Dimond Center Hotel
700 E Dimond Blvd
Anchorage, AK 99515-2003

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Was wary about staying here, considering the reports. Too tired to check the first night at 2 am check in. Slept safely in the giant tub, luggage in shower stall on stand. Plenty of room in bathroom for all belongings.
After checking the room thoroughly I finally relaxed on the bed and noticed telltale blood spots on one of the pillow slips. Disappointed, I had to continue to be vigilant since I know they are around somewhere. Stayed 2 nights - so far so good. 🤞🏻
No mattres

ses encasements present.

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Never had problems before this stay but around 3 am we were about to fall asleep and my boyfriend felt something on his arm and when he looked there was a bed bug crawling. He killed it and we asked for a new room. Fully checked the second room before getting into bed. 10/29/15


I checked into the hotel that night. I had stayed here previously and had started to notice their cleanliness going downhill but it is a convenient location and they have an airport shuttle.

It was passed midnight when I got to my hotel room with my luggage. I immediately noticed the room smelled pungent. Almost like dirty diapers. I opened the window and hoped that would clear up the smell.

In the meantime I put my suitcase on the luggage hotel and began my routine chec

k for bed bugs which I have since learned was completely insufficient. I pulled back the sheets and the mattress looked dirty but I wasn't sure if it was bed bugs or not. The dirty mattress combined with the smell prompted me to call the front desk and ask for another room.

They moved me and my second room didn't smell the mattress looked a little "funky" but I was so sleepy I got into bed after taking a bath.

I didn't feel any bites but the next morning my skin felt a little irritated. I checked out and drove and hour to the place I would be spending my four day vacation.

That night I was itching and felt like I was getting bit. I had checked the mattress in this place too and everything looked clean and it is a very nice place.

A week later I am home and after cleaning everything and myself I have now doubt that I picked up bed bugs from Dimond Center. I am waiting for my bed bug sprays to come by mail so I can work on eradicating them.

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