340 Dixon Rd
Toronto, ON M9R

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We have found two bed bugs in our condo in the past month. They were adult bed bugs.

They were caught on monitoring sticky traps. We are not sure hundred percent how many we have but we are going to be getting treated. We were told that the apartment above us was treated for bed bugs and that must be the reason why they are coming to us. The condo corporation sent their pest control person to our apartment and he did not even really do any sort of inspection. He saw the one on the trap and s

aid that we had them and was offering to charges $250 for a two bedroom condo. But the condo corporation told me that the treatment should only be 200 for a two bedroom. The pest control companies we have called have said that because all the units that are infected are not being treated that there is no way to get rid of them completely. So it seems to be a losing battle. But we are going to try any way. Wish us luck! !!

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There are bedbugs in some units in this condo building. The board makes the owners pay $250 to have the unit treated. There may be bedbugs in the hallway carpets.

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