268 Glenholme Ave
Toronto, ON M6E

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I lived at 268 Glenholme from 2010 November when the ownership changed and i have never experienced any bedbugs or heard anybody complain about it before. Just to let you know because i was looking for places that have bed bugs. thanks ...:)

ok ..so after a few months of being bug free, my room mate found another one in her room :(
we bagged up our clothes & followed all the instructions provided by royal forest pest services & vacated the premesis, did all our laundry & came back in to find that they had not sprayed in our apartment (ground floor) & according to the neighbours upstairs they did not spray upstairs either & have since found bedbugs in their apartment as well. we have notified the landlord but he doesnt seem to care

about this (or any of the other issues with the building) :( we're all moving out so if youre moving in - be very careful

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we nolonger have bedbugs :D

New tenant was told by landlord that there were no bugs on premises before lease was signed Jan. 2 2010.

Upstairs neighbours told new tenant that they had bedbugs for more than 6 months and the building had not been treated.

New tenant complained to landlord who refused to have any part of the building sprayed other than the infested apartment until threats of reporting to landlord tenant tribunal.

Ground and upper floors of building only were sprayed on Jan. 12 but not basement apartm

ents. Work was shoddy. Operator sprayed around an empty box against the wall instead of moving it and left large puddles of poison on the floor (still there when tenant returned with pets 6 hours after spraying).

Tenant reported bedbug bites to landlord on Feb.1. Bedbugs have now been found in ground floor apartment and reported to landlord.

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