32 Admiral Rd
Toronto, ON M5R

Found 2 reports:

This place is absolutely crazy. Infested with cockroach and bugs. There was a bedbug eruption a few years back, but now it is only filled with cockroaches. The landlord is mentally-illed and harrass his female tenants every so often. He said that he is a doctor, but in reality, he is unemployed. Some young brazilian girls sleep with him in exchange for free rooms. If you are female, absolutely skip this place.

This is a big, old house converted into dorm-style living. It's run by an old lady who has absolutely no idea what she's doing and has been enjoying the place as a cash cow.

The whole place is infested with bed bugs. There's no doubt about it, but the landlord does nothing to alert the residents.

I'm not sure exactly how she's dealt with infestations in the past, but it seems like more than a few people have just thrown out their furniture / put them out on the balcony and then had the

room gassed. Well, that just spreads it.

Anyways, tonight I confirmed that my room now has bed bugs. No doubt where they came from. No doubt the landlord won't be much help.

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