1917 Eastlake Ave E
Seattle, WA 98102-3601

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I moved into my apartment in June of 2010 and started getting bitten by late July 2010. I made many calls to the manager, Duncan Bain who works for Pacific Crest Management company, about these bites. Never hearing back from him I started leaving increasingly angry messages until finally, a couple of weeks later, I was told that they would have someone come and spray my apartment. Of course this didn't work. I kept getting bitten worse and worse, I kept calling, they sprayed three times with

absolutely no results. Finally I'd had enough, realized that the only thing I could do was get out of there and leave everything I owned. They gave me my last month's rent back, which I had to fight for, but only under the condition that I would sign a piece of paper that stated that I wouldn't talk about having bed bugs at Abbey Park to any of my neighbors, any health agency, or write about it on the internet. Hello blackmail!

I lost everything I owned thanks to those people, the management company and the landlord whoever he is, I never did get to pry his name out of Duncan Bain, even though it's my legal right to know who my landlord is. I spent thousands of dollars on moving and replacing some of the basic things I'd lost as I took nothing with me for fear of bringing the little buggers to the next place. Every night I would dread having to go to bed and in the last couple of weeks I lived in that apartment I slept only a few hours a night. I'm very lucky that I had a friend who could take me in for a few months while I recovered financially and mentally from what was one of the worst experiences I've ever had. I still have nightmares about it.
I should add that during the time that they knew the building was infested with bed bugs they were still showing apartments to people without warning them about the infestation. I see the building is still up on their website as well.

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In December 2009, I started to get bug bites. I spoke to a neighbor who had been getting bitten since earlier that fall. I spotted a bedbug in January 2010 and reported it to my landlord. I was given a bug bomb to fix the problem. The bugs survived and got worse. I saw bugs daily. I reported it to my landlord, nothing happened. I finally convinced my landlord to get an exterminator to look at some bugs that I caught to prove they were bedbugs. The exterminator determined that they were bedbugs.

My landlords did not want to spray. I reported it to the health department, which is currently listed on their website as a "closed case". With the help of the health department, my landlords brought out a dog to determine if there were bedbugs in the complex (despite the previous exterminator's visit). Finally, my landlords sprayed twice, with a 30 day gap between sprays in March 2010. I moved out of the complex since. I have spoken to my neighbor in July 2010 and she still says she is getting bitten, but I am not sure as I no longer live there.

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