Black Angus Steak House
1430 Gambell St
Anchorage, AK 99501-5338

Found 4 reports:

Student covered in bedbug bites. States she and her Mom stayed at Black Angus on Gambell st. last night 09/23/2014 Room 3 and found lots of bugs. They reportedly showed the hotel staff the bugs but the staff refused to return their money.

Me & my daughter stayed there for 1 month (July 2011) We moved in on Friday. July 5 my daughter woke me up asking what bed bugs look like. I looked at the bugs and told her, "Yes those are it." (A mature one & a nymph.) We called the front desk, they asked how soon we could be out of the room. We were out by 8 AM. Since I booked the whole month, they could not switch rooms. We went back at 5 pm. It smelled of pesticide. Three days later, we had them again. I could not bear to go through

moving out & having the room only be sprayed. We began washing bedding every night. We used our clothes just once and washed them after the one use. We bagged up our clothes. We bought a steamer & an iron & ironing board, with limited success. The management knew about the recurring problem, and only sprayed down the room. Nothing was done like recommended on websites. A security person came to our room because there was a report of noise. I talked to him about the recurring bed bugs, he had no response except to say "I'm sorry."

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My family and I checked in Black Angus, with in five minutes my three year old stepped on a broken tip of a dirty needle. Not to mention, the room was dirty. To this day, I still worry about my three year old is infected with some kind of disease.

The last week of last month my parents were staying there in room 6. My mother lay down to sleep so my dad turned out the lights and was watching the news, my mother said she felt a bite. She lifted the blankets and there were "many many bugs, even really really big ones too!" she exclaimed. They never even packed their stuff, they got dressed and moved to another hotel. The next day they picked up their belongings and washed everything at the other place they stayed at.

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