330 Dixon Rd
Etobicoke, ON M9R 1S9

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Our family began getting red pattern bites toward the end of Feb., 2014. Inspection found a live bedbug on pillow (said it was a nymph-baby) Where there is a baby theres a mother & eggs!!!!! As well as addressing the bites with the management office whos employee informed me, without suggestion that, ohh that's besbugs the owner is responsible for that! After receieving the 1st treatment we continued to get bites but since another disguisting spray was scheduled chucked it up to process. 2 wks 2

nd treatment-still getting bites. End of June rec'vd 3rd treatment( aimed aggressively @baseboards & rads)
End of August feel something crawl off my face!!! whack it & bag it-bed bug! Now they are worse than ever!!!!! Hundreds-babies, red ones,clear ones ab 50 on my pillows all went into the garbage for a 2nd time! following the discovery we contained ourselves to that rm.Washed & dried all clothes linenen, disgarded teddy bears quantity amount of clothes in order to avoid any further problems. keep most articles on the baloney since Feb in fear and did use the chest of drawers. After treatment abondment 1 rm (just in case). Threw away mattress and daughter's fabric bed an didnt take the plastic off an the bugs didnt give a shit! Got a 4th & 5th treatment in September got some relief......Im outta here. Moved in bought all need furniture now its all gone. Leaving all behind!!! RUN RUN DONT LET THE BB's bite!!! constantly see pest control on 340/330!
if ALL units & hallways r not treated they will return its only a matter of time!!!!!

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