Anchorage Suite Lodge
441 E 15th Ave
Anchorage, AK 99501-5211

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I had to stay here for a month, upon divorcing with my ex. The place was INFESTED!!!!! with bed bugs! the manager told me to go stay at a freinds house, and hell treat it!! unvelivable well to my dismay i went back to my exs for a while until it was done,. came back and BED BUGS. i am very glad i didnt bring them home as it was infested. Not only that a dead person was in the room for a week and there was mold all over. i paid for a month. i stayed a week and a hlaf. WHY IS THE HEALTH DEPT NOT D


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Stayed in room #103 beginning on 08/03/08. By the second night I notice bites but thought it was just a minor allergic reaction. I was supposed to be staying there for a month since I have a short-term job in the city. By the end of last week I knew something was getting me, but it wasn't until 08/14/08 that I went to an urgent care clinic where the doctor told me immediately after I took off my clothes and showed him that it was bed bugs. I definitely got them from this place.

Currently, I'm

seeking reimbursement from the owner, although he isn't being the least bit helpful.

I'd stay away from this place if you can.

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