262 Carlingview Dr
Toronto, ON M9W

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This past weekend we stayed at the Quality Suites down the road from the Toronto International Centre on Carlingview Drive in Toronto/Mississauga- for a reservations of 3 nights. After the second night we woke up to get ready and I looked down to find an adult sized bed bug crawling across my chest. I flicked it off and captured it with a lint roller.

After that I killed it only to find my blood in the bug. I took pictures and we reported it to the hotel asking to be moved IMMEDIATELY!


y were not very supportive and we felt like they were blaming us for even finding them. We moved our stuff from the room quickly because we had to leave for a day full of work.

I specifically told the hotel Manager to move us and inspect the second room we would be moved to before we entered. He agreed saying there would be a big inspection prior to out arrival back to the hotel. We got in at around 8:30pm that evening and moved rooms. I did a quick check of the mattress and within 60 seconds found a line of eggs and dried up adult BEDBUGS AGAIN! IN THE ROOM WE ASKED THEM TO INSPECT! Feeling dirty and agitated, we called down to the front desk yet again and told them of our findings- after sending the Supervisor or Manager up I showed him the sight (which was to be honest- quite disgusting) and he had no remorse, was mad we even found them and treated us like we had no idea what we were talking about.

Long story short- after telling them we were not paying for either room and leaving we relocated to a clean hotel and had a good nights sleep.

After arriving back to work this week (it is now Tuesday) I have found numerous bumps and bites all over my arms and thighs.

If I have any bedbugs in my house QUALITY SUITES on CARLINGVIEW DRIVE will be paying the bill.

So disgusting. Bad customer service and definitely not Quality anything.

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