroaches, mice and numerous tenants have had sprayings for bedbugs. The management is the worst in the city and the building is in an extreme state of disrepair, do not let the 'renovations' fool you. The water is rusty and the hot water is out at least twice a month. The heating system is faulty and sometimes shuts off almost completely in the dead of winter. The garage floods with large pools every heavy rainfall. The elevators are original and

skip floors and many times a year stop working altogether. The fire alarm system goes off, apparently with no one pulling it! Tenen Investments is in constant litigation with tenants and every few months the management meet in the lobby with the tenants to discuss terms and appeasement. The office is staffed with ladies who are extremely rude and the maintenance staff will enter your unit without notice, weather you are home of not. The windows are extremely thin and this is very apparent in the winter months. The equipment in the workout room is non-functional. This building would be nice if it was maintained properly as it has nice layouts and views. If you are even considering moving here, do not. Don't say I didn't warn you.

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I have lived in building 30 for 3 years (in an un-renovated unit) and never had a cockroach or bed bug in my unit or in any shared space.

This is about cockroaches in 50. Can't get rid of them. They spray, and still doesn't help. Also, the windows are thin and they rattle, there is no air con, and all the chrome fridges and sinks won't make up for the lack of a dishwasher.

I have clients in 30 and 50 Hllsboro. Both buildings were sprayed a week ago or two ago. One client told me they had bed bugs and the subject was never brought up with the others. One client told me it was for cockroaches but the one who originally approached me letting me know they had bed bugs confirmed my suspicions that it was for the bed bugs. I have seen the units and would never pay $1500 for this you can find way better options in yorkville for that price range.

For anyone looking - no bugs here! At least not anymore.

I am searching for a place and liked the newly renovated units in 30 hillsboro Ave. I notice the last comments in this are from 2013, does this building still have bedbug problems and management problems if so please let me know before I make a huge mistake.

Funny you say that "angry resident". I don't know if you noticed but they had a posting saying that the heat hasn't been working. Its -20 degrees outside. I had to sleep at my freinds house last night. I am shaking as I write this. The housing here is like third world housing, dirty, cold, no water, no heat,bugs and the management company doesnt care.

Despite the bed bugs, does everyone else wear their winter coats at home?! Tenen Investments and Briarlane refuse to turn on the heat - they are terrible. The windows are so old and thin and the heating doesn't work. Everyone out there - make sure not to ever think of moving into this building! Like everyone else on this site I agree with them - bad - bad - bad.

two words FAULTY TOWERS...these buildings are in Yorkville but don't let that fool you, 30 is deplorable - the elevators are DISGUSTING - there is constant construction and noise. The people that run the show are complete idiots, they favour certain tenants and treat others like crap. They do not know what they are doing. The water is shut off at least 7-10 days a month, we lived in this building for 12 years and moved our recenlty, its been like a vacation at the new place. DO NOT MOVE IN HERE,

YOU WILL BE VERY VERY UNHAPPY. When they come to your apartment to fix things, its like a blind person was there, they don't care to take time and do the work properly. It always falls apart in no time. We are disgusted that in a big city like this, these douches get away with this! UNREAL

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I'm going to be calling the city housing and seeing what we can all do as tenants. I didn't realize that there were as many that felt just the same way I did. Does anyone else know of a complaint board we can use to spread the word on the building? I want to make sure that nobody ever comes to live in this building and suffer with a poorly informed decision as I have. I have many friend living in significantly better conditions and paying the same price. I have been hearing that management compa

ny here is known as the worst in the industry. The good thing is that people are starting to rally together. I also heard that several tenants are documenting all the water shut downs, heating issues, water quality, cleanliness, etc.

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This building is awful. There have been bedbugs and silverfish. There is constant construction and the plumbing is terrible. I often don't have enough water pressure or hot water to be able to clean dishes. DO NOT MOVE IN HERE! I am also freezing in the winter.

Does anyone else know of a complaint board? The water is shutting off again for 2 full days in a row!!!! I can't live like this anymore. The water is shut off at least 7 out of 30 days! I can't cook or use the bathroom for 2 days!? I have been needing to get in my car and go to the tim hortons in order to use a bathroom. This place sucks! Nobody should have to experience this! Do not move into this building!!!!

I was looking for a complaint board online and stumbled across this website. Anyone looking to move into this place I would highly advise against it. I moved in and am currently looking at breaking my lease. There are cockaroaches in my unit and it's disgusting. I agree with the other users. I was advised that the water was going to be shut off today. How can people live with no water for an eight hour period?! You have to run to a restaurant if you want to use the bathroom. It is the most

inconvenient thing. The garage is another story. I was told by tenents it has been under construction for 3 years. Its like a horror film down there. There are holes in the concrete floors and ceiling where you can actually see the next floor below or above. When it rains in pours rain in the garage and creates mud everywhere because there is construction dust everywhere. My car is brand new and its completey dirty every day. This is a really really poorly run building. It needs significant updating and cleaning.

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This place has no air conditioning or heat in the winter! Its like living in a sweat hole in the summer and an igloo in the winter.

I live in this building from 4 year`s and I never had problems. The building is very clean, they do many improvements, it is quiet and nice. Bedbugs are coming from tenants not from management and that everybody have to understand that, at least they are doing treatments and are not indifferent!! They try to help everybody!
Management and superintendents are now very qualify people, very promptly, try to solve everything immediately. Things getting better every day! My and my husband are so hap

py to live here, I can enjoy the park from my balcony which is amaze view! Please, think before you wright something!!

Some people are very happy, some not........!!

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This can be a slightly annoying building to live in, with the seemingly constant construction and frequent shutdowns of water/electricity for various building renos, but I have lived here for over 2 years and have never seen a bedbug. The management tested/pretreated my unit 2 or 3 times and reported no bedbugs. My only issue was that it seemed somewhat excessive. Now, reading this, I'm glad they were so vigilant. I did have 2 mice about a year and a half ago, but since I got 2 cats, I haven't h

ad a problem.

Also, the couple times I have had a problem with something, the super fixed it immediately. Not sure what people mean about the tap water; mine is clear.

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I would not move into this building again. I am currently looking to leave. I agree with the other post. The management is rude. I have been freezing in my unit. There is no heat. Guests who come to visit always complain about how cold it is in my unit and have to keep there coats on no joke. Besides the converns of bedbugs, the water and elecricity are serious issues here. I can't believe that I am paying money and I get no heat, off and on water and electicity. I have been tempted to c

all a lawyer to understand my righs. To all people who read this. Please do no make the same misake I have.....do not move to 50 or 30 hillsboro.

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I just moved in and I love the location but I find that the management are very rude. Bysides that fact, I was wondering if any tenants would like to meet to discuss what we can do resolve and perhaps get a rebate in rent, in accordance with the Landlord and Tenancy Act, 2006.

Im curious about the bedbug matter. Do they spread from unit to unit, because my understanding is they do not, but if im ill informed, please post and correct me. Also, mice? WTF. Thats disgusting.

Hi everyone!
So please, confirm again. After all these renovations the've done in 30 Hillsboro building, are there still mice and bedbugs issues. I am making my decision about moving to this building on the 19-th floor. And is there is a same problem in the 50 Hilsboro building? Or is it just 30? Thank you!

Hahah. The two positive comments below are from the management. I can tell because they use the same spelling on the building notices. If you like living with NO water or NO electricty for 2 of the 7 days of the week then this place is for you.

Nice comment from management office.

The bed bugs ,are not problem at all right now in this building. The treatment are been done very succsefully.The building is up greading garage,elevators and inside the unit.Elevators are replaced only decoration inside the cab has to be done in very future.The part of garage which the restoration is done looks very nice.
The reno in unit is very nice, every thing is brand new:newcabinets,granit countertop,stainless steel fridge,stove and micro,tiles,tub,sinks, lights ect.
I would advise ever

yone to come and live in this lovely buildning.
You can find a very responsible management and very helpfull supers.

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The bed bugs ,are not problem at all right now in this building. The treatment are been done very succsefully.The building is up greading garage,elevators and inside the unit.Elevators are replaced only decoration inside the cab has to be done in very future.The part of garage which the restoration is done looks very nice.
The reno in unit is very nice, every thing is brand new:newcabinets,granit countertop,stainless steel fridge,stove and micro,tiles,tub,sinks, lights ect.
I would advise ever

yone to come and live in this lovely buildning.
You can find a very responsible management and very helpfull supers.

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I have seen filty mattresses outside in the back. This building is falling apart! I was reading the other post about water and electricty. Funny, they are actually shutting it off again tomorrow. It happens every few days!!! The water is dark yellow and just NASTY. The management company does not care. I have decided to leave next month. BEWARE OF 30 + 50 HILLSBORO!!!

I can see I am not the only one who has had problems living here! I have heard of the bed bug problem but my problem is the water/electricity and parking garage. Garage is filthy dirty and scary. The management company turns the electricty and water off at least twice a week for several hours (3-8 hours) at a time. This impacts, showering, cooking, tv, internet. Its really really bad. The water is filthy as well! Be warned!!!

To answer your question about the building. It's extremely old and outdated. The elevators and hallways are in serious need of repair and updating. The management company is very bad and unresponsive.

The tap water is concerning. It's dark yellow and cloudy. I do not feel safe washing my fruits or vegetables or using it to cook with it.

The parking garage has been under construction for 2 years causing extreme dirt and dust. As you walk through the garage to get to your car you trac

k in all the dirt that is on the floor onto your car carpet. The outside of my car accuulates an inch of dirt each day just sitting in the garage becuase of the construction.

I have also found it quite cold in my apartment. You can't control your own heat.

The good thing about the place is the location and size of balconies. You can have a good view of the city if you are on a high floor.

Hope this helps you with your decision. decision.

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16'th floor is infested. I even saw some on the walls in the hall way. I'm moving they win seems some dirty people havve moved in and brought them with them!

I am so glad that I read this before deciding of taking one of the unit on the 22 floor..... I have been searching for apartments in the past weeks and have found places that I appealed to and noticed that those are infested with bedbugs...

It's the building at 30 Hillsboro Ave... still invested with bed bugs ???? how's the maintenance, went to the garage today and the rest of the facility... it's really dated and somehow gave me this spokey feeling.... can anyone tell me more about this buil

ding .

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Terrible building to live in: it is infested with bed bugs, roaches and mice. The elevators are disgusting, the garage has been in ruins for the last 2 years and will be under construction for another 3 years. Construction noise, dirt and dust everywhere. The building is rotten inside and out. All the pipes are rusted, tap water is undrinkable. Safety and security is a concern. The building owners are cheap bastards who haven't spent a penny on the maintenance of this building in the last

40 years, and wouldn't spend any $ unless it's required by law.
The only thing it has going for it is the location. Move in at your own risk.

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I always find it ironic that people turn up their noses to the building but still move in or live here. Great location, NO cockroaches OR mice. People are attracted to the building for its great location (now referred to as "Upper Yorkville") and very reasonable rent with good sized units with great views. It never fails to amaze me how hypocritical people are. My view, if you don't like it, get out and pay what you would need to pay for the lifestyle you are looking for. Since you obviousl

y can't afford better, deal with it,..this is reality. The bedbugs can affect even your most prestigious properties. The landlords are dealing with a very small potential issue with an iron fist. Tenants should be pleased with their efforts. The only complaint was the Company they hired. Magical Pest Control are money grabbers, using scare tactics to make a living. Their staff are not trained nor knowledgable of what they are doing and are abusive to the units they enter. Tenen Investments addressed the complaints immediately and with care. Great buildings to live in.

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I am quite disappointed in this whole process. You would think with such an infestation across the city, the inspectors would be a bit more careful. When the inspectors came with their dogs, they inspected the apartment next to me, and came out reporting that there were indeed bedbugs there. Then, without treating the dogs, they brought them into my apartment within seconds, only to report that I also had bedbugs too. Later, they reported that they only pre-treated my apartment, not treat for be

dbugs. What I think happened is that the dogs brought something into my apartment.

Not only this, but I was on vacation when they came to pre-treat my suite. I came home to a big mess - cracks in the walls, broken lamps, tossed cushions, all furniture moved around, broken potted plants. I blame the bedbug company for this, but also the building managers - who told me that they sent a notice and they didn't know I was on vacation - well the notice only said to remove pets and houseplants and even if I was not on vacation, I'd be at work because they came during the day!

Overall, a really shitty experience.

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Entire building was treated for bedbugs. In ten years of my occupancy NO information about bedbugs was reported to me by previous management/owners.
I have to be thankful for the Ontario and Toronto governments' financial support it seems for this effort.
More evidence for me that landlords care only about saving and making money.

I live in this building and I never had problems.
The building is clean, they do many improvements, it is quiet and nice.
The apartments are new renovated, all new, new cabinets, granite counter top, silver appliance, new bathroom renovations, is very comfortable to live here in the new apartment.

Superintendent is very promptly when a problem occurs each and solve everything immediately.

That is my opinion.

Actualy the problem was solved last year. i live here and never had any problem. about the renovations i think is a great thing for the people who live here. and the thing about arise the rent cant be done. by law they have to wait one year to change your rent.

Also the people who complain about are people who dont even live here.

Its a quiet building, nice people, nice staff.

so that's my opinion.


Activity on the 2nd, 4th, 5th, 7th and 8th. Rumours about the upper floors as well.

I am now suffering the same situation.
My unit has been infested and I had to throw out my bed and sofa. I am moving out!
Apparently the bugs came from the unit above me.
I find it outrageous that they do not come forward and warn tenants. I am prepared to leave a note at every unit to let them know what has happened.
The underground parking is a dispicable mess and proof about how the owners feel about the building and tenants. The elevators are dirty and they are complete liars about th

e upgrades they are making.

The supers are very nice and I feel sorry for them as they are caught in a bad situation.

They are doing cosmetic renovations to the units in order to jack the rents up by 30%. Do not move here the location and size of units are not worth it.

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New management is now inspecting all couple-of- hundred individual units for whatever reason with little notice and leaving vaguely-worded possible eviction threats to those who dared to ask for extermination or don't live up to Architectural Digest standards. Yes, we do have sporadic bedbugs in this building.

One would think that paying over twelve thousand a year for the privilege of living in a forty-something year old building with questionable ele vator access, intermittent hot water an

d an underground parking situation that just keeps giving and giving, plus grounds that resemble a good day in Sarajevo, canines rule attitude and hallways and rugs from the best of St Jamestown circa 1985, they would be a tad more lenient to tenants.

One also understands the need to seek out grow-ops and illegal multi-tenant dwellings, but come on guys, do you need to come down hard on people whose units make the lobby look like midnight in Hells Kitchen?

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Discovered them at the beginning of August, the same week I saw a mouse! On a high floor of a 25 story building???? Building is negligent in prevention to say the least. Two treatments later and problem seems to be solved. Building manager good about dealing with it, but it doesn't make it any less pleasant or costly. Claimed that they hadn't had any reports in months....hmmmm interesting That there are three more here within two months prior to mine! And how many others haven't reported it here


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Suddenly, earlier this month, I fell prey to an infestation. The building acted as though it was common and didn't seem alarmed. I woke up for days with welts and had to spend a lot of money laundering my clothes, linens, etc. to prevent the spread of the infestation. There was a delay even in treating them because of errors made by building staff (and bedbugs probably reproduced and laid eggs to hatch later in this crucial interim period).

This was not the first infestation. There was one su

ddenly two years ago as well. I'm a clean person and rarely have people over. My guess is that the bugs migrated from another unit or were tracked in from the absolutely filthy carpeted hallways or elevators. I guess the fortress of dirty mattresses at the back of the building doesn't help any.

If you don't live here, don't move here! You WILL have an infestation. You will have a bedbug infestation and probably a cockroach infestation as well. It's really third-world and the building is marketed as some sort of Yorkville bastion! BTW< break-ins are common as well.

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I found myself swamped in bedbugs this June when I was at home after an accident. I had heard of them, of course, but thought that after 33 years in my apartment that I had nothing to worry about.

After going online and confirming the problem, I went to my building superintentent who told me that once a month, after written permission, I could have my place sprayed. He mentioned that on the floor above me and a few units over, that the problem was so bad that they had to spray twice and tha

t, at his last building, a report of bedbugs resulted in spraying not only on either side of the infected unit, but also those upstairs and downstairs, but that was not the case here.

I spent almost two months sleeping on my livingroom love seat after vaelining its legs and placing them in containers of water. I had to throw out half of my linens and clothes because of the stress and prospect of contamination. I now know where mattresses of those involved are left out at the back of the building, but have never seen a notice or sign warning tenants of the dangers. Having new oriental neighbours on both sides of me maybe contributed to this problem, I don't know, I only know that after three decades this was my story.

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