Comfort Inn Ship Creek Anchorage
111 E Ship Creek Ave
Anchorage, AK 99501-1674

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My daughter attending a youth conference October of 2013. She brought home a bed bug..or 2 from this hotel that took us 6 months to deal with. She was getting bit almost nightly. We NEVER saw the bugs so thought it was a rash/allergy. Went to 3 doctors that had "no" idea what the bite was. They were so itchy and miserable. We spent money taking her to the doctor 3 times, replaced her mattress (just because we thought it was some kind of allergy to the bed) UNTIL 6 months later we saw "1" tin

y bug. It confirmed our suspicions. It cost us $1,000.00 to have 2 rooms of our house heated to kill the bug. It has been a nightmare. We figure it came home in her bag from the retreat or even worse, her long hair. DO NOT stay at this hotel- it's nasty. The youth group gets a group rate and in order to save the kids money rents it out entirely. I wonder how many others suffered from this like our family did from the hotel. It's youth conference time again this year and it reminded me to post a warning. These bugs are hard to get rid of. If they were there once they are still there. The "bug" guy said it's a real problem even in Anchorage.

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