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Bay Street Bug Girl:

I don't live at 909 Bay Street, but I recently moved into an apartment and less than a week later, I found a bug (I had no idea it was a bed bug because I've enver seen on before). I killed it and a week alter, I had bites on my back. I did some research and realised the bug I killed was a bed bug.

The pest control came in twice and its been 4 days since the last treatment. I have carpet tape around my apartment and I've been finding live bugs stuck on them. I haven

t been biten since the first discovery, but I'm afraid they will come back with a vengence.

I am very very physically and emotionally exhausted from cleaning, washing, and having all my clothes and stuff in bags. I have sealed up any cracks in the walls. My apartment is carpeted, so I'm assuming they are hiding in the carpet and in the walls.

Management have been responsive to this, but I'm scared it will spread to other apartments. Apparently, they have not had a bed bug case before, and are kinda implying I brought them in. I have never had this problem before, I have never even seen a bed bug in my life.

I cannot move out, I am stuck in a 1 year lease...

Do you have any tips/advice you can give me?? I am just so tired....

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Have sealed all cracks and crevices everywhere throughout my condo; had my sofa professionally cleaned Dec 11; felt something on my upper arm Dec 16 and low and behold, it was a bed bug! I even told the cleaners that I had been sprayed for bed bugs and implored upon them to "really soak/clean the sofa well" - I even told them I'd pay them extra to clean it twice! They told me that was not necessary - their one shampoo and steam cleaning would do the trick!); I caught it and put in a pill bottle

; it suffocated by the next morning. I am COMPLETELY EXHAUSTED- emotionally, psychologically, physically - from all the cleaning, etc., that I have constantly been doing since beginning of November. I put y wooden pieces of furniture that was in my bedroom outside on my balcony for a couple of days to "freeze to death any surviving bugs". Given bed bugs are very difficult to get rid of, I am hoping and praying that this one I caught Dec 16 is the "lone survivor" of all my cleaning efforts. The one I caught definitely had not had a meal for a while......it was 1/4" in length and very, very pale light brown in colour. I called the exterminator I used to report this "freak out" to him; he told me to check my sofa thoroughly and call him in a week if I found any more live ones. I have not seen any more but am still looking for them every day with a flashlight. I have not had any more "bites" whatsoever since being sprayed on November 3/08; the one I found on my arm Dec 16 did not leave a bite mark because I guess I felt it before it could get a good meal outta me. I have approached all owners I see in this building (whether i know them or not) to inform them that I did have this problem. The annual general meeting is in a couple of weeks and I am definitely attending in person to address this issue with the Board of Directors. I want to see more preventative action taken. I will report back again to this site in a while to advise of my progress. Get the mattress/box spring covers people! Notice the first live one I see on myself in six weeks was when I sitting on my sofa; not while I was in my bed! Thank God for small miracles! and thank God for these mattress/box spring covers.

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Bed bugs at 1501 Woodbine Ave.,Toronto, ON M4C 4H1, #309. I got a phone call from someone telling me about the bed bugs infestation in Toronto. Needless to say I went to my room at night with a flash light and starting checking every where around the mattress and the box spring(seams and all), did not find anything...that was about 2 months ago. A month ago I woke up with bites on my upper arm and back and one on the side of my lower back, I decided to go to the doctor and they told me that it c

ould be spider bites. I decided to clean the room and everything around the house that could be washed. I was OK for about a week and slept in my bed again, woke up that morning with bites close to my neck and my arms then I looked around and found two bugs...I kill them. I looked at my mattress did not found anything, I looked at my box spring and saw tiny little black specks...not many...just a few and a live one in the seam of the box spring, I just went crazy, started bagging everything in the room that could be washed and the rest bagged it and put in Vapona strip, took everything to the laundry and washed everything in hot water and javex(whites), dried everything in hot setting for at least 30min and washed the rest. Whatever could not be washed took it to the cleaner. After I bagged everything again and put it in a safe place that was not contaminated. I vacuum every where many times. I don't have to tell you what a nightmare that was. I did have a mattress cover that saved my mattress but not on the box spring. I have to purchase all those mattress and box spring cover for the whole family to be able to sleep(It is a must). I had to move all my furniture and give a 2 feet radius in order to spray all the base board(the whole apartment). All the armoires and dresser and night tables are being sprayed as well. I had to take my cats out for a day. Myself I just drove around wondering how I was going to put everything back together. All of this before Christmas...wow...we have to protect ourselves. These little creepy crawlers come out of nowhere and if you don't know about it, it can become a real nightmare. Having to throw furniture, pillows, etc., it's not a fun thing to do. I am so upset because I am a clean person, it is frustrating and creates a lot of havoc. I got prepared and bought a lot of caulking and will be doing it soon(around baseboard and floor and all cracks), I also purchased some foamy stuff that expends and will be putting it everywhere there are wholes or/and big cracks. I will also paint my room to give it a feeling of being clean or like I just moved in. It is a tedious job and costly, but it needs to be done in order to eradicate the problem. I think everyone at this point should have their place inspected for a peace of mind and make sure to do the appropriate steps. We are in this together, poor, rich, dirty or clean, these bugs do not discriminate, they want food.
This is my story, it is Wednesday, December 10, 2008 at the Trillium.

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Started noticing bugs in my bedroom on the bed during the day just shortly after rising in the morning about late August to mid-September. I thought they were "outdoor" bugs coming in from the cold when the weather started to go wonky a few weeks ago. I had red welts on my upper arms and a couple of red pimples on my back; I have sensitive skin to begin with; I thought it was a new soap I was using. The red welts were not itchy, obviously due to the fact that I'm on heavy duty anti-inflamato

ries/painkillers for osteoarthritis, so, I was seeing the bites but not feeling them. Sun Nov 2, I'm vacuuming my very expensive upholstered headboard on the wall; noticed one corner at the top was very dark looking; I took the headboard off the wall and screamed my head off - it was crawling with bed bugs (I assumed! - I've never had bed bugs before so I didn't know). I had suspected, though, and researched them on the net a few weeks before and sure enough, these little suckers looked exactly like what I saw on the net. I called Pestagon Ltd. The exterminator came on Monday and did his inspection. He said it was a 6 month infestation; no sign of them in my mattress and only a couple of areas on the outside material of the box spring had the bugs feces marks. He also sprayed my sofa, all wooden furniture in the bedroom, a couple of wood tables in the living room. The spraying did not harm my hardwood floors (nice surprise) and the smell went away after a couple of days and it was not a bad odour - quite bearable actually. Myself and my cats had to be out of here for 4 hours - I boarded my cats overnight and they have been fine since returning home the following morning on Tues Nov 4. I only say one half-live one up on the wall at the ceiling Wed Nov 5 when I got home from work at 6pm. The exterminator I used gave me a 6 month guarantee. The exterminator told me after spraying my place that all the bed bugs were now dead. I am in the process of caulking the tiny space between the quarter round and the hardwood floors. My headboard was of course, garbage. Even though I removed the headboard out to my balcony and the exterminator did spray it, he told me sadly that the headboard should not be used again. I'm really angry about my headboard, but better to have to throw out a $800 silk upholstered headboard, than a $2,500 bed that's only two years old! My property manager tells me that this is the first incidence of bed bugs in the building. I'm telling everyone I know in this building that I had them - you have to warn people about this. I wanted my property manager to advise the units around me and suggest they have their units inspected; but the property manager did not see the need for this! The AllergyGuy.com (ottawa - Cdn. dollars) sells bed bug proof bedding which I ordered on line Tues Nov 4 and it was delivered via regular Canada Post on Thur. Nov 6 (that impressed me!) These covers for your mattress and box spring (I got the heavy duty vinyl cover for the box spring) are 100% lifetime guaranteed against dust mites, bed bugs you name it - I got the slip covers for my pillows also. The covers are wasble but you leave them on and don't remove them for at least one year; if there are any bed bugs alive in either my mattress or box spring, they cannot ever get out they will die in there; nor can any new bed bugs ever get into my bed or box spring. Well worth the $250.00! I feel as if I've lost 10 lbs since last week, since the swelling in my body has gone down from the bites. Next step to seal all cracks at baseboard/floor level, and on the backs and underside of the wooden furniture in the bedroom and the couple of wooden pieces the exterminator sprayed in the living room. I keep checking my sofa to see if I see any because I get itchy (probably just in my head I feel itchy)while sitting on my I have a cotton blanket over my couch as I'm still a little freaked out about it. I have seen no bugs in my sofa at all. Next step for my sofa is to have it professionally steam cleaned. I'm really glad for the mattress/box spring covers; I got my piece of mind back as far as my bed goes and have been sleeping EXTREMELY well since putting these covers on my mattress, box spring and pillows. This experience brings new meaning to my two adorable cats curled up sleepin together on my bed, I tell them they "look as snug as bugs in a rug". I can laugh about it now but am really bothered by the fact that I am not a dirty person; I already vacuum a couple of times a week having two cats and I never leave food out (after living in rental apartment buildings in Toronto for over 20 years, I know all about cockroaches!) I am finding relief in the fact that these are bed bugs, not cockroaches. Since you can't remove yourself (bed bugs food source) from your home, you can certainly protect your bed and sofa. I highly recommend the Allergy Guy.com bedding - it's expensive but worth it; the stuff is guaranteed for life. Before I seal up all my baseboards, I'm considering calling the exterminator again to come back and spray the hell outta all my wood furniture just to be on the really safe side. I may do this and I will report back to this website. Again, I can't recommend enough the bedding covers; they also disperse your body heat so your bed mattress doesn't get warm - which is another thing that attracts bed bugs to you - it's your body heat.

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