Econo Inn
642 E 5th Ave
Anchorage, AK 99501-2731

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We just stayed there 10/25/2014 we were scheduled to stay a week but after the first night we refuse to stay another night, we checked in with horribly rude front desk people, went to our room which smelt pretty bad. Got ready for bed and pulled back the blankets to find bugs running a crossed the bed, went back to the front desk where they accused us of bringing the bugs with us and refused to give us a refund. Must say it was my worst experience staying in a hotel, I should have read reviews

before making reservations, it's in a bad neighborhood, homeless man sleeping on the couch in the back, rude front desk staff that seemed to be bothered when we came in, like we were an inconvenience and taking time away from her Internet, she seemed very uneducated and was struggling with basic math skills, her husband worked there also who is pretty creepy he came into our room to fix the TV and just set off this bad vibe, looked him up to find out he is a SEX OFFENDER! Good thing my husband was in the room with me or I would have felt very uncomfortable and uneasy. Horrible place to stay, save money and stay elsewhere!

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Worked with a lady who had to stay there for a month. In this time, nobody came to change the linens, there were bedbugs. She was infested with head and body lice after this stay.

Stayed for a couple weeks, pretty hard up to have to stay at this place,but it is a roof over your head. They don't care and if you complain they will throw you out

Stayed July 12-14, was scheduled to stay again on July 21, but cancelled our reservation after finding bed bugs the last morning we were there. Told management their first response was "they're back." they seemed more concerned about staying off this site than taking care of the problem.

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