807 College St
Toronto, ON M6G

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807 has not had a bed bug report since 2009.

805 has had bed bugs in 2012 but this was resolved in October 2012. The problem in 805 was contained only to a small area of the building.

As property manager, we diligently treat and respond to all pest complaints. Unfortunately not all tenants properly prepare their units for treatment on the date treatment is scheduled, which results in delays eradiating pests from the affected units.

The information provided by other tenants and past ten

ants in this building is not an accurante picture of the situation in this building. You are welcome to speak with current tenants who have previously had bed bugs, or who do not, to satisfy yourself.

see full report...

Anyone currently living there able to provide an update to the bedbug situation? I'm really close to signing a lease... how bad is it?

Both 807 and 805 have Bed Bugs. Don't move in to this building.

Do you know which units are infested? how many? what is exactly going on? I am supposed to move in October 1st! please help!

Still has bed bugs.

interested in the current situation, are they still bed bugs? July 2012

Any update on the current situation?

I've found bedbugs in my apartment. Was told the problem has been taken care of, but if it's taken care of, why do I still have bedbugs?

I saw a bug in late August. The building came in a sprayed my apartment twice.

I learned the person above me had them and tried to take care of them himself. That's definitely how I got them.

They obviously didn't do a good enough job though, because it is early October and I've just seen another bug. They're spraying again but I've given my notice to move out.

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