505 Ne 70th St
Seattle, WA 98115-5427

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and the wind cries mary

That it is, thanks Jeff N. I've tried to complain about this building as far as my State Senator Patty Murray goes to no avail (3X's no response). I thought being a 50% service connected veteran of Viet Nam might help, but to no avail. This building burns down about every other year (one time I had to be rescued by the fire department because the room two doors up from me blew up, caught fire and killed a dude(the hallway was impossible to navigate), they have a dude that walks around in short s

horts (looks like plaid boxer shorts), we have/had some dude twice throwing micro wave ovens and TV's out his window (sure hope no grandchildren get killed)I've even heard rumors of some dude playing with himself in the TV room. Then we've got another dude that likes to walk around bare foot and brag about riding his bicycle naked and drunk? What gives with these slum lords known as SHA. Is everyone on the pad including the State Senator?) I think it's time for a Federal inspection, seeing this building is heavily subsidized by the US tax payer. I think it's time they looked into the incompetent management (and I don't mean the old Catholic Church switch a' roo of laterally transferring their misfit priests) So the bottom line if you enjoy being eat up with bed bugs and need grief counseling more than knowing where your going to stay, what is going to happen to your loved ones, what's going to happen to your valuable, and many times, only real property while your apartment is closed for fire damage repair (mine was restricted for like 5 or 6 days). STAY AWAY FROM THIS BUILDING! Even with the man made mud hole called Green lake this apartment building is the pits.

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Jeff N is right
it is a slum
and the landlords are slumlords
the public should know
be forwarned
this is an experience you don't need
avoid this building at all cost
don't move in here
not recommended

Seattle housing authority does nothing that will do any good in regards to this bed bug problem.Ive have sent emails complaining with nothing getting done.I tried email to Errol W Flager and he told me to chech with Bruse E Garberding or Mishler Kyle L. I had a meeting with Kyle Mishler and I told him what I thought. That they are Slum lords and this is a slum building. Now Im getting evicted because I refuse to pay rent for this crap hole. Jeff N

this building is infested with bed bugs period.
you simply can't have anything in the apartments at all or else bugs
stay clear of this place forever
thank you

Hi this is Lydia I have lived in this building for 2 years In late febuary I was bit in my apartment They sprayed they have signs all over the place warning about them Many people in the building have gone through the same thing They have the new heaters but They are reluctant to use them They have to see the bug before they will help you. You can have bites all over you its not good enough.

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