1561 Dundas St W
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I had the same problem. I didn't understand how i got them. whether I brought them in or someone i knew did or someone else in the building...not really the point. I talked to my landlord (her not him... they must of switched over the years...) and they told me they didn't have a problem with bed bugs... then they assured me they would contact a bed bug exterminator and it took them weeks... finally the an exterminator came and I'm still dealing with the problem but instead of re engaging this d

umb problem I am moving... Be weary future tenants i highly recommend you reconsider your choice in living situations... the superintendant is quite unresponsive... the building owner less so but no one deserves that... thanks for the post whoever did that may i ask what apt you were in?

My email is [email protected]

Please contact me with more info!!

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My wife started showing some signs of red bumps all over her body. We didn't know what it was, but it was itchy and she mentioned to me that at night she was scratching herself, she had the feeling that something was bitting her at night. We checked under the futton (the wooden frame)and we saw a few bugs. She killed one of them and it was full of blood. Only then we realized that was a bed bug.

I sent an email to the landlord explaning the situation, but ovbiously he tried to minimize th

e problem. He told me not to worry.... that he had a lot of experience dealing with bed bugs...and not to tell the people in the building about it to avoid panic. At the same time he mentioned to me that he had never had a case of bed bugs in any of his buildings, which contradicts what he said before about having "a lot of experience with bed bugs"

The landlord didn't want to spend money in sending a pest control expert in the field, instead he sent one of his employees who does the maintenance for him (cleaning, changing floors etc) to do the spraying. We had this situation for a month until I decided to call 311 and seek for help. They took care (Peter) of the situation and told my landlord to get rid off the problem.

Finally on May-27-2011 a couple of guys from a pest control company came to see me and take care control of the problem.

I will update this if possible regarding the result of the spraying since I am typing this without seen the final result.

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