1139 College St
Toronto, ON M6H

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I've been living in one of the upper level units for years without incident. There was a scare a few months ago with someone reporting they saw bed bugs in another lower unit. A special dog was brought in to sniff around several units including mine but found no trace.

Today I awoke with bite marks so I looked around the seams and underneath my bed and found them where they weren't before. I've captured several already. Not sure what to do now. Super has called in an exterminator.

Yup, its true, I also live in the building. I don't currently have bedbugs, but i know from talking to other tenants that there are 2-3 units definately with them, all attached to one another.

I live in this building -- "college street lofts". More than 1 unit in this building currently has bedbugs. It is an old loft building, and the bedbugs have spread into the wood floors and celings.

when they spray, the bedbugs just move over to the neighbouring units. No attempt at wholistic treatment of the building.

When I moved in I specifically asked about bedbugs and the super said they had no issues. He lied to my face, as this has been an ongoing problem.

The units look beau

tiful but the building is poorly maintained -- BEWARE!!!

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